Xuanyuan Yufeng is the wife of Ling Yuefeng, the Heavenly Sword Villa's master.

Appearance Edit

Although her looks were also one in a thousand, if compared to Chu Yuechan, it was still like comparing a mortal woman with a goddess of the heavens; there was at least a difference of one hundred and eight thousand miles.[1]

Personality Edit

Outwardly her temperament is graceful, but inside she is a very wicked and arrogant person.

Background Edit

She is the daughter of Xuanyuan Jue, the 9th Elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Ling Kun is her uncle. She fell in love with Ling Yuefeng and married him against her father's wishes.[2] She loved her husband very much but she always felt a sense of insecurity due to her husband chasing after Chu Yuechan for 10 years beforehand.

Plotline Edit

Her husband's actions during the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament of secretly trying to see Chu Yuechan caused her to become extremely envious and hateful of Chu Yuechan. When her son Ling Yun fell in love with the already married Xia Qingyue, she was even more enraged towards the entire Frozen Cloud Asgard. She conspired with Ling Kun to destroy Frozen Cloud Asgard.[3]

She was the one who spread the news that Chu Yuechan was pregnant with Yun Che's child. She was also the one who sent 3 assassins to kill Chu Yuechan.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • She was jealous of Chu Yuechan for stealing her husband's attention.[1]