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The Ice Phoenix Legacy was left behind by the Ice Phoenix in the Snow Song Realm. Although the Ice Phoenix is still alive, she chose to leave behind a legacy for worthy inheritors. It is unclear what form this legacy was but it led to the creation of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect as the sole inheritors.

Ice Phoenix Bloodline

Ice Phoenix blood is like pure, cold radiance of ice. It is extremely gentle and melts into the inheritor's bloodline bit by bit. However, its extreme ice element causes both male and female bloodline inheritors to have extreme difficulty creating offspring. Ice Phoenix bloodline becomes diluted when passed to offspring, to a point where they can no longer cultivate the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon.[1]

Complete Inheritor(s)

Complete inheritor received everything possible from the single legacy that the Ice Phoenix left behind, including the Ice Phoenix Soul and all of the origin blood.

Bloodline Inheritor(s)

These are people that have obtained the Ice Phoenix origin blood.

Indirect/Generational Inheritor(s)

The Sect Master of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect Mu Xuanyin controls all of the origin blood and only awards a drop to her direct disciple. Other inheritors such as sect elders and their offspring maintain the bloodline through generational inheritance. In special cases, people with strong bloodlines can offer their blood essence to others to give them a thin Ice Phoenix bloodline.

Moon Splitting Cascade

Moon Splitting Cascade is a complex and powerful profound movement skill used by the Ice Phoenix. It is impossibly difficult to comprehend for normal inheritors.

Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon

This is the main ice profound art of the Ice Phoenix. The Ice Phoenix bloodline is required to cultivate this art.


  • Ice Phoenix origin blood cannot be burned like Phoenix blood or Golden Crow blood because it does not contain the properties of flame and combustion.[3]