Cang Wanhe was the emperor of the Blue Wind Empire and resides in Blue Wind Imperial City. He had seven sons and one daughter. He was an able emperor when he was healthy but was gravely ill for many years. He was succeeded by Empress Cang Yue, his only daughter.

His dream as emperor was to improve the profound strength and influence of the Blue Wind Imperial Family. Although he was the political core of the nation, his Blue Wind Profound Palace was very weak compared to large sects. In ninety nine Blue Wind Ranking Tournaments, the imperial family has never been able to enter the top one hundred sects ranking. Cang Wanhe's dream was to see the imperial family break into the top one hundred.

He is very grateful towards Yun Che for bringing fame and prestige to the Blue Wind Imperial Family and gave Cang Yue in marriage to Yun Che.[1]

Plotline Edit

Emperor Cang Wanhe was in good health until he suddenly fell ill could not recover. He was diagnosed by Gu Qiuhong to have many hidden ailments due to overwork and a damaged life veins. He only expected to live five more years at most. The emperor's deteriorating health caused a power struggle for succession between Crown Prince Cang Lin and Third Prince Cang Shuo. Only his daughter, Cang Yue, remained loyal to him. He was extremely angry at the two princes for borrowing power from Xiao Sect and the Burning Heaven Clan in their power struggle as this would weaken the power and influence of the Blue Wind Imperial Family[2].

Yun Che examined the emperor and found out he was infected by Gu Qiuhong with a parasite called the Soul Devouring Life Binding Parasite. This parasite feeds on the life of the host until it is mature, at which time the host will die[3]. After the "death" of Yun Che, Cang Yue agreed to marry Fen Juecheng in order to obtain the Burning Soul Flower which could be used to remove the parasite[4]. Later, Yun Che used the Profound Handle to safely extract the parasite[5].

After regaining his health, the emperor did not hesitate to consolidate political power. He executed the Crown Prince, Third Prince, and members of their camps[6]. He was assassinated by Divine Phoenix Empire three months after they began their invasion of Blue Wind Empire[7].



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