You were unwilling to do it with Feixue, could it be that… you want Master to be your dual cultivation partner?... That sounds plausible. If you were to do it with me… you wouldn’t need to wait for two years; only an evening would be enough to directly step into the Divine Soul Realm.
Mu Xuanyin tempting Yun Che[1]
Committing a heinous crime and then leaving, is this something I’ve taught you!? I never thought that you would be a spineless coward who wouldn’t assume your responsibilities. You’re not fit to be my, Mu Xuanyin’s, disciple at all!
Mu Xuanyin meets Yun Che again[2]
Although you have committed a grave sin, it was to save the life of your master. Hence, I deem your meritorious work enough to offset the sin you committed.
Mu Xuanyin forgives Yun Che[3]
Do not feel that you’ve been greatly wronged, for it’s the result of your own actions! Don’t you naively believe that just because you have been labeled as one of the ‘God Children of the Eastern Region,’ you can act haughty and aloof, without a care for anyone. In the eyes of this king, you don’t even deserve to be a servant girl who warms the bed of this king’s disciple!
— Mu Xuanyin to Jun Xilei[4]