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TL Note: When I first started translating, I had two English titles in mind: Against the Gods and Opposition of the Evil God. Around chapter 3-5, I decided on the title Against the Gods because it sounded cooler. Should be Against the Heavens or Opposition of the Evil God or Heaven Defying Evil God but since we’ve almost hit half of a hundred, I’m just going to keep Against the Gods as the title. This is what I get for translating as I read, meh. My only excuse is that sometimes the heavens and gods are used interchangeably.

Also, the term 逆天 used in the title is a gaming term that essentially means "overpowered".

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Profound Currency


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  • EPR - Emperor Profound Realm
  • TPR - Tyrant Profound Realm
  • SOVPR - Sovereign Profound Realm
  • DOR - Divine Origin Realm
  • DSR - Divine Soul Realm
  • DTR - Divine Tribulation Realm
  • DSPR - Divine Spirit Realm
  • DKR - Divine King Realm
  • DSOVR - Divine Sovereign Realm
  • DMR - Divine Master Realm
  • DER - Divine Extinction Realm

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Beauty Ranking Edit

This is the beauty ranking for the characters in the Realm of the Gods.[1]

  1. Hong'er (200)
  2. Qianye Ying'er (103-109)
  3. Shen Xi (105)
  4. Xia Qingyue (100-???)
  5. Mu Xuanyin (99)
  6. Jasmine / Caizhi (98)
  7. Shui Meiyin (97)
  8. He Ling (95)
  9. Mu Feixue (93)
  10. Mu Bingyun (92)

Bust Size Ranking Edit

This is the bust size ranking for female characters in the Realm of the Gods.[2]

  1. Mu Xuanyin (101)
  2. Xia Qingyue (95)
  3. Qianye Ying'er (93)
  4. Mu Bingyun (90)
  5. Moonflower (88)
  6. Shui Yingyue (87)
  7. Ji Ruyan (85)
  8. Mu Feixue (83)
  9. Luo Guxie (82)
  10. Mu Xiaolan (80)
  11. Shui Meiyin (75)
  12. Jasmine (73)
  13. Caizhi (??)

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