Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

Volume 1

I am Jasmine, a Jasmine that had been dyed red with blood!
Jasmine face to face with Yun Che [1]
You have saved this princess’ life, therefore this princess shall indeed repay you… You only need to promise this princess three conditions. Then, this princess will immediately let you have… A new set of profound veins… A set of profound veins with the strength of a god!
Jasmine's deal for Yun Che [2]
Did you think that you have great integrity, that you are extraordinary? Without strength, you don’t even have the ability to refuse to kowtow to me. What rights do you have to act haughty in front of me? Without strength, your pride and dignity are nothing but a joke in front of the strong!
Jasmine talking about the power of the strong to Yun Che[3]
Elder Brother… You came into Jasmine’s dream again… To see Jasmine?…..
Jasmine confusing Yun Che with her brother [4]

Volume 1

The reason why you selected the heavy sword… is exactly the same… as brother’s…
At that time, what I liked to do most was watch the image of brother brandishing the heavy sword on the battlefield; brother was the most handsome, the most powerful, and he gave me and mother an indescribable feeling of safety and reliance. If brother was there, even if the sky was falling, we didn’t need to be afraid even a bit, because brother would use his heavy sword, and always protect us, the ones behind him.
Jasmine about her brother [5]
In order to protect those he must protect, in order to protect his own pride and honor… He knew what he had to do, and he knew what would happen if he did… However, he would never hesitate. Furthermore, there wasn’t anyone who could stop him…
Jasmine comparing the personality of Yun Che with her Brother's[6]
You BASTARD! Lowlife! Pervert!! You actually caused me to see this sort of a scene! And hear those unmentionable sounds for so long… If I didn’t have to rely on you for now, even though you are my disciple, I would definitely kill you!!
Jasmine after Yun Che sleeps with Chu Yuechan [7]
Pervert! Pervert!! PERVERT!!! You are exactly what my mother and big brother told me about, a PERVERT who I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely can’t get close to!
Jasmine after Yun Che sleeps with Chu Yuechan [7]

Volume 4

No matter where this damned fool goes, anytime he meets a somewhat pretty woman, he’ll immediately reveal his nature of a pervert and beast, and will never change!!
Jasmine on Yun Che's womanizing ways [8]

Volume 9

The reason why the strong are strong, is exactly because they are able to endure what normal people aren’t able to. They are able to accomplish with their willpower what normal people think is impossible! If you choose not to do your utmost to endure just because of ‘impossible’, ‘despair’ or ‘intolerable pain’, then not only will you not be able to become a genuinely strong person, you will even die here! You won’t even have a future!
Jasmine to Yun Che.
After our separation this time, we will not reunite again. In our fate of seven years you have saved my life and I’ve sculpted your life. Following this separation, our debts are cleared and our relationship shall end. From today onwards, I will no longer be your master. You don’t have to miss me, just treat it as if I had never appeared before… I will do the same.
Jasmine's departing message to Yun Che [9]

Volume 10

...Idiot! Before we parted, I already said everything. We’re no longer fated and have no more ties to one another. Our paths will no longer cross. Live well, don’t have any more senseless hopes... even if it is for me.
Jasmine in Yun Che's Dream [10]

Volume 11

No matter who you turn out to be in your next life… a man, a devil, a plant, a beast… I will always find you.
Jasmine to Yun Che when he was dying in the Star God Realm [11]

Volume 14

You don’t understand… You don’t understand what the Evil Infant… means exactly… You don’t understand… that if you are close to me, you will also become a heretic that the world will not tolerate…
— Jasmine to Yun Che after their reunion after she became the Evil Infant. [12]
You need to care! The current prestige and status you have in the God Realm is not something that is easily obtained. Furthermore, all of this must also have been due to the hard work of many other people. Moreover, your current status and future definitely does not concern you alone. Don’t forget your women and your family. Don’t tell me that you want to twist up all of these things just for my sake alone… When we first met all those years ago, you were only sixteen. At that time, you were still a child so you could be willful. But now, no matter what it concerns, you need to make the most rational decisions at all times. Especially since... you have already acted wilfully once for me three years ago, and that’s already enough… it’s enough for ten lifetimes… You definitely aren’t allowed to ever be willful for my sake again… If not, I’d rather die in this place and make it so that you can never see me again!
— Jasmine refuse to harm Yun Che in any circumstances [12]
Alright…If you are really able to do that… I will leave this place with you. Henceforth, I will go wherever you go.
— Jasmine agree to Yun Che bet.
Yun Che, back then I awakened the Evil Infant because of you, but I was also able to completely suppress that extremely terrifying hatred and desire to kill because of you as well... Just when exactly did you become such an important person in my life… So important that you far surpass the desire for vengeance that I once viewed as my very life itself.
— Jasmine's deep love for Yun Che [13]