Fire Spirit Grass is a Medical Herb used to refine the Fire Spirit Pellet, and after consuming it, one would be able to resist a large degree of fire elements for a certain period of time. It could also temporarily change a person’s profound energy, which resided in the Profound Veins, into one of the fire attribute without any harmful side effects of burning or injuring oneself.

It is exceedingly rare and only grew in areas with concentrated fire elements. At the same time, the Fire Spirit Grass’s growth speed was extremely slow and usually took more than ten years to reach maturity, and as a result, caused the value of mature Fire Spirit Grass to be remarkably high.

The other reason why the Fire Spirit Grass was valuable, was due to the fact that it was extremely difficult to collect and store. Even the slightest amount of carelessness may cause the fire spirit inside the grass to all disappear.


A mature Fire Spirit Grass was around seven inches tall with extremely shallow roots, usually had nine leaves, and glowed in the darkness.[1]