New Moon Profound Palace (新月玄府) is a profound palace set up by the Blue Wind Imperial Family in New Moon City. It is one of seventy two total profound palaces aside from the imperial capital. Out of all the other profound palaces New Moon Profound Palace was ranked one of the best. It is used to attract talented people to join the Imperial Forces. The requirements to get accepted into the palace wasn't as high as middle level sects so there are many practitioners that seek admittance every year.[1]

The palace has more than three thousand disciples. It recruits disciples within the age of fifteen to eighteen. Most stay until they reach twenty years old before departing and many join the Blue Wind military.[2] The palace's strength is relatively weak compared to the other large sects in the city.

History Edit

After Yun Che won the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament and his fame spread throughout the empire, New Moon Profound Palace benefited with an influx of new disciples. Since Yun Che was a previous disciple, the new recruits could claim to him as their "Senior Brother Yun Che". The popularity of the New Moon Profound Palace soared explosively. Its fame transcended all the other branch Profound Palaces, and was only second to the core Blue Wind Profound Palace.[3]

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  • Sikong Han - Helped Yun Che get into the profound palace because Yun Che's grandfather Xiao Lie saved his son's life

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New Palace Chief Ceremony/Young Generation Competition Edit

When a new palace chief takes their position at New Moon Profound Palace, there is a ceremony held where the other seven major sects of New Moon City come to pay their respects. The other sects use the opportunity to bring their disciples to complete with New Moon Profound Palace and show their superiority. Yun Che attended the ceremony for Palace Chief Qin Wuyou and participated in many battles. The notable matches are listed below.

Battle Competitors Result Reference
1 Xuan Yu, Profound Heart Sect
Li Hao, New Moon Profound Palace
Xuan Yu wins C. 65
2 Xuan Yu, Profound Heart Sect
Xia Yuanba, New Moon Profound Palace
Xuan Yu wins, heavily injuring Xia Yuanba C. 66
3 Xuan Yu, Profound Heart Sect
Yun Che, New Moon Profound Palace
Yun Che slapped him around C. 66
4 Yun Che, New Moon Profound Palace
Yan Ming, Cloudy Sun Sect
Yun Che wins with fire immunity C. 68
5 Yun Che, New Moon Profound Palace
Feng Guangyi, Stormy Profound Palace
Yun Che wins with Evil God's first realm C. 69
6 Yun Che, New Moon Profound Palace
Tie Hengjun, Iron Spear Clan
Yun Che wins but they end on good terms C. 71
7 Yun Che, New Moon Profound Palace
Lu Zhannan, Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion
Yun Che wins due to his speed C. 73
8 Yun Che, New Moon Profound Palace
Xiao Luocheng, Xiao Sect branch
Yun Che crippled Xiao Luocheng C. 76