Su Hengshan was the Sect Master of the Grandwake Clan on the Azure Cloud Continent. He is the father of Su Ling'er.[1]

Appearance Edit

Middle-aged man.

Personality Edit

He is an honest and kind-hearted man. He is cultured and refined and did not show arrogance in front of a junior.[2]

Sadly, this same kindness and honesty make him an unqualified Sect Master, for he shows far too much mercy to those who continually undermine his authority.

History Edit

He was out in the mountains with Su Ling'er when they were ambushed by people from the Blackwood Stronghold. They got separated and Su Ling'er was saved by Yun Che. He invited Yun Che, and Xia Qingyue who was with him, to stay at his Grandwake Clan to rest and recover.[2]