The Sky Poison Pearl (天毒珠) is one of the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures with its rank being fifth. The Sky Poison Pearl's capabilities are centered around poison, medicine, purification, and space. Its current owner is Yun Che and it has, due to the Mirror of Samsara, completely merged with Yun Che's left hand.

Ranked Fifth among the Heavenly Profound Treasures; limitless inner space can counteract all poisons, refine all ingredients. A sentient treasure which possesses its own spirit.

The Sky Poison Pearl had fused Yun Che body to become a part of him, and he could hardly feel the presence of its usual toxicity. Before his death on his killing field, he had used the Sky Poison Pearl’s power to slaughter many strong practitioners. He had overdrawn the Sky Poison Pearl’s power and its poisonous powers ran dry. Overdrawing and exhausting are two different concepts. If exhausted, it could slowly recover. However, overdrawing directly depleted the source of the power, making it perhaps, virtually impossible to restore it to its original strength.

The Sky Poison Pearl had an additional ability, it had the special kind of ability that could sense nearby toxic medicinal herb ingredients. If within a certain distance from a highly toxic ingredient or drug, it would perceive where it would be, emit flashing light, and point in it's target’s location, but it's prerequisite was that the material must be one of the highest of qualities. The level of sensing that the Sky Poison Pearl had was unrivaled. If compared, the highest level that a person could reach achieve would not even reach that of the Sky Poison Pearl’s. On the Azure Cloud Continent, the Sky Poison Pearl had only flashed six times, each time letting him find the rarest of the most exotic treasures. A slight throbbing sensation from Yun Che’s left hand followed by a glimmers of rapid flashing faint light from the Sky Poison Pearl’s pattern in his palm indicate the detection of a treasure.

The high quality the medicinal herb was, the harder it was to harvest for even the slightest mistake during harvesting may cause damage to the materials and lower it’s efficiency or even complete destroy it’s effectiveness. But with the Sky Poison Pearl, no matter how complicated the herb, one had no need to worry. The Sky Poison Pearl could harvest a herb without bringing any possible harmful side effects by using it’s aura, completely wrapping around a herb without any sort of spiritual power leakage.



Sky Poison Pearl's Imprint.

Its appearance is that of a green circular shape the size of a person's palm. After reincarnating, the Sky Poison Pearl has became fused into the palm of Yun Che's left hand, leaving a circular green imprint on his palm. Inside the Sky Poison Pearl is a wide world of green with infinite space and no boundaries that Yun Che can enter and store items in.


Obtained by the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor in the beginning of the era of the gods. After Devil Emperor’s death in the hand of the gods, the Sky Poison Pearl was stolen by the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, releasing the ‘World Destroying Poison: Life Extinguishing Myriad Calamities’ that poisoned to death innumerable living things. After depleting its toxicity, it was hard to replenish it again; it was sealed by the Evil God in the Azure Cloud Continent

Obtained by Yun Gu after it escaped from the seal, and passed to Yun Che later. A little later, when it had just started to regain its toxicity, it was once again depleted by Yun Che, and under the effect of the Mirror of Samsara, it was forced to accept Yun Che as its eternal master. Moreover, due to the Mirror of Samsara it had also lost its poisonous part, creating another Sky Poison Pearl. Currently merged together and once again complete, its toxicity has also started to slowly recover.

Heaven Wounding Thought Severing Poison

The Heaven Wounding Thought Severing Poison is the poison released by the Sky Poison Pearl, although it cannot be compared to the Myriad Tribulations poison released by the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, it is still a powerful poison. It is unknown how to activate it since even Yun Che was unaware that it existed.[1]

Seen Uses





  • Keeping alcohol inside to avoid drinking it[5]


The poison of the Sky Poison Pearl is not your regular poison. Presently, its poison powers have only just awakened by a small amount, yet it is already displaying such a level of terror. Controlling and sealing its poison powers is definitely not as easy as using a profound energy formation. This old one has dwelled deep into the ways of the medicine and poison for so many years and furthermore, when it comes to the way of poison, I have a slightly unique disposition for it, which allowed me to barely control the Sky Poison Pearl. If it is handed to you people, the moment its poison powers lose control and go berserk, yet another calamitous crisis that can never be restored will happen once again.
Yun Gu about the Sky Poison Pearl's poison


  • Yun Che killed over 7.7 million people in a day with its poisonous AOE.[6]
  • If the Sky Poison Pearl is used with the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, it will give birth to the World Destroying Poison: Life Extinguishing Myriad Calamities.
  • When it came to controlling medicinal energy, under the heavens, there was nothing else that could surpass the Sky Poison Pearl in that regard.[7]
  • Even though it is said that its poison is heaven defying, for unknown reasons it can kill at most, Tyrant Profound Realm cultivators.[8]
  • How fast a poison will be detoxified depends on how potent it is.
  • The translation of its name should be Heavenly Poison Pearl.
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