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Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

Mars Gravity is a Chinese author, his most popular novel is Against the Gods.


Mars Gravity read his first book when he was 5 years old.

After graduation, he was engaged in laboratory management work, usually very busy, so most of the work time spent on Internet novels, he began to write using his own ideas. 

Because of the game 《轩辕剑》 I feel that the top ten artifacts are very domineering, so I thought about writing a book around these ten artifacts.
— Mars Gravity

Mars said that when he issued the book, he had 600,000 words on hand. 

Although it was intended to send books at the beginning, I knew that I was writing in front of you, I thought about myself and I wrote about 600,000 words without knowing it.
— Mars Gravity
Because I don't have an outline at the time of writing, I often write to the back, and I have to go back and change the plots and settings in the front. When I first wrote, I dug pits too much and it was a pit. After a pit in the pit, mistakes in any one link will be a failure. So, fortunately, there are so many deposits, or else the book will fail.
— Mars Gravity

  With the improvement of the front, the plot behind him is more and more smooth. Finally, he decided to send a book. 

When the book was issued with 100,000 words, there were no more than 10,000 clicks. It was always a little bit of a climb. During this time, I didn't have any recommendations, advertisements, or even clicks, recommendations, and favorites. No. Let it crawl slowly. As my writing matures, the plot begins to attract people, and the popularity rises. Gradually later, many places were called by the readers.
— Mars Gravity

  Here, Mars Gravity does not hide the proud expression on his face.

  During the update period of his first book, Mars Gravity has signed applications with the starting point editor twice. All of them were rejected with the criteria of "Hello, your work did not meet the contracting standards, thank you for your support of the starting point." 

  The continuous refusal made Mars Gravity make a decision that nobody had thought of - "Legend of the Asura" is public and not on the shelves. 

Since then, I have started to update 6,000 words a day and have updated it to 1.4 million words. I just thought that it was the first book. It was purely a matter of practicing.
— Mars Gravity

   Didn't he thought about not writing at that time?

  Mars Gravity shook his head:

I just don’t want to give up, I don’t want to disappoint those classmates I’ve been following. So I never thought that... I’m going to blunder! I’ve laid a lot of foreshadowing in the previous article, and every one of them will be unveiled. The amazing plot, how would they be willing to let them buried in. These foreshadowing settings are painstaking efforts!
— Mars Gravity

   Fan VS Customer Service, battle two days and nights.

If it is said that the refusal to return is not the heaviest blow that "Legend of the Asura" has suffered. 

The book was soon blocked once when there were not many readers, so there wasn’t much. Later when I wrote 1.3 million words, Once again, it was blocked once. This caused a great uproar in the readership. I don't know who mobilized, more than a dozen people rushed past the customer service at the beginning of the battle. I couldn't stop it. Two nights and nights, I was full of heads. As soon as things calmed down, I thought that the starting point would definitely not tolerate me. I would still come and go.
— Mars Gravity

   Fighting and fighting, actually it is "love". 

The first time I opened the pages, I liked it very much. There was no pop-up advertising. It was clean and comfortable. It didn’t give people negative emotions. It wasn’t fancy. It didn’t look uncomfortable. But there’s actually more. The important reason, no, should be said to be a more important person.
— Mars Gravity

The biggest problem facing Mars Gravity, when he has just become a civil servant, is to get up early. He reluctantly stated: 

Although it is officially after work in October, it is possible at any time in advance.
— Mars Gravity

So when does he get up?

  Like most of the writers, Mars Gravity also thinks that it is most suitable for code words in the dead of night, so he is almost no earlier than two o'clock in the morning. His habit is to read books during the day and increase his vocabulary while digging inspirations. Therefore, the time to actually start codewords is usually after four o'clock in the afternoon. Most of his code words will not be less than 8 hours per day, but he will give himself 4 days to rest in one month. 

  Mars Gravity said that his highest record is 15,000 words a day. 


  1. Legend of the Asura
  2. Heavenly Star
  3. Evil Dragon Against the Heaven
  4. Shura's Wrath
  5. Against the Gods


Fire Woman

Fire Woman is 19 years old and was born on November 22, 2001.

Fire Woman.jpg

Fire Woman manages his WeChat account, answering messages and posting.


  • He likes to write his novel with careful details and he is very calculative.
  • He is bad with the English language[1]
Screw whoever invented the subject English!!!! Learning other languages before even comprehending Chinese!!!! Those that work hard to study English, but to barely fall below the line were all angels with broken wings in their last life!!!! You can’t afford to get hurt!!!! You can’t afford to get hurt!!!! The shadow of my resentment is too deep…
— Mars Gravity
  • Mars had close to full points in math and management in the past, with 126 in Chinese.[2]
  • He likes to write about "Loli" characters.
  • He has another job besides writing novels.
  • His daughter was born when he was writing the 6th Volume of Against the Gods, Volume 6 - Lordship in Illusory Demon.
  • Mars names his minor characters very casually (That’s right, Random Name Generator), the names of the important characters still have some thought behind them. For example Pojun, Qiushui, Lengya and Yuanba, all of these names leave some clues as to their personalities and their fates. So the name “Fen Juechen” basically means being burned down until not even the dust remains. From the moment Mars gave him that name, it meant that he was fated to meet an end where his body and soul are destroyed. Because his very existence is a tragedy, he was a tool that Xuanyuan Wentian “created” and he was also a tool Mars used to create a big BOSS. Furthermore, because he had to experience reincarnation using a forbidden art, his soul was already distorted and badly damaged, so he was naturally an extremely solitary and extreme person. Moreover, this is not the same case as it was with Tian Chen’s Lengya, where he was cold on the surface but warm on the inside. So Mars had originally thought that he would be an extremely unlikable character, so Mars did not expect him to actually be so well-received by so many readers.[3]


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