Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

Hong'er is able to instantly transform into her second form which is a gigantic crimson red heavy sword. She was technically not a weapon but a unique existence connected to Yun Che's soul and willpower.[1]


The entire sword was completely crimson red in color. The blade was filled with rows of messy deep-red inscriptions, and an extremely light layer of an obscure red glow was enveloping it as well.

The length of the blade was more than nine chi. The sword of the hilt was straight and bulky, and above the hilt, the base of the blade was shockingly more than two chi in width.

Moving up the blade, the width of the blade irregularly shrank, and at the end of the blade, it had already shrunk into an incomparably sharp tip, radiating with a cold, crimson red light.


Hong'er does not need to cultivate. The power and weight of her sword form increase as she eats high-quality swords. The following is her weight growth:

  • 100,000+ kg - Initial weight after first meeting and eating half of Dragon Fault.[2]
  • 500,000+ kg - Snacking on many high-quality swords obtained from the Illusory Demon Realm.[3]
  • 5,000,000+ kg - After eating the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword.[4]
  • Current weight unknown - Yun Che would give her the God Realm swords from the Black Soul Divine Sect and the Wind End Villa as snacks.[5] She has recently eaten the Golden Crow Sacred Sword which reportedly increased her power by ten times, but nothing was said of the weight.[6] Furthermore, the sword has grown in weight after the fusion of You'er to Yun Che, as You'er and Hong'er share the same sword body. [7]


The scarlet greatsword did not possess any aura, nor was it imposing. Even though it was massive, it didn’t possess any overbearing aura that a heavy sword should have.[2]

Special Attributes

  • Devil Slayer Sword - Hong'er's sword form has the attributes of a 'devil slayer sword'. When devils are wounded by a devil slayer sword, the endure pain a thousand times greater and the wound would recover ten times slower.[8]
  • It has suppression ability towards devil souls which she got from her mother, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.
  • Golden Crow Sacred Sword - After eating the sword, Hong'er possesses its attributes and powers.