The Profound Handle is a very powerful power to the people of my clan, but my power is mainly centered around the use of the elements or a heavy sword, and relying on the Evil God’s profound veins to amplify my profound strength. These things that I usually use to fight have no power boosting effect on my Profound Handle. Especially, when my profound strength reached the divine way, although the Profound Handle is still helpful, its attack power is quite low in comparison to other means, and consumes a huge amount of energy despite that. Therefore, I very rarely use it in a fight.
— Yun Che to Ice Phoenix[1]
The Profound Handle (玄罡) is a special innate profound ability that the Yun Family possesses and doesn't need any cultivation. It is passed on by the Yun Family bloodline and is impossible for others to steal or obtain through cultivation. The ability can only be passed down by the father and never the mother[2]. When their profound strength breaks through into the Sky Profound Realm, it will immediately awaken. The Yun Clan's ancient records state that the Profound Handle is the bloodline inheritance of a Primordial True God.[3]

An un-awakened Profound Handle will show up as a small white finger sized sword-shaped marking on the back of a person's left hand.[4] An awakened profound handle forms a sword-shaped mark from the owner's left hand up their left arm about 15 cm long.[5] The color of the mark correlates to the level of the Profound Handle. The profound handle is connected to the mind of the user and can form any shape that the user can imagine and can be freely controlled.[6] This ability allows a person to surpass all others in the same cultivation realm.[3]

For different people of the clan, the color of their profound handle is different based on whether or not their innate gifts are powerful enough. The strength of the Profound Handle is determined when it awakens and this is an innate gift that will never change throughout your entire life. Within the clan, ninety percent of the clansman has orange to yellow profound handles.[3]

The gold profound handle could display one hundred percent of one’s total power, and it is said that it possesses some special abilities that other profound handles do not have, but this profound handle was something that only the legendary Primordial True God possessed. It could only belong to the True God, and it could never awaken within the people of Yun clan. Therefore, that’s only just an extremely remote dream, a legend that could never be realized.

Colors Edit

From weak to strong, the color of the profound handles are:

Red (10%)Edit

Orange (20%)Edit

Ninety percent of the clansman has orange to yellow profound handles.

Yellow (30%)Edit

Green (40%)Edit

Only a hard to come by genius can awaken it.

Cyan (50%)Edit

Blue (60%)Edit

To awaken it one had to be a genius among geniuses. It’s hard to find even one in a million. One who awakens the blue profound handle would naturally be considered the number one expert of the Illusory Demon Realm.

Purple (70%)Edit

Purple is a mythical existence, only one would appear within eight thousand years on average.

Gold (100%)Edit

Said to only belong to the True God, and it could never awaken within the people of Yun clan. It possesses some special abilities that other profound handles do not have.

  • Primordial True God (only known user)

Yun Che's Profound Handle Edit

Yun Che first unlocked his profound handle when trapped with Yun Canghai and it was red colored. Yun Che's profound handle is an exception as he can change its color when he opens one of his seven gates. Opening a gate allows his profound handle to increase a level, e.g. with Evil Soul open it became orange. When Yun Che received the Dragon God Marrow, it improved his profound veins to innately produce an orange profound handle. Yun Che will be able to produce a purple profound handle if he uses highest gate he has unlocked, Hades.

Theoretically, Yun Che will be able to achieve a gold profound handle if he further improves his innate profound handle color and unlocks the last two Evil God gates.

Forms Edit

There are a total of three forms a profound handle can take.

  1. Physical Manifestation - Solid and possesses part of its owner's strength, can take almost any form and moves according to users will.
  2. Spiritual Manifestation - Can be used to assault the spirit and read the mind
  3. God Manifestation - A special form that requires a divine soul. The owner merges their bloodline, profound veins, divine souls, and profound handle together. The profound handle is able to manifest a physical form that is controlled by the divine soul that is capable of fighting independently. Only Yun Che is able to use it (currently).[8]