Dragonscale Armor is a Sky Profound Armor that Yun Che received for winning the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament. It is made from the dragon scale of a true dragon. While being incomparably tough, it also possesses a certain amount of reflective properties toward foreign profound energy. Sky Profound Weapons are rare in the Blue Wind Empire but Sky Profound Armor was even rarer and more useful, making it a valuable treasure.[1]


When Yun Che was sent to the Azure Cloud Continent with the Evil God water seed's power, he met a young Su Ling'er. He thought it was a illusion but he gave Su Ling'er the Dragonscale Armor along with food, water, and medicine pellets[2]. The Dragonsacle Armor later saved Su Ling'er's life and allowed her to reunite with Yun Che[3].