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Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

Soul Stealing Realm / Clear Sky God Realm is one of the three King Realms of the Northern Divine Region.[1]


The Soul Stealing Realm used to be called the Clear Sky God Realm. Ten thousand years before the present, Chi Wuyao married the previous realm king, Jing Tian. She usurped his position by attempting to steal his soul and although it failed, she was still able to turn him into a mindless puppet. After his death, Chi Wuyao was able to take control of the realm before it collapsed internally and converted all of the Clear Sky God Realm's inheritances into the inheritances of the present Witches.[2]


The Soul Stealing Realm’s administrative structure was very different from the other king realms. Each Soul Hall was responsible for a region in the Soul Stealing Realm and its subordinate star realm. Of course, the leaders of the Soul Hall were the infamous twenty-seven Soul Spirits.

The Witches were directly subordinated under the Devil Queen, and they had no exact responsibilities to speak of. However, they had the power to utilize any Soul Hall’s manpower and resources, meaning that they had basically infinite power and could do whatever they wanted within the confines of the Soul Stealing Realm. Besides having to obey the Devil Queen herself, their authority was basically equal to the Devil Queen’s.

This was an impossible system in any other king realm or star realm.

The only reason the Soul Stealing Realm could exist the way it was was because the Witches could never betray the Devil Queen. [3]


Devil Queen

Nine Witches

Devil Queen is served by the ‘Nine Witches’. “The Nine Witches are also known as the queen’s ‘Shadows’. Some people guessed that the Nine Witches are the queen’s soul avatars, or unusual women who were chosen for various reasons.

The Nine Witches hide themselves in the darkness and keep a close eye on the Northern Divine Region. They pay special attention to heretics so that the three divine regions can’t slip in a spy. No one knows who they really are, their identities are constantly changing. There are some verifiable facts about them, however. All Witches have a divine inheritance from the Soul Stealing Realm, and their strength is awe-inspiring. They also have exceptional spiritual perception and insight.[4]

Each Witch has their own specialty; for example, the Seventh Witch is unrivaled in the Northern Divine Territory in regard to her transformations.[5]

  1. Jie Ling
  2. Jie Xin
  3. Ye Li
  4. Yao Die
  5. Qing Ying
  6. Lan Ting
  7. Hua Jin
  8. Yu Wu
  9. Nanhuang Chanyi

Twenty-Seven Soul Spirits 

Three Thousand Six Hundred Soul Attendants


  • Only women can inherit the power of the Witches. [6]
  • According to Chi Wuyao, the most important criteria when choosing a Witch is their physical attractiveness rather than their talent.[7]
  • The Nine Witches are not always ranked by their strength. [8]



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