Fen Duangcang is an elder of the Burning Heaven Clan and younger brother to the clan master Fen Duanhun.

Plotline Edit

He was one of the eight Sky Profound Realm elders that escorted the bridal parade for the marriage between Fen Juecheng and Princess Cang Yue.[1]

He was the leader of the bridal parade and ordered Yun Che to be killed for crashing the event and killing many Burning Heaven Clan disciples.[2] Instead, he was heavily injured by Yun Che.[3] Yun Che was able to hold Fen Juecheng hostage and Fen Duancang was forced to beg Yun Che to release the young master. He was forced to agree to let Yun Che "steal the bride" in exchange for Fen Juecheng's life and return back to the Burning Heaven Clan empty handed.[4]

He joined Fen Moli and six other Burning Heaven Clan elders to hunt down Yun Che in the Wasteland of Death. However, Yun Che received many power ups from the Dragon God Legacy and also an upgrade of his sword to an Emperor Profound Weapon. He was slain in one blow by Yun Che.[5]