Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

volume 10

You were unwilling to do it with Feixue, could it be that… you want Master to be your dual cultivation partner?... That sounds plausible. If you were to do it with me… you wouldn’t need to wait for two years; only an evening would be enough to directly step into the Divine Soul Realm.
Mu Xuanyin tempting Yun Che[1]
But, you must tell your Xiaolan’er to be careful. This little brat that your big sis has just taken in is especially dangerous for women.

Volume 11

Committing a heinous crime and then leaving, is this something I’ve taught you!? I never thought that you would be a spineless coward who wouldn’t assume your responsibilities. You’re not fit to be my, Mu Xuanyin’s, disciple at all!
Mu Xuanyin meets Yun Che again[3]
Although you have committed a grave sin, it was to save the life of your master. Hence, I deem your meritorious work enough to offset the sin you committed.
Mu Xuanyin forgives Yun Che[4]
Do not feel that you’ve been greatly wronged, for it’s the result of your own actions! Don’t you naively believe that just because you have been labeled as one of the ‘God Children of the Eastern Region,’ you can act haughty and aloof, without a care for anyone. In the eyes of this king, you don’t even deserve to be a servant girl who warms the bed of this king’s disciple!

Volume 14

For the sake of the Heavenly Slaughter Star God, even though you were well aware that you would definitely die, even though you were well aware that you could not even save her, you still raced across a great distance to reach the Star God Realm and you used the power that you exchanged your own life for so all those people could die together with you. How awe-inspiring and impressive, how deeply moving!
— Mu Xuanyin taunting and scolding Yun Che [6]
Heh! You died a tragic but satisfying death for love! No one could say that you have failed the Heavenly Slaughter Star God! But… did you ever wonder how many people sacrificed their heart’s blood just to keep you alive at the Dragon God Realm? Did you know that they even went so far as to risk the future of their entire star realms? You did, but you went ahead to your death anyway… Tell me, who else except the Heavenly Slaughter Star God did you do right by?
— Mu Xuanyin scolding Yun Che : Rage, sorrow and affection. [6]
You’re not allowed to call me Master! I took you as my disciple, allowed you to use the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake as you pleased, bestowed upon you the best resources in the entire realm! In order to quickly help you ascend to the Divine Tribulation Realm, I put aside everything related to the sect and personally helped you cultivate, not leaving your side through night and day… But this is how you would repay me!? This is how you would repay the Snow Song Realm!? , Mu Xuanyin, don’t have a foolish disciple like you!
— Mu Xuanyin breaking off the master-disciple relationship with Yun Che [6]
Do you… really want me to be your master forever? Back at the Flame God Realm, you’d spent an entire day and night on me, smearing me completely in your scent… That didn’t seem like something a disciple would do to his master, was it?
— Mu Xuanyin's flirting with Yun Che about their "master-disciple" relationship. [7]
Haven’t you been having shameless fun with your wives all day and night in the lower realms for the past couple of years? So why are you as timid as a mouse when you’re in front of me? Do I really scare you that much? Where has the courage you showed at the Flame God Realm gone to?
— Mu Xuanyin's teasing and seducing Yun Che [7]
Luo Guxie, listen and listen well. This king won’t kill you today and if you want to take revenge in the future, this king will be happy to comply. But if you dare to harm Yun Che… I will personally kill Luo Changsheng!
— Mu Xuanyin threaten Luo Guxie [8]
I don’t care what your thoughts are on this matter, or what is holding you back from taking the right action. But…Not only do you have an engagement with the Glazed Light Little Princess, this engagement is known to the entire world… If you’re dead, then it doesn’t matter. But you’re alive now, and so you’re forbidden from breaking your promises! You. Must. Marry. Her!
— Mu Xuanyin telling Yun Che that he must marry Shui Meiyin [9]
Yun Che, I’ll say it once more. Mu Feixue is my only direct disciple, you have already stopped being my disciple a long time ago!
— Mu Xuanyin telling Yun Che once more that they're not master-disciple anymore. [10]
Ever since the day the Devil Emperor returned, this universe has already become one that is ruled by the devils. It is just that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor has yet to announce this to the world. Then the Evil Infant, who has always been rejected by the entire world, could perhaps be tolerated by the world now. It is also very likely that the world would perhaps have no choice but to accept her. To the both of you, this is a huge opportunity. You… should indeed look for her.
— Mu Xuanyin to Yun Che who want to go the God Realm of Absolute Beginning to search for Jasmine [10]

Volume 15

If you… can abandon everything and die… for the Heavenly Slaughter Star God… then why… can’t I abandon the Snow Song Realm… for you! You… are not the only one in the world who gets to act selfishly!
Mu Xuanyin to Yun Che when she saves him from Xia Qingyue [11]
Live… on…
— Mu Xuanyin's last words and last wish to Yun Che before dying in his arms. Hoping that the two of them will not be student and teacher again in their next lives. [12]

Volume 17

On account of you specially coming to save Bingyun and on account of your sincere feelings for Yun Che… The grievances between us have been settled by that thrust of my sword.
— Mu Xuanyin forgiving Chi Wuyao[13]
Stop him? Why should I stop him? Doesn’t this world owe him enough? If he wants to take revenge, then let him do it to his heart’s content. If he wants to vent his rage, then let him vent all of it out. If he wants to kill anyone, then he can go ahead and kill that person! Even though I am someone who was born in the Eastern Divine Region, I see no reason to go and stop him. Back then, I punished him for his disobedient and wilful behavior time and again. I even tried to think of ways to restrain his rash nature. This time, it’s different. This time, he has the right to be wilful. No matter how wilful his behavior is, it’s justified this time around.
— Mu Xuanyin about Yun Che's vengeance.[13]
Furthermore, the current me is no longer a realm king of the Eastern Divine Region, I am also no longer anyone else’s puppet. I belong wholly to myself… A Mu Xuanyin who has never been more free, never been more true to herself. I muddled along in life for so many years. Now that I’ve died and come back to life, it’s about time to live for myself.
— Mu Xuanyin is free.[13]
I used to hate devils with all of my heart and I used to kill any devil person that I came across. But to think there would come a day… where I’d actually take the side of these wicked fiends.
Mu Xuanyin about herself.[13]