Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

The Flame God Realm is a searing hot star realm comparable to an enormous volcano. It assembles a large number of fire-based divine sects. Because it’s a place enveloped by extreme yang energy, ninety percent of the residents are men, and they are eternal enemies with Snow Song Realm.

That place is dominated by flames and the people there all succeeded the bloodline and strength of fire beasts from the Primordial Era. There were Flame Qilins, Azure Divine Birds, Zhurongs, Nine-Tailed Divine Foxes, Scarlet Sable. Almost all the legacy of the flame-type divine beasts from the Primordial Era were concentrated in the ‘Flame God’s Realm.’ Above them were the three strongest flame forces which naturally were the races of the Vermillion Bird, Phoenix, and Golden Crow, which possessed the supreme flame divine powers and bloodline.[2]

Within the Flame God’s Realm, men who cultivated the Golden Crow flames usually had lifespans that were half of those who cultivated the Vermillion Bird and the Phoenix Flames. Females who cultivated the Golden Crow flame had half the lifespan of males who did so.[2]

The Flame God Realm set up a rule that states that anyone who can reach the bottom of God Burying Inferno Prison would become the Flame God Realm’s Realm King. That’s why the Flame God Realm never had a Realm King although hundreds of thousands of years had passed by. As a result, internal strife and conflicts for power often happen whenever they’re discussing important matters.[3]


The Flame God Realm has a special domain that can merge fire and soul energy to create a large scale attack that burn their enemies’ souls to nothingness.[4]


Main Powerhouses




  • Yang aura is extremely heavy in this realm causing females to have masculine features and resulting in many ugly women.[5]
  • As Yun Che reached the bottom of the God Burying Inferno Prison, he has the qualification to be the Realm King of the Flame God Realm.



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