Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

Volume 4

Big brother, could you be the legendary Big Baddie? Wahhhhhh… Baddie don’t eat me! I’m just a small beautiful young lady, not tasty at all. Eat me when I’m grown up, okay?
Hong'er meets Yun Che after awaking from her sleep [1]
Super…. big pervert? What is that? Can it be eaten?
Hong'er when Jasmine said Yun Che is a super big pervert [2]
Where do you feel weird? I don’t know, I just feel weird. Ugh, I seem to like you more! Being liked by a super beauty like me, do you feel happy?
Hong'er to Yun Che after the use of Soul Star Relegation [3]

Twenty seconds, and I’m not allowed to resist? Ehhh!? Could it be... you’re trying to molest me? No, no, no! I’m a little beautiful lady with the purest body, I don’t want to be molested at all.
Hong'er's naivety [4]

Volume 9

Mm… this is really delicious… I’ve nearly finished eating it, so there will be nothing I can do even if you pester me about it… Hmph, so Master was hiding something so delicious all along

Volume 14

Master, who is this pretty big sis? Is she your new wife?
— Hong'er meeting Jie Yuan and asking Yun Che if she is his new wife. [6]
Big Sis, your words are so strange. No one in this whole world treats Hong’er better than Master… Although he is a little annoying at times, I don’t ever want to leave Master in this lifetime!
Hong'er when Jie Yuan asked about Yun Che [7]