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Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

Long Bai was the Realm King of the Dragon God Realm. He was the strongest profound practitioner in the entire Realm of the Gods that even God Emperors had to show respect to.[2]


He is eight feet tall and extremely handsome. His eyebrows are like swords, and every line and pattern on his face are incredibly imposing. His eyes shine like the bright sun itself; a divine light that seems to have circulated for an infinity of time.


A smart and wise man, doesn't show extreme arrogance even though he has absolute power. He's very insightful when comes to political affairs, as was seen when he easily solved the dilemma of Yun Che's cheating. But on one side he is also very obsessive to the point where he can forget all his morals and wisdom when it comes to Shen Xi.


He was saved by Shen Xi and developed a one-sided but extremely strong love for her. He never touched another woman in his life because he wanted her to return his feelings. At some point tens of thousands of years in the past, he made the Forbidden Land of Samsara a sacred place for her and restricted anybody else from accessing it. Since she free from distractions to cultivate, she was grateful enough to allow him to publicly declare her as 'Dragon Queen' even though she did not have any feelings for him.[1]


He went to see the Profound God Convention of the Eastern Divine Region because of the predictions from the Heavenly Mystery Realm. After Yun Che won the first place, he publicly announced his support for Yun Che. He even wanted his for an adopted son but Yun Che refused it.

All his good will for Yun Che disappeared when he discovered Shen Xi is pregnant with Yun Che's child. In his madness he attack Shen Xi's child and it is unknown whether child is alive or dead. When he realized what he has done, he started to aplogize Shen Xi but in her eyes there was only hatred for Long Bai and she sweared to drown Dragon God Realm in blood if her child is dead.

After this incident, Long Bai's hatred for Yun Che culminated that he extreminated every clan with surname Yun on the territory of the Dragon God Realm.

When he came to ther Eternal Heaven General Assembly he managed to control his hatred for Yun Che when he saw Yun Che but Shui Meiyin noticed it. While Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor was present, he didn't even dare to do anything to Yun Che but when Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor was out of the Primal Chaos Dimension he started to target Yun Che.

When Zhou Xuzi kicked Jasmine out of the Primal Chaos Dimension, he was the second person who supported the act of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and when Yun Che revealed his Dark Profound Strength he was the first one to gave an order to kill Yun Che.

With Eternal Heaven God Emperor, he came to the Blue Pole Star in order to force Yun Che to show up and then kill him.[3]

When Azure Dragon God returned from God Realm of Absolute Beginning along with the news that he found Shen Xi's aura there, Long Bai went to God Realm of Absolute Beginning in order to find her. While he was searching for the traces of Shen Xi in God Realm of Absolute Beginning, Yun Che attacked Eastern Divine Region and Southern Divine Region, and was able to capture them successfully killing Ash Dragon God in the process. In order to stop the devils Long Fei travelled to the God Realm of Absolute Beginning in order to report current situation to Long Bai.

After determining that the aura of Shen Xi in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning was a trap in order to engage Long Bai and stop him from interfering with the devil's attack, Long Bai returned to Dragon God Realm,[4] and ordered every King Realms of Western Divine Region to bring their Divine Master Realm practitioners to attack Northern Divine Region.[5]

In order to attack the practitioners of Northern Divine Region, Long Bai used every trump card available to his disposal. He awakened Five Withered Dragons[6] and used Universe Dragon City to travel to Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm, where devils were located, in the fastest time possible.

However, Long Bai's plan for surprise attack was failed, as Chi Wuyao was able to get the news of Western Divine Regions attack through Zhou Xuzi and made suitable arrangement to stop them from approaching towards Yun Che who was training in the Eternal Heaven Pearl.[7]

As the war between the practitioners of Western Divine Region and Northern Divine Region reached its peak state Long Bai was able to discover the barrier around Eternal Heaven Pearl along with Yan Two's aura, sensing this Long Bai ordered Five Withered Dragons to attack it.[8]

After some intense fight, Western Divine Region practitioners were able to break through the barrier, however Yun Che along with Shui Meiyin came out of the Eternal Heaven Pearl and challenged Long Bai for a one on one battle with no interference which Long Bai accepted.[9]

During the one on one battle, Yun Che was able to suppress Long Bai heavily due to his Dragon God Legacy and defeated him in a one sided battle.

After subduing the practitioners of Western Divine Region, Yun Che approached Long Bai and asked him whether he has any last word to say. As Long Bai was about to say something, however Mu Xuanyin approached him and killed him with Snow Princess Sword, stopping his last words incomplete.[10]


  • He was recognized to be the strongest cultivator in the Realm of the Gods.[2]
  • He had been the Dragon Monarch for over two hundred millennia.[11]
  • He is madly in love with Shen Xi, a one-sided love relationship.[1]
  • Because of his love for Shen Xi, he has never touched another woman in his lifetime.[12]
  • He has lied to outsiders about Shen Xi being his 'Dragon Queen' for over ten thousand years.[13]
  • He visits Shen Xi to chat once every month or two.[14]
  • He can defeat the 4 God Emperors of the Eastern Divine Region even if they team up. [15]



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