Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

Herb Refinement

In order to create medicine, a diverse amount of herbs are often required to be crushed, processed, and fused with profound energy for additional effects. This process is not only complicated but may also, unavoidably, cause a certain amount of medicinal force to be lost. Furthermore, it is certain that there would always be a probability of failure. Especially when it comes to high-grade medicine, not only is a huge amount of gold needed to purchase the rare ingredients, the chances of failure are extremely high as well and, once you fail, everything would be gone. In addition, not everyone has the ability to make higher grades of medicine. There is a very high requirement for the ability of the alchemist, the cauldron, the ambience, and the effects added using profound energy.

Medicinal Plants

Under normal circumstances, the more precious the medicinal herb is, the more dangerous and extreme the place it grew would be.[1] The higher the quality the medicinal herb is, the harder it is to harvest - for even the slightest mistake during harvesting may cause damage to the materials and lower its efficiency or even completely destroy its effectiveness.

Medicinal Elements

Medicinal Pills

In order to synthesize a medicine pill, it has to pass through the required harvesting of ingredients, looking through the storage, selecting the correct refining tools, proper heat control, and a crucial refining skill. So it is normal for the potency of the medicinal power to be reduced during this whole process. During the refining process, even for a high-level pharmacist, it is practically impossible to avoid losing some of the medicinal power.

The higher the potency of the medicine pill, the higher the price, and the faster the body would be able to naturally refine it. These higher-grade medicines are usually kept by the major sects for use for their core disciples or used to offer tribute.


Medical Terms

One Finger Profound Opening

One Finger Profound Opening is the medical field’s ultimate technique. It only requires one finger to be able to quickly open a profound practitioner’s profound entrance postnatally. Unless one is extremely well versed in the human body and has reached the pinnacle of medical knowledge proficiency, it would definitely be impossible to accomplish. In the entire Profound Sky Continent, the number of exceptional medical practitioners who are able to achieve the ‘One Finger Profound Opening’ if added together, do not even exceed five.[2]