Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

Xiao Sect (萧宗) is one of the Four Major Sects in the Blue Wind Empire. It is one of the strongest entities in the empire. It is located in the southwestern area of the empire, near the Sorrowsouth Moutain and the Southsky River.[1] The Xiao Sect uses a Sky Hawk as their logo.


They use silver eagle patterns onto the shoulders of the clothes they wear.[2]


The Xiao Sect is one of the first major enemies of Yun Che. It started out when Xiao Kuangyun went to the Xiao Clan to take a talented disciple back to the Xiao Sect. He was a degenerate womanizer and tried to get with Xia Qingyue and Xiao Lingxi. His lecherous scheme and machinations caused Yun Che to be expelled form the Xiao Clan and Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie to be locked up for 15 years by the Xiao Clan.

The Xiao Sect branch sect in New Moon City wanted to kill Yun Che after he crippled Xiao Luocheng during a match. Xiao Luocheng was branch sect's young master and also the most talented youth in New Moon City but he had a sinister and jealous personality and sought to destroy Yun Che who was also a rising talent.[3] The branch sect lost their entire treasury to Yun Che's swindling.[4]

Members of the Main Sect

Grand Sect Master

Grand Elder

Sect Master





  • Xiao Bieli - Abandoned by the Xiao Sect for poor aptitude; formed the Xiao Clan; father is Xiao Zheng

Branch Sect

The Xiao branch sect is one of seven major sects in New Moon City. The actual location of the sect is at South Moon Mountain. The entire mountain belonged to the sect. It has its own management and leadership.

Branch Sect Members

Profound Arts and Skills

  • Extreme Wind Slash - Creates a wind storm with the silhouette of several swords that slices towards the opponent.[9]
  • Heavenly Eagle Art - User gains a large boost in speed
  • Heavenly Eagle Limitless Strike - Aerial attack with the silhouette of an eagle.
  • Fleeting Strike - Strongest move
  • Eagle Mark - Used to track down anything that has been previously marked by it.[10]