Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Sword Form

She is not a weapon but a unique existence connected to Yun Che's soul and willpower and currently she is sharing sword soul with Hong'er.


You'er has the same sword body as the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword, Hong'er with the difference being her sword blade, which was bright silver in color. The sword had a black fog surrounding its body. The orb at the place where the sword hilt connects to the sword was no longer red, but instead had a faint color comprising of four different colors, completely matching the color of You'er's eyes. Within the orb, a pocket-sized figure of You'er could be seen.[1]

Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword 

The sword that Heaven Smiting Devil Race has transformed into is called the Heaven Smiting Devil God Sword. Only the sword that Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, Jie Yuan, transform into, is called the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword. After her, a second Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword finally appeared in this world. Even though it's only half of her soul, the name 'Devil Emperor' is still engraved on it.[1]

Coexistence with Hong'er

There was one deviation during the binding You'er for Yun Che's soul. Which is to say, she and Hong'er can usually exist at the same time, and once they transform into a sword, Hong'er and her consciousness will only be left with one, the other will fall into deep sleep. If it is the Devil Slayer Sword, You'er will fall asleep, but if it is the Devil Emperor Sword, Hong'er will fall asleep. However, being able to exist at the same time, is already a miracle that cannot appear on any other body except Yun Che's.[1]


  • Even with cultivation of 1st Level Divine King and fully activated Hell Monarch, Yun Che could barely lift the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword. [1]
  • Yun Che is later able to use her for a maximum of five attacks with the cultivation of a 5th Level Divine King and the opening of Hell Monarch.[2]
  • Yun Che can completely control the sword after reaching Peak 10th Level Divine King Realm.[3]