Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

The Mirror of Samsara (轮回境) or Reincarnation Mirror is the seventh of the seven mysterious heavenly treasures. Although ranked last among the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures, its power is the most mysterious of all. It can pass through the cycle of rebirth and distort cause and effect, the time and conditions for its activation are unknown. After every use, it’ll enter in hibernation for 20 years.

Yun Che got it from his birth parents while they were trying to escape from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.

From what Jasmine has said that everybody that has owned the Mirror of Samsara in the past has never figured out how to activate it, while Yun Che has unknowingly used it on two different occasions.


The pendant appeared to be made of silver and could be opened to reveal a bright and clean mirror on each side[1].


During the era of the gods, it was the only heavenly treasure that had records and rumors about it, but never appeared even once. It appeared on Blue Pole Star 10,000 years ago after the 2nd Patriarch of the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan fled from the Northern Divine Region and landed on Blue Pole Star, it was later given to the first generation demon emperor. Later, it was passed to Yun Che. When in his possession, it inexplicably activated its power of rebirth twice. Currently in hibernation.

Possible Capabilities

Capabilities that the Mirror of Samsara may have but because there is not enough information, they may not be there.

  • Sentience
    • The Mirror may have sentience because on a couple of occasions it has glimmered after something that could happen in the future is said.
    • It has automatically been used to reincarnate Yun Che on a couple of occasions without his prior knowledge.
  • Manipulate destiny
    • Always make the destiny turn in favor of its owner

Usage Requirements

  • Cool off period of twenty years
  • Unknown activation method

Known Uses

  • When Yun Che was killed with Murdering Heart Powder and reincarnated onto the Azure Cloud Continent.
  • When Yun Che committed suicide during his life on the Azure Cloud Continent and reincarnated back into his first life's body with his previous memories.


  • The Mirror of Samsara is the only Heavenly Profound Treasure who can't fuse with another Heavenly Profound Treasure.
  • Thanks to the Mirror of Samsara, the Sky Poison Pearl was merged into Yun Che's left hand after being reincarnated.
  • The Mirror of Samsara already blinked twice: after Jasmine said that Yun Che would surely die for a woman [2] and when Yun Che was training the World Ode of the Phoenix.[3]
  • When Xia Qingyue fell to her death at the Abyss of Nothingness a crack appeared on the Mirror.
  • The Mirror of Samsara is stronger than the Well of Samsara, to the point where it is speculated that the former powers the latter.[4]
  • It is speculated that the Mirror of Samsara would fall into slumber for twenty years every time its powers were activated, because the Well of Samsara also could only perform one reincarnation per twenty years.[4]
  • It is speculated that the Mirror of Samsara was birthed together with the Ancestral God, and that the Ancestral God was its one true master even before the other six Heavenly Profound Treasures.[4]
  • Yun Che have speculated that his death wasn't the trigger for the activation of the Mirror but someone else was.[4]
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