Who ever has Nine Profound Exquisite Body (九玄玲珑体) has a "small world" inside of their body which allows them to hold more power than what their physical bodies can handle, as to say that no matter what Profound Art she cultivates in she will be able to cultivate it to any level no matter what her cultivation is. It can also be passed onto others with a "vital virginity".[1]

Possessors of the Nine Profound Exquisite Body are hard to search for even among a trillion people but the possessors would definitely be women. Even in the vast Realm of the Gods, at most, only one person will be born with the Nine Profound Exquisite Body every ten thousand years.[2]

When possessors of Nine Profound Exquisite Body have low profound cultivation, their profound energy will reveal a unique free-flowing state and it’s easily discernible by people who are aware of this characteristic of the Nine Profound Exquisite Body. If their unleashed profound energy can break the laws of realm boundaries to a certain extent, then it’s possible to ascertain that they undoubtedly possess the Nine Profound Exquisite Body. However, this profound energy characteristic weakens as their profound energy becomes richer and if they step into the divine way, this characteristic will completely disappear. Thus, locating one in the higher realms is difficult and hard to control as well so, it's better to search in the lower realms.

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Trivia Edit

  • Nine Profound Exquisite Body could be possessed by another woman. It was just that the conditions are extremely harsh and the method is very special.[3]