Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

The territory of the Northern Divine Region (a.k.a Devil Region) is the smallest and its power the weakest. They are, in fact, ostracized by the other three divine regions. Besides being ostracized, you could also say that they view the other three divine regions with hatred. They will never step onto any territory belonging to the other three and the Eastern, Western and Southern Divine Regions will similarly not tread into the North.[1]

As the Primal Chaos Dimension’s yin energies have been decreasing, the territory suitable for the "devils" of the Northern Divine Region have been constantly shrinking. Not even within a million years, the Northern Divine Region territory has already reduced by two thirds. Disappearing into nothing will come sooner or later. This is why they can be considered to be the most tragic divine region.

The members of the Northern Divine Region are likened to being trapped in a cage that is growing smaller and smaller over time.

Relationship with the other Regions

Because of the influence of the dark constitution and darkness profound energy, should the Northern Divine Region’s "devils" enter into other divine regions, their strength will diminish and they will grow weaker, unable to adapt to the conditions. Similarly, if anyone from the three other divine regions enter into the Northern God Realms, they will be influenced the dark devil energy and their strength will suffer a great dip as well. Thus, the Northern Divine Region and the other three divine regions basically have no relations. They’ve often been dubbed by the three other divine regions as the "Devil Region"[1]

In the eyes of the other divine regions, the "devils" of the Northern Divine Region are considered "heretical" existences.

Once any of the "devils" leave the Northern Divine Region, they will be hunted down by members of the other divine regions.


During the Era of Gods, the Northern Divine Region was where the devil race lived. After the devil race was annihilated, although they didn’t leave behind as many inheritances as the god race, the former devil regions all held a very heavy dark and devilish energy. Anyone who entered those ‘devil regions’ and lived there would be influenced by the dark devil energy and they would develop dark constitutions. Their profound energy would also make them akin to "devils".[1]

And this darkness constitution is passed down generation by generation.

Devil Master - Emperor of the North

For the first time in the history of the entire Realm of the Gods, an individual has managed to subdue an entire Divine Region, the Northern Divine Region, becoming its first official sovereign.

The three Royal Rank Star Realms (Soul Stealing Realm, Yama Realm and Burning Moon Realm) also submitted and bowed to him, the only successor of the Heretic God and the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor: Yun Che, the one and only Devil Master Emperor of the North in history.[2]

Star Realms

  • Number of Star Realms: 5003
  • Number of Low Rank Star Realms - 4000
  • Number of Middle Rank Star Realms - 800
  • Number of High Rank Star Realms - 200
  • Number of Royal Rank Star Realms - 3

Known Star Realms


  • According to the rumors, the people here stay hidden in darkness and steal people’s souls without making a sound.[3]
  • Yun Che is the first in history to subdue a Divine Region and become its official sovereign, obtaining the title of Devil Master Emperor.[2]



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