Huo Poyun is the direct disciple of Huo Rulie and the person with the highest possibility to become the first Divine Master of the Flame God Realm.[1] His talent for cultivation is exceptional and he is the complete inheritor of the Golden Crow Spirit.[2]

Appearance Edit

Young man wearing pure gold long robes.[3]

Personality Edit

Huo Poyun is a man with good nature who knows to distinguish between the good and bad. He is extremely proud and competitive due to his great talent but he is not arrogant.[4] He is honorable and respectful to others, even disciples of the Snow Song Realm.[5]

Plotline Edit

Huo Poyun first appeared when he followed his master Huo Rulie to the Snow Song Realm. While there, he competed against Mu Hanyi and Yun Che to show who had the higher understanding in their respective sect's profound arts.[5] Huo Poyun showed off his once in ten thousand years talent by unleashing the 'one sun' version of the 10th stage of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World, Nine Suns Heaven's Fury.[1] However, Yun Che was immune to fire and won the competition. Afterwards Yun Che treated him with respect and gave him words of encouragement. Huo Poyun greatly respected Yun Che and they became friends after the match.[4]

Huo Poyun accompanied Yun Che briefly during the hunt for the Ancient Horned Dragon.[3] His admiration for Yun Che increased even further after Yun Che saved Huo Ye from the brink of death.[6]

After the hunt for the Ancient Horned Dragon, Flame God Realm became very friendly with Snow Song Realm and they attended the Profound God Convention together, with Huo Poyun again accompanying Yun Che. Due to his complete inheritance of the Golden Crow Spirit and the combined efforts of all three Flame God Realm sects, he was able to achieve seventh level of the Divine Spirit Realm before the convention.[7] During the trip, he saw Mu Feixue for the first time and fell in love with her.[8]

Huo Poyun competed in the Profound God Convention and achieved extremely good results due to his seventh level of Divine Spirit Realm cultivation and complete inheritance of the Golden Crow Spirit. He was able to easily get into the final 32 and eventually lost to Jun Xilei and ended with a final result of 9th to 12th place.[9]

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