The Evil God is one of the four Creation Gods born from the legacy of the Ancestral God. He possessed the most extreme power of the elements within the Primal Chaos Realm. He was able to perfectly control, resist, and absorb the seven basic elemental powers: Light, Darkness, Wind, Fire, Lightning, Water, and Earth.

He was the last True God who remained until his death which spelled the end of the Primordial Era. Before the Evil God’s death, he left a drop of immortal blood that embodied his source of power.[1]

Personality Edit

Even though he had an eccentric personality, the things he did were always honorable.[2]

After his battle fight Mo E, his personality underwent a great change. He became solitary and antisocial, no longer bothering with the affairs that took place in the world of the gods. He paid no attention to the struggle between god and devil and in the end, very few divine beings even witnessed his coming and going.[3]


The Evil God is born from one of the 8 Fragments from the Ancestral God at her death. His possessed the ultimate form of all elemental powers, he was able to handle and harness elemental powers in a way that ignored the principles and laws of Primal Chaos.[3] He was known to control Wind, Fire, Lightning, Water, and Earth. Unbeknownst to the other Gods, he could also control other elements such as Light and Darkness.[4]

He developed a relationship with the strongest devil emperor, Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. Combining with the powers of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, he created the “Devil God Forbidden Tome” which could go against the laws of nature.[5] They at some point married and also had a child.[6]

Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor Mo E found out about their relationship and could not accept it. He fought against the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and was able to use the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword to blast open the Wall of Primal Chaos, banishing Devil Emperor and nine hundred devil gods with her to a place that was outside the Primal Chaos Dimension.[3]

The Evil God found out that Mo E also wanted to kill his child and he engaged in a vicious duel.[6] The result of the duel is unknown but after the duel, the Evil God announced that he was no longer one of the Creation Gods and he took the name of Evil God.[3] The “Devil God Forbidden Tome” was also renamed the “Evil God Arts”.[7]

During the war of Gods and Devils, he was poisoned by the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations but was one of the last divine beings alive until the end. In order to contain the evil powers of the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, he sealed the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign and the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations in the planet Blue Pole Star.[8] For unknown reasons he also created a darkness world and many ancient Devil Beasts at the bottom of Cloud's End Cliff.[9] He left many treasures on Blue Pole Star, which included 4 of his Evil God's Seeds, Sky Poison Pearl, and Mirror of Samsara.

At the end of his life, he was worried about the eventual arrival of a calamity that would threaten all life in the universe. He decided to eliminate his own divine powers and remaining six hundred thousand years of lifespan to create a drop of immortal blood. It would become the 'final hope' for the universe.[6]


Main Article: Evil God Legacy

Before the Evil God perished he left a drop of immortal blood that embodied his source of power and left a memory imprint in explaining everything about what comes with accepting his Legacy. Once accepting the Legacy your current profound veins will be destroyed and rebuilt with the profound veins of the Evil God, meaning you will lose your past cultivation, starting over. But once the profound veins are rebuilt and all profound entrances are open you will have the seven gates of the Berserk Attribute that allows the use of the Evil God Secret Arts. You will also be able to use the Evil God Seeds once you have located them.

Quotes Edit

You’re only an ordinary human… yet you possess an extraordinary fortune and fate… Your experiences tells me… that you’re a qualified successor… You have inherited my powers… which means you are also destined to inherit my mission… The one who should say thank you… should be me… Your future… is destined to exceed your imagination…
— Evil God soul fragment within the Water Seed speaks to Yun Che[10]
In the distant past, it is said that the Evil God possessed the most formidable of elemental power within the Spatial Chaos. With only his profound strength, he had the ability to manipulate the elements in the natural world at will; and even so much that it was possible to change his profound energy into any kind of element at any time. In the memory imprint of that immortal drop of blood, it was clearly recorded that the five seeds the Evil God had left behind contained the “power source” of his formidable power over the elements. In the event that these sources of power were to be obtained, not only would one be able to manipulate the corresponding element, but would furthermore have the ability to be unconditionally immune to said element.
The Evil God does not align with any of the elements, for he is actually the nemesis of all the elements. But no one can compare to the Evil God in terms of familiarity and capability in wielding the elements. If you somehow manage to completely inherit the Evil God’s powers, then not only fire, even water, wind, thunder, earth, domain, dimension, spirit… would all be subdued by you, and would never be able to bring you harm.
The Evil God, he possessed the ultimate form of all elemental powers, he was able to handle and harness elemental powers in a way that practically ignored the very principles and laws of Primal Chaos. After that, he created the【Evil God Arts】 which shocked and awed all of the gods, causing his divine power to become even stronger. After that, there was a rumor in the Realm of the Gods that if the Evil God went all out, he might even be able to beat the Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor if the latter did not use the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword.



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