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Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

The Eternal Heaven Pearl is ranked Fourth of the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures. It has the power to control time which is unique in the world. It is the only Heavenly Profound Treasure known publicly in the Realm of the Gods.[2]

The known powers of the pearl include the ability to create its own time-space called the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm that possesses an almost entirely independent law of time. One year outside is a thousand years inside the pearl's time-space. This ability is not infinite, in order to maintain the time-space the pearl must require an enormous amount of energy.[2]


The Eternal Heaven Pearl was owned by the god of creation Xi Ke in the beginning of the era of the gods. After the end of the era of the gods, it was found by the ancestor of the Eternal Heaven Realm. She had the heaven blessed Heart of Snow Glazed Glass and was able to earn the approval of the pearl.[3]

It now serves as the core world of the Eternal Heaven Realm and provides the realm the power the maintain its status as a Royal Rank Star Realm.

Eternal Heaven Divine Realm

Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is the core world within the Eternal Heaven Pearl. It has its own independent law of time that results in approximately 1000 years inside being equivalent to one year outside.

Time Wheel Pearl

This is a one-time-use special item containing the energy of the Eternal Heaven Pearl. It will open a special time barrier that can exist for a month. Being inside the barrier for a month will be equal to only two hours in the outside world.[4]


  • If the Eternal Heaven Pearl is used with the World Piercer, it will give birth to the Inverse Formation: Space and Time Calamity.
  • Eternal Heaven Pearl was able to trace Jie Yuan's aura when she entered the Primal Chaos Dimension and this Heavenly Profound Treasure informed Zhou Xuzi about the Blue Pole Star which led to its destruction.[5]

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