Ling Yun is the young master of the Heavenly Sword Villa and is oldest son of the Villa Master Ling Yuefeng and brother of Ling Jie. He is described to have the most shocking talent in Blue Wind Empire. He has a pure and calm temperament, very similar to his father.[1]


He looks to be around twenty years of age, was clad in white without a speck of dust, and had an elegant expression. His expression was crystal clear and without any filth.[2]


He did not show any arrogance or air of haughtiness despite his background and talent. He not only showed manners to Princess Cang Yue but also to Yun Che, who was a 'nobody' at the time.[2]


Ling Yun was an extremely talented young profound practitioner. He was at the 9th level of the Spirit Profound Realm when he was seventeen. He claimed first place the previous Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, also when he was seventeen. In the final match, he faced the number one disciple from Frozen Cloud Asgard, Mu Lingxue, who was twenty years old and half step from the Earth Profound Realm. Ling Yun easily beat her in seven strikes and did not even use his full strength.[1]


In the most recent ranking tournament, he set the record during the Profound Strength Assessment, being 3rd Level of the Earth Profound Realm at age 20.[3] He easily knocked off every opponent but he was defeated by Xia Qingyue. During the fight, Xia Qingyue's face veil was knocked off and he was mesmerized by her godlike beauty.[2] Afterwards, he fell into emotional turmoil because he had never felt such strong feelings of love before.


  • Like his father, he fell in love with an unreachable beauty from Frozen Cloud Asgard.
  • Yun Che often uses name Ling Yun as his fake identity.