Fen Moli is the Great Elder of the Burning Heaven Clan. He developed a great hatred for Yun Che and tried to kill him multiple times. This was instigated by the antagonisms of Fen Juecheng and Fen Juebi against Yun Che. He was ultimately slain by Yun Che in retaliation.


He has an arrogant, despicable, and self-righteousness personality.


His hair and beard were already pure white, both his elderly face and slightly cloudy eyes had a great amount of vicissitudes settled within.[1]


He first appeared when he tried but failed to kill an Emperor Profound Scarlet Dragon.[2] He lead 4 other sect elders in the Sky Profound Realm to try and kill the flame dragon to obtain its core. The dragon was hiding its aura and easily beat back the combined attacks of all 5. They were all about to die to the flame dragon until Yun Che distracted it by plundering its treasure.[3]

He led the Burning Heaven Clan delegation that attended the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament.[1] His despicable and shameless nature was shown to the world when he tried to kill Yun Che during the tournament. When Fen Juebi tried to sneak attack Yun Che behind his back, Yun Che heavily injured him in response. Fen Moli self-righteously blamed Yun Che for being heavy handed after the match was over and tried to kill him.[4] He was stopped by Chu Yuechan who was able to suppress him.[4]

He led a party of 7 other Sky Profound Realm elders of the Burning Heaven Clan to kill Yun Che after Yun Che crashed the bridal parade of Fen Juecheng. He chased Yun Che into the Wasteland of Death.[5] Initially he was able to overpower Yun Che but was not able to catch Yun Che. He was tricked and misdirected multiple times by Yun Che concealing his aura and using the Profound Handle.[6] Yun Che received additional powers from the Dragon God Legacy and also an Emperor Profound Sword and Fen Moli was no longer a match and was killed by Yun Che.[7]