Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

The Moon God Realm was one of the strongest star realms in the Eastern Divine Region. It was one of the four king realms that ruled over the region. Its power comes from the inheritances of the Twelve Moon Gods which allow recipients to immediately enter the Divine Master Realm and quickly cultivate to late-stage Divine Masters.


Divine Moon City - Royal city of the realm[2]

Twelve Moon Gods

They are the inheritor of the legacies of the original 12 Moon Gods. They have the highest status in Moon God Realm.

Moon God Envoys

There are 36 Moon God Envoys. Their status is only lower than the 12 Moon Gods.

Moon Guardians

They are the direct subordinates of the 12 Moon Gods and Moon God Envoys. Although they are only guards, they have an extremely high status. The weakest Moon Guardians are at the Divine King Realm, while the stronger ones are at the Divine Sovereign Realm.


Star God Realm

The grudge between the Star God Realm and Moon God Realm has existed since the creation of the two realms. The founder ancestors of the two realms harbored ill feelings against each other and so the grudge was “inherited” and passed on to the later generations. At some point in time later, the hostility between them grew to such an extent that they stopped caring about the so-called grudge or its reason and it instead became a custom that is passed on generation after generation. This was especially true due to the huge scandal that happened in the Moon God Realm thirty or so years ago. With the death of the Star God Realm’s Heavenly Wolf, their relationship has become even more volatile. If not for the interference of the Eternal Heaven God Realm, they would have destroyed each other a long time ago.

Divine Moon in the Sky

Historically, this phenomenon has occurred three times in the history of the Moon God Realm. Once, when the Moon God Realm was established, another when it became a Royal-Rank Star Realm, and most recently during the Yue Wuya's wedding. This phenomenon needs all 12 Moon Gods working together to create. The divine moon rises high in the sky so that it can be seen across the entire Eastern Divine Region.[2]



  • Moon Guardian’s are equal to the Star God Realm’s Star Guardians.
  • The Moon God Realm's intelligence network is the best in the Eastern Divine Region. [3]



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