The Eternal Night Royal Family was one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, or in the past, the Five Great Sacred Grounds. They were protecting the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword.

History Edit

Among the Five Great Sacred Grounds, the Eternal Night Royal Family was the only family-oriented force. Unless they have taken in a wife, they would never recruit outsiders. Making them the most firmly united force within the Five Great Sacred Grounds. They have the weakest strength in the five sacred grounds as the other four Sacred Ground heads acknowledge that the Eternal Night King the ruler of the Eternal Night Royal Family is weaker than them. Even though there may have been some friction amongst the Five Great Sacred Grounds, there had never been great grievances. But after Xuanyuan Wentian, the current sword master of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region assumed his position he tricked the other Great Sacred Grounds into exterminating them under the pretense of protecting the Profound Sky Continent and that they where exterminating evil, only so that Xuanyuan Wentian could steal the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword from the Eternal Night Royal Family.

Before the framing the Eternal Night Queen had saved Mu Bingyun, the Frozen Cloud Ancestor, therefore becoming her benefactor. But when they where framed her power was insufficient and was unable to help them, so after she founded Frozen Cloud Asgard she passed down the truth about the framing, which had long been lost in the flow of time, with the hopes that the future generations could avenge the Eternal Night Royal Family.[1]

When the Eternal Night Royal Family was exterminated by the other four Sacred Grounds, Ye Huang was also murdered bloodily by them at that time. In hopes of reviving him, the Eternal Night Queen confined a wisp of his soul after his death, and using her own life, she unleashed Eternal Night's taboo technique, so that Ye Huang could reincarnate after a millennium with half of the blood vessels and soul.[2]

Trivia Edit

The Eternal Night Royal Family's Ancestor found the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword and made a pact with the Devil inside the sword, in exchange of the devil's bloodline and technique, they will release him from the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword but after obtaining the bloodline and the technique, they broke the pact and didn't release him but made sure he won't be released.