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Against the Gods is a currently ongoing, Chinese fantasy novel, written by the Chinese author Mars Gravity,
and is currently being translated to English by the translation team, Alyschu & Co.
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Yun Che, the hero of this novel gets chased to Cloud's End Cliff by his enemies, injured and trapped between his enemies and a cliff that not even God-tier Overlords can survive falling down. In order to not let his enemies get the Sky Poison Pearl he swallows it and jumps off the edge of the cliff committing suicide.

After his death in his Second Life on the Azure Cloud Continent, he transmigrated back to his original body from his First Life right after he was just killed by the Murdering Heart Powder, which was dispelled by the Sky Poison Pearl that had completely merged with his left hand, from the effects of the Mirror of Samsara.

Official Description
Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery.

Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count. None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heavens, have been able to return alive. However, a boy that’s being chased by various people because he alone holds a priceless treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of dying he wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world!

This is the story of a boy wielding the Sky Poison Pearl, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven and earth, a lord overlooking the world!


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Words from the author

Knowing that my work had been translated into English, and acquired readers overseas, I am extremely surprised and overjoyed. I thank the oversea readers for their adoration and support, Mars will work even harder!
— Mars Gravity


得知自己的文被翻译成英文, 有了海外读者,惊喜万分,感谢海外读者们的喜爱和支持,火星会更加努力!
— 火星引力

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