Fourteen year old is the critical period of elementary profound foundation.

The first wave of profound strength in the Profound Veins came from one’s vitality; precisely, by slowly pulling one’s vitality bit by bit into the Profound Veins, it would slowly transform into a sparse profound energy. Once the Profound Veins were filled to the brim with this sparse profound energy, it would be the first official step into a profound strength of the Elementary Profound Realm.[1]

Practitioners with mediocre talent generally required around half a year for this process. Practitioners with great talent could complete it within three to four months. Once this extremely important foundation was completed, one could then continue to further cultivate by absorbing the vitality from the sky and earth. There was no way around this process because only after officially entering the Elementary Profound Realm, would one have the ability to use their Profound Vein to absorb the vitality of the heavens and earth.[1]

Cultivators in the Elementary Profound Realm Edit

Elementary Profound Realm Cultivators


  • Although considered negligible to most sects over the world, the Xiao Clan, the strongest clan of a backwater city in the Blue Wind Empire, considered Xia Qingyue a genius to reach the 10th level at 16 years old. Many of their youth's were also on this level.
  • This is the only Realm with a 0th level.
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