Ling Yuefeng is the current Villa Master of Heavenly Sword Villa. He reached Emperor Profound Realm at forty seven, being the youngest in Blue Wind Empire history to do so. When he was young he displayed shocking talent and was selected to be the next villa master when he was eighteen.


In his youth he was outstandingly handsome, his appearance was like jade. When he was fifty, he only looked to be around thirty.[1]


His temperament was refined and scholarly. He did not show traits like arrogance, willfulness or bossiness that were frequently innate in heirs to large aristocratic families. He was elegant and his temperament was gentle and mild without the dignified air of a sword master.[1]


When he was twenty, he saw the fifteen year old Chu Yuechan and fell hopelessly in love. He went to the Frozen Cloud Asgard seventy times in ten years to see her but was always rejected. After ten years, for unknown reason, he went back to take the position of Villa Master, married a wife and had kids, and never went back to Frozen Cloud Asgard.[2]


He met Chu Yuechan again after 31 years when she attended the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament held at the Heavenly Sword Villa. Even though she was wearing a face veil his heart was still thrown into turmoil. Even though he had taken a wife and had children now, and even though two of his sons have already reached the marriageable age, he still had not let that extremely beautiful figure walk out from his heart and the depths of his soul.[1] Later on in the tournament He tried to secretly see Chu Yuechan but was rejected once again.[3]

His wife found out about this and became very jealous and very angry. In order to maintain his marriage and the relationship with the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, he was no longer able to control his wife and let his wife do as she pleased. He even refused to help Frozen Cloud Asgard when they were under attack because of his wife's words, losing all of his original dignity, honor, and integrity in the process.[4]

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