Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

The place where Yun Che lived out his second life before dying and being reincarnated by the Mirror of Samsara, back into his body from his first life on the Profound Sky Continent. This is the place where Yun Che met his first master Yun Gu, the one that taught him medicine, where he obtained the Sky Poison Pearl before it merged with is left hand upon his death, and where he met the love of his life Su Ling'er.

The continent is about five million kilometers away from the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm. Yun Che used the Primordial Profound Ark powered by the Jade of the Nine Suns to make one round trip to the Azure Cloud Continent.

The combined profound cultivation of Azure Cloud Continent is slightly weaker than the Illusory Demon Realm. The three strongest sects within the Azure Cloud Continent were the Heaven Thwarting Sect, Seven Stars Divine Palace, and Soaring Celestial Sword Sect. Ninth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm was the highest level achieved by the three sect masters of the strongest sects.



Major Sects

Minor Sects


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