Cloud's End Cliff

Located in the Mythical Abode Mountain, it is the deadliest place on the Azure Cloud Continent, getting the nickname Death God’s Graveyard. The cliff seems to contain a separate dimension and is over forty thousand kilometers deep. When a person falls down the cliff they will enter an area filled with extreme darkness energy. The darkness devil aura is at least 10 times denser than the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. The bottom of the abyss seems to be flat but extends endlessly for tens of thousands of kilometers in every direction. The abyss has an incredibly strong attractive force which prevents anybody from flying up and out of it. There are many primordial darkness and devil beasts that live in the abyss including the Nine Desolate Devil Fang and the Bane Glass Bird.

History Edit

This is the place Yun Che got chased to before swallowing the Heavenly Poison Pearl and committing suicide in his second life[1]. In Yun Che's third life, the cliff was first explored by Jasmine after she regained her body[2]. When Yun Che came to the Azure Cloud Continent using the Profound Ark, he jumped down the cliff searching for Su Ling'er[3].

Trivia Edit