Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

OC (Original Character) with no relations to the novel

Consumed Treasures


Special Features

  • Eight Extraordinary Meridians -
  • Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins - Obtained by opening all 54 profound entrances, it increases cultivation speed and effectiveness of profound arts and skills.
  • Buddha Heart Divine Veins - Strengthened meridians, obtained by the use of the Buddha Heart Lotus of Nine Resurrections. His meridians now are way stronger than of the normal cultivators and can't be easily broken. After obtaining the Buddha Heart Divine Veins, Chu Kuangren’s ability to channel profound energy throughout his body had become extremely fast.
  • Sensation - Physical sensation is the ability to foresee and predict the movements of the body.
  • True Dragon Body - The blood of the Dragon God strengthens the body; the meridians, profound veins, bones, flesh, and skin. It increases to the toughness of the body to be comparable to the body of a True Dragon and gives incredible regenerative power to the inheritor.
  • Mad Dragon Marrow -
    • Rage God's Bone Marrow -
    • Dragon God's Bone Marrow - It makes the bones like fine steel, and the marrow like an impregnable fortress. The blood and strength that is lost, will be endlessly and inexhaustibly recovered with an even faster speed. It will also give regenerative capabilities. The marrow will continuously generates new genuine dragon blood. It increases the owner's Dragon God's bloodline even in their sleep. It drastically improves the owner's True Dragon body.
    • War God's Bone Marrow -
  • Mad Dragon's Soul Domain -
    • Rage God's Soul Origin -
    • Dragon God's Soul Origin -
    • War God's Soul Origin -
  • War God's Divine Veins - Also knowed as Tyrannical Emperor's Divine Veins, are the profound veins of the War God and are a rare set of profound veins and to certain people a god-send because of their nature. Once veins are awoken it will take one nights time to break into the Emperor Profound Realm, or even possibly the Tyrant Profound Realm.
  • Sacred Body -
  • Body of Saints -

Profound Arts

  • Great Way of the Buddha - The purpose of the first stage of The Great Way of the Buddha is to absorb the vitality of the world; to allow the world’s vitality to fill, refine, and transform the body. Including the flesh, hair, blood, bones, organs, and marrow. Allowing the body to be born anew. Every following elevation of the realms in each stage will also result in a new reformation of the body. And every new reformation of the body signified a slight separation from the mortal realm. One’s lifespan would also increase exponentially.
    1. First Stage - Provides arm strength of one thousand nine hundred fifty kilos.
    2. Second Stage - Increase arm strength by four thousand kilos.
    3. Third Stage - Increase strength by ten thousand kilograms, a body that was as strong as pure steel, and a healing capability that no ordinary person could possibly understand.
    4. Fourth Stage - Bestow a bodily strength of fifty thousand kilograms.
    5. Fifth Stage  - Bestow a bodily strength of unknown for now. Absorb the energy of Heaven`s Way.
    6. Sixth Stage  - Bestow a bodily strength of unknown for now. Peak mortal physique of Saint Body.
    7. Seventh Stage - Said to be able to restore important bodily necessities such as vision.
    8. Eighth Stage - TBA
    9. Ninth Stage - TBA
    10. Tenth Stage - Gains the ability to prolong one's life with incredible healing power and can absorb Primordial Energy, True God's body.
    11. Eleventh Stage - TBA
    12. Twelfth Stage - Peak of the ‘Great Way of the Buddha’, attains the original physique of the Rage God known as “Body of Saints”.