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Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

Thanks for visiting this page! Recently our wiki has become quite popular, so we have decided to take the initiative and take the next step in making this great wiki even better than it already is! Basically, we are going to create a set of guidelines that hopefully everyone can follow! Please read ahead for tips on how to create great wiki articles.

Wikis are like countries and communities. What is acceptable in one may be deplorable in another. Just as other wikis abide by their own rules and policies; this wiki abides by its own. Please respect these rules and policies, edit in good faith, and accept that violations of these rules and policies may result in edit reversion. Also, be aware that edit on this wiki is monitored. The following is a list and description of the rules and policies of Against the Gods Wiki.

Editing Policies


  • Assume good faith and respect other users and admins around the wiki.
  • If any user reverts your edit, secure the reason for it first. If you believe that your edit was needed and was reverted unnecessarily, approach an admin for help.
  • If another user has frequently vandalized the wiki, report it to an admin.

Article Layout

The most important part of a wiki is the article; likewise, knowing how to properly edit a wiki is just as important. A wiki with fully-organized content is much easier to read, and it allows faster access to information, as compared to content sprawled across the article.


The primary language for this wiki is English, and all edits must be made using English. Users who speak English as a secondary language and/or those who need help in editing in English can contact the admins or fellow users to notify them of incoming edits so that any spelling or grammatical mistakes can be remedied.

  • All edits should be made in good faith.
  • As a Wiki contributor (anonymous), do not abuse the privilege of anonymous editing by vandalizing the wiki or you will be blocked from editing in the future.
  • Add confirmed official information from sources such as wechat, zongheng or wuxiaworld.
    • Rumors and theories should not be added. Confirmed information should be referenced to an official source.
  • All edits are supervised, please do single-edits in the pages rather than multiple (edit-save-edit-save-edit-save) edits to make the revision job easy.


Pictures are integral parts of this wiki, which gives the mostly textual aspect of the novel's color and form. You are allowed only to post official pictures given by the author Mars Gravity or pictures from the manhua version of this novel.


  • Vandalism is not tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Other users have put their effort into building up pages, so try to not mess things up.
  • If you are found to be vandalizing pages, you will be blocked from editing for a certain amount of time which starts from a period of one week.
    • If you are a frequent offender, the time you are blocked can be increased.


  • Persistent personal attacks.
  • Persistent vandalism (though obvious, blatant vandalism warrants an immediate block, such as removing page content for no reason or removing references for no reason).
  • Persistent harassment or intimidating behavior.
  • Persistently violating other policies or guidelines.
  • Persistently violating comment section rules.
  • Accounts with inappropriate usernames.
  • Inserting false information.
  • Removing content from pages.

General Writing Guidelines


All articles must be written in the English language. Do not use jargon or colloquial phrases unless they are part of the subject matter itself, and try to avoid unnecessarily complex wording. All pages should be accessible and clearly understood by readers who have a passable level of knowledge or fluency in the English language.

Writing Style

All articles should be written in a neutral, third-person format. Words such as "I" or "you" are strictly forbidden. Any edit in such a manner will be deleted or reworded as soon as it is noticed, and if the problem persists, you will be warned.


Spoiler content will not be labeled in any way on this wiki. The spoiler template has been discontinued, and all pages are expected to have spoiler content at any given point. No spoiler labels of any sort are used, and the use of the word "spoiler" itself is unnecessary, as there is no context that enables it to be used impartially.

Speculation and Assumptions

Guesswork through unconfirmed speculation is unacceptable. This wiki only deals with clearly defined facts. There should be no guesswork involved when recounting the events that actually happen in a story or relationships among different characters.

Speculations and other unknowns can be added to comments, where these ideas can be put to discussion. Some theories are interesting and sometimes even plausible, but they cannot be displayed alongside things that are factual, as it can become difficult for readers to determine which is which if it is all mixed together on the same page.

Titles and Section Headings

The title of a given article should use the full name of the character or term, regardless of spoilers. In the case of named characters, the page title should not include any titles or styles that might be held by the character. This information should be written in the first sentence of the opening paragraph instead. If the character holds an alias, the page title should use the name with which the group is most familiar.


Redirects should be created for all situations in which a reader might search for an alternative term and expect to find the correct page.


Bolding is typically used to emphasize the page title and alternate names for the page title. In the case that a redirect does not satisfy as a proper link to another page, and if the term does not warrant a page in itself yet holds significance, the term should be bolded at first mention and not again.


All pages and images must be categorized to provide an organized structure that enables future readers and contributors to find other pages. Categories should be added to the end of each page, below any navigation templates. Be careful when you add categories because adding or using unsuitable categories won't be tolerated! If you aren't sure whether some category suits page, you can contact an admin.

Character Pages

The character pages shall follow the next order:
  • Brief Intro
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Background
  • Plotline
  • Extra Info (Only important)
  • Trivia


The main translations we use here are from the translation team, Alyschu & co. All the terms should be from what they translate. If the term is from the raws and hasn't been translated, you must use the most popular translation provided by the community and also add the category "Raws" to avoid forgetting to change it to Alyschu's translations once they translate the term.


Links can change in the future, use the template {{ref|Chapter Number}} since it can be easily changed that way.

Other Notes

If you have any concerns, suggestions or just need some help on editing, check out the help pages provided by Wikia. Also, do not hesitate to contact an admin or any other user who will be happy to help you.

Additionally, if you have any rules for this page you would like to suggest please contact an admin to with a suitable reason why you want to add it.



Stub refers to articles that are in need of more information. If the article is a stub simply add the Category: Stub


Tabs refers to tabs that link to sub-pages of the main article. If you have no uses for them then leave them blank.

  • tab1 - Must always be named Overview



Name refers to the name of the character (usually the article name).


Image refers to the picture of the character. If they have a picture put it within the field. If there isn't one leave it blank. If there is more than on picture add <gallery> Image goes here|name of the tab goes here <br> second image goes here|name of tab goes here <br> third image goes here|name of tab goes here <br> </gallery. If the image is not official and only serves for reference, its name must be "Fan Selected".


Chinese refers to the character's name in Chinese.


Pinyin refers to the characters name in Pinyin.

Also known as

Aka refers to all the names or nicknames the character has been referred to as either by himself or by others.


Titles refer to all the titles that the character has obtained during the novel or mentioned to have obtained it.


Status refers to the characters state. Options are Alive, Deceased and Unknown.

Killed By

Killed By is used on a deceased and the killer is known. If the killer is unknown than leave empty. If the character committed suicide also leave empty.

Cause of Death

Cod refers to the character's Cause of Death.


Age refers to the characters age. If the character's age is unknown don't add anything.


Species refers to the character's race.


Gender refers to the character's gender.

Hair Color

Hair Color refers to the character's hair color. If it is unknown leave this field empty.

Eye Color

Eye Color refers to the characters eye color. If it is unknown leave this field empty.


Spouse refers to the character's spouse. If a character has no spouse leave this field empty.


Relatives refer to the character's relatives. Put every known relative in this field whether they be a cousin, aunt, or a brother-in-law, as long as they are related somehow.


Master refers to a teacher of the character.


Disciple refers to a pupil that a character has taken.


Allies refer to a character's allies. Only put important characters. If an organization is an ally put it within the Affiliation field.


Enemies refer to a character's enemies. Only put important characters.


Occupation refers to the character's occupation. Examples: Young Patriarch of the Yun Family or Disciple of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

Previous Occupation(s)

Previous Occupation refers to the character's previous occupation.


Affiliation refers to any affiliation with organizations.


Region refers to what region of the Realm of the Gods that character is from.


Realm refers to what realm of the Realm of the Gods that character is from.


Planet refers to what planet that character is from.


Continent refers to what continent that character is from.


Empire refers to what empire that character is from.


City refers to what city that character is from.


Cultivation refers to a character's cultivation base. If a character is a mortal put None within the field.

Combat Prowess

Combat Prowess refers to a character's combat strength. Put the highest cultivation realm that the character is capable of fighting within this field.

Profound Handle

Profound Handle is the character's profound handle.


Legacy is the legacy/legacies that the character has.


Bloodline is the bloodline/s that the character has.


Body is the constitution of the body of the character. Examples: Xia Qingyue's Nine Profound Exquisite Body.


First refers to what chapter that character first appear on.


Death refers to what chapter that character dies.

Character History


Introduction refers to the introduction of the character. It goes without a Heading.


The appearance of a character.


The character's personality.


The background of the character. Use this field for any information about the character that has happened before the character was introduced.

Plotline / History

The history of a character. Start this field off with when the character first appeared.


Add any trivia about a character. If there is no trivia leave this field empty.