Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
I didn’t want to become a devil, but the heavens just couldn’t help themselves. Open your filthy, sinful eyes and watch as I plant my foot on the world, Zhou Xuzi.
Yun Che to Zhou Xuzi[1]

Yun Che (云 澈) is the main protagonist of Against the Gods. He was cornered at Cloud's End Cliff on the Azure Cloud Continent by his enemies, who came after him for the Sky Poison Pearl. Left with no choice, Yun Che decided to swallow the Sky Poison Pearl to prevent his enemies from gaining possession of it and jumped off of Cloud's End Cliff to his death.

Afterwards, Yun Che woke up to find out that he isn't dead but had instead transmigrated into a dead body with the name Xiao Che, who had been killed by the Murdering Heart Powder and was to be married that same day. The Sky Poison Pearl had also merged with his left hand and the same "silver pendant" he had in his past life was still strapped around his neck.


Yun Che's manliness, along with his sharpness that is tempered by countless hardships, would produce an attractiveness that would most likely be fatal.

He is a tall and extremely handsome young man. In the beginning, he looked like a living doll with soft and beautiful skin. But after training under the Great Way of the Buddha, his eyes, skin, aura, and temperament underwent big changes. Which resulted in his maturing face displaying an abnormal charm.

Cultivating with Frozen Cloud Asgard's arts made his skin like ice jade and soft resin. His features also became comparable to flawless snow lotuses, and his body naturally emits a cool and elegant presence of ice and snow as well.

His appearance was extraordinary in the first place. But coupled with his domineering and indistinct noble aura, he evoked favorable feelings in a woman’s heart with extreme ease.[22] This noble and gentle aura increased after he obtained the Light Profound Strength.

After cultivating the Eternal Calamity of Darkness to middle stage, red Devil symbols unique to the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor appears on his face and body, in addition after the Imperial coronation Yun Che wear a Devil crown with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor symbols similar to the Devil crown the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor herself used to wear and also a black robe with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor symbols accordingly to the Primordial Records.


Normally Little Che is a very gentle and warm person, but when he goes up against people who want to harm those who are important to him, he becomes very extreme. Also, he has an extremely strong ego. He is very obsessive about things that he wants to do, and he will always bear the burden for every single thing.
Xiao Lingxi About Yun Che

Strives to become powerful enough to protect the ones close to him. He has an arrogant nature that stems from his second life. To his friends and family, he is courteous and won't hesitate to help. In front of others, depending on the situation he is usually calm unless his family is involved then he becomes extremely overbearing.

Yun Che would definitely not hesitate in the least to protect those he considered important to him, even at the risk of his life. But, he was certainly not a chivalrous person, either. He wasn’t someone who would foolishly face an enormous risk that could very likely endanger his life to save a person he had nothing at all to do with.

He is normally a very smart person and impulsive when the situation is out of his control. He likes to solve his problems with his own powers. But when he can't deal with the problems with his strength alone, he uses his intelligence and cunningness to solve them.

He is a good actor and has good self-control in situations where he needs to be smart and calmly talk when dealing with people stronger than him.

His nature is also perverted. As a person who seeks beauty in his life, he becomes soft when dealing with women and often tries to leave a good impression on all of them. But when he sees that they are his enemies or destined to be his enemies, he doesn't hesitate to turn into a ruthless person.

As a person with high and powerful status, he has become accustomed to stand in front of and above everyone, so he became arrogant. But that side of his is only shown in front of his enemies.

After so many life & death situations and tempering himself in body and mind since his previous lives, he became a calm, strong and domineering person.

He was indeed a proud person regardless of who he was in the presence of because back when he was in the Azure Cloud Continent, he was one of the proud warlords there. Even after reincarnating and awakening in the body of a cripple, his state of mind stayed the same.

After his daughter, Yun Wuxin, sacrificed her Heretic God aura and cultivation to save his life by reigniting his Heretic God's Profound Veins, he finally gained the determination to become the strongest and accepted his mission as the Evil God's Inheritor.

When Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Jie Yuan entered the Primal Chaos Dimension, he was the one who saved whole Realm of the Gods from being exterminated by her. He believed that everyone deserves a chance to live and his merits even convinced Jie Yuan to sacrifice all her clansmen.

That all changed when Yun Che lost Jasmine, who was kicked out of the Primal Chaos Dimension by Zhou Xuzi. People who were treating him as a savior, betrayed him and wanted him dead, longing for his Evil God Divine Power and Sky Poison Pearl.

As a result things like his home planet, family, wives, daughter, masters, friends, fame, status, glory; all the most valuable and important things in his life became lost. Experiencing that took away all of his care, warmth, hope, and love. His negative feelings completely took him over. He became a person whose life is led by vengeance and whose only aim was to kill all his enemies.

Thanks to Mu Xuanyin's sacrifice, he started to value his life that was traded for Mu Xuanyin. After that he became extremely calm, cold and indifferent. His thoughts became very clear compared to his previous self. To the current Yun Che, one of the things he cared about the most was betrayal. Because, as the Savior, he had been betrayed by countless people and bled to death.

In the past, unless there was an unquenchable hatred, he would never be willing to lay his hands on a woman, especially a dead hand. However, he had obviously changed. The current version of himself had no mercy towards women, only whether he was willing or not!!

Current Life

Yun Che's Third Life is his current life and the one the Against the Gods story takes place in.

After his death in his Second Life on the Azure Cloud Continent, he transmigrated back to his original body from his First Life right after he was just killed by the Murdering Heart Powder, which was dispelled by the Sky Poison Pearl that had completely merged with his left hand, from the effects of the Mirror of Samsara.


Reminder: As Yun Che had the same body in his First and Third Lives, their background is the same.

While he was still in his mother's womb, his mother was poisoned by a cold poison and in order to save his life she forced the cold poison into his immature profound veins, terminating them, and protected him with her own profound strength despite already being severely injured.[23]

Several months after his birth his mother and father stopped by Floating Cloud City to see their good friend Xiao Ying again who in turn to save his friend's bloodline switched his own son for theirs, leading to Yun Che living a life in the Xiao Clan under the name Xiao Che.

While Yun Che was growing up in the Xiao Clan he and Xiao Lingxi used to share the same courtyard until Yun Che turned ten and Xiao Lie said that they weren't allowed to live in the same courtyard.[24]


Volume 1

Yun Che is being hunted down by a bunch of people who are after his Sky Poison Pearl, which ultimately leads to Yun Che being cornered and eventually committing suicide. After his suicide at the Cloud’s End Cliff, Yun Che doesn’t die but instead reincarnates back a second time into his own body from his first life just after he was killed by the Murdering Heart Powder. After being reincarnated he still retains all his memories and his personality from his previous life. He then finds out that the Sky Poison Pearl had merged with his left hand instead of being a separate entity, which still held the power of purifying poison but had lost its ability to produce poison, thanks to it, the poison within his body had been dispelled.

He marries Xia Qingyue and on their wedding night, she says that he should not come closer than five steps to her, when he asks where he should sleep, she answers on the bed, and she will sleep on the floor, but YC refused to sleep on the bed because of his dignity as a man. Then YC asked her to find Seven Profound Gem Grass, Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, and the core of an Earth Profound Realm’s beast, but she refused to help YC because she did not believe that these things could restore his profound vein. After this conversation, he could not fall asleep and therefore he decided to go a little look at the stars and eventually went up the mountain of the Xiao clan. Due to the Sky Poison Pearl’s detection ability, he stumbles upon a Star Concealing Grass.[25][26] On the very same night, he also discovers the unconscious Jasmine. As he approaches her, he finds that she is afflicted by an unknown poison that even the Sky Poison Pearl couldn't cure right away. After gaining consciousness Jasmine seizes Yun Che’s left wrist and starts sucking his blood. Later, she disappears into the Sky Poison Pearl to detoxify the deadly poison.[27]

After finding out that Jasmine had entered the Sky Poison Pearl, he starts heading back home but runs into Xiao Lingxi, his "Little Aunt", they end up falling asleep together on the mountain gazing at the stars and get 'caught' by Xia Qingyue.

Later on, Yun Che gives Xia Qingyue Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins under the pretense of "releasing cold", which spans over several days. Since his profound veins are crippled, it takes a lot of effort to do, which causes severe strain on his body eventually leading to Xia Qingyue letting him finally sleep on the same bed as her.[28]

Later Xiao Sect's Xiao Kuangyun comes to the Xiao Clan to find a talented disciple to bring back with him and gave them the Profound Opening Powder, which can restore profound veins, as a gift. While strolling around the clan, Xiao Kuangyun sees Xia Qingyue and his lust starts to overflow, he tries to get her but is warned otherwise by his overseer. However, Xiao Yulong proceeds to plot against Yun Che's marriage with Xia Qingyue by enticing Xiao Kuangyun with the prospect of attaining not only Xia Qingyue, but Xiao Lingxi as well. With obvious malicious intent, the duo attempt to frame Xiao Lingxi with the Profound Opening Powder, but their plan fails due to Yun Che unraveling everything. As a last resort, Xiao Yulong, reveals that Yun Che isn't Xiao Ying's biological son which he had heard while Xiao Lie was mourning at his son's grave, which leads to Yun Che getting expelled, while Xiao Lie Xiao Lingxi get imprisoned in the rear mountains Reflection Gorge.[29] He later returns and meets up with Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi. He asks Xiao Lie about his true identity and finds out that his surname is Yun, thus changing his name to Yun Che. Later, he makes a promise that in the utmost three years he'll return, not as a cripple but strong enough to free them.

While on his journey he goes to Cyan Forest Town and happens to run into Xiao Kuangyun, who soon send Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu to humiliate Yun Che, but as they were attacking, Jasmine wakes up for the first time and kills both of them causing the Absolute God Slaying Poison to rebound.[30]

Jasmine states an offer to Yun Che that in exchange for fulfilling three of Jasmine's requests, first, to gather a stalk of Netherworld Udumbara Flower, three Profound Beast Cores no lower than that of the Tyrant Profound Realm, and at least thirty five kilos of Purple Veined God Crystal, second to reach the Sovereign Profound Realm within thirty years and third, to kneel down and worship her as his master, she will grant him profound veins that contain the power of a God.[31] Yun Che agrees to the first two requests but rejects the last since Jasmine is younger than him in terms of age, but in the end Jasmine forces him to kneel down which leads to Jasmine becoming Yun Che's master and bestowing him with the immortal blood of the Evil God, destroying his old profound veins and building the profound veins of the Evil God.

After his profound veins are reformed he heads to train in the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range by standing under a waterfall and pushing his body to its limits. After he is totally exhausted, he soaks in a medicinal bath until he's finishes recuperating, then repeats this process constantly.[32] After training for four whole months, he reaches the Fourth level of the Elementary Profound Realm. One day, while he was training as usual, Jasmine notifies Yun Che that five people at the Sky Profound Realm are approaching. Yun Che guesses that they came here for hunting beasts and so starts to follow them so that he can gain some benefits from their leftovers.

While following them, Yun Che suddenly feels something summoning him from the Scarlet Dragon Prohibited Region. Meanwhile, a dragon appears from a cave, Jasmine tells Yun Che that it is a true dragon that is at the Emperor Profound Realm. Yun Che believes that since it is a dragon's cave, he would be able to reap some benefits out of it, so he uses the Star Concealing Grass to infiltrate into the True Dragon's cave.[33]

Yun Che somehow makes his way into the dragon's cave and the first thing he finds is a mature Fire Spirit Grass. Soon after, the True Dragon finally frightens away the practitioners from the Burning Heaven Clan, inside the cave, Yun Che still feels that something is beckoning him. While exploring, he finds a small round red bead on the floor of the cave. After picking it up, it awakens and envelops him in red light.[34] The True Dragon finds Yun Che inside the cave and tries to kill him for thieving its treasures which forces Jasmine to kill it which consequently results in the Absolute God Slaying Poison to flare up to the point where Yun Che is forced to feed Jasmine more than one fifth of his blood to soothe the poison which causes Yun Che to faint,[35] this touches Jasmine and she opens up to him for the very first time.

After waking up Yun Che swallows the red bead, which immediately starts producing a crimson light which changes the color of his Profound Veins to crimson-red, thereupon Jasmine deduces that the red bead was in fact, the Evil God's Fire Seed.[36]

After reaching the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, Yun Che prepares to leave, just before he leaves he stores the dead dragon's corpse within the Sky Poison Pearl. Thereafter Jasmine teaches Yun Che his first Profound Skill, Star God’s Broken Shadow, which is a Profound Movement Skill. Yun Che masters the first stage within a month, which is way quicker than the three months that Jasmine had initially predicted.[37]

After leaving the Scarlet Dragons Mountain Range, Yun Che heads towards the New Moon City's Black Moon Merchant Guild. He enters the guild wearing a disguise and sells three high-grade Fire Spirit Pellets which were exceedingly rare. He also takes out an Emperor Profound Core from the Sky Poison Pearl and puts up a false bravado in order to frighten the Black Moon Merchant Guild's people in order to ensure that the business dealings with them in the future remains convenient. Yun Che also buys a red dress for Jasmine.[38]

After Yun Che finishes his dealings he goes to New Moon Profound Palace and coincidentally runs into Xia Yuanba who had already entered New Moon Profound Palace.[39] Yun Che later meets up with Sikong Han, which gets him entry into New Moon Profound Palace Class One.[40] Thereupon, getting accepted into the New Moon Profound Palace. Yun Che while exploring the palace meets Lan Xueruo for the first time, along with Murong Ye who was walking beside her. Yun Che being who he is, starts flirting with Lan Xueruo causing Murong Ye to get jealous and threaten Yun Che into backing off. [41]

After a nights rest which he hadn't had in a while, he and Xia Yuanba attend a banquet where a bunch of top school disciples battle each other, in the pretense of sparring, but in actuality, it is just so they can show off and hurt each other.[42]

After defeating all the strong members of the young generation from the other sects, Yun Che cripples Xiao Luocheng who had an engagement fixed with a female from the Main Xiao Sect. The branch sect is so pissed that they go to find trouble for Yun Che but get interrupted by Qin Wuyou, who asks them to give him 10 days time so that he can make the choice on whether to hand over Yun Che to them or not. Meanwhile, Lan Xueruo tells Yun Che that she'll take him to her hometown, the Blue Wind Imperial City so that he can be safe.[43]

Yun Che, in order to take revenge disguises himself as Huangfu He and tricks Xiao Tiannan into robbing all the treasures inside the treasury of Xiao Sect's Branch. Yun Che also completely cripples Xiao Luocheng and when he is about to leave, his identity is discovered and he is chased down by Xiao Zaihe. Yun Che isn't powerful enough to escape from him or be faster than him, so he uses some of the treasures that he stole from the treasury to get a chance and reach a place where he could hide. On his way, he runs into Lan Xueruo who summons her Little Snow, leaving behind the angry Xiao Zaihe.[44]

While they were thinking that they were safe, the Fierce Storm Hawk of the Xiao Sect's Branch appears along with Xiao Zaihe flying with top speed towards them, they were pursued for four hours before Xiao Zaihe reached them and threw a Poison Fire Rod towards Lan Xueruo; Yun Che shields her and tells her to jump alongside him, searching for a lucky chance of survival.

Yun Che makes Jasmine lend him some profound strength, just enough to use the Profound Floating Technique of the Sky Profound Realm. While using the Profound Floating Technique to smooth the fall, he uses his own body to shield Lan Xueruo. She thinks that he died and starts sobbing nonstop until Yun Che finally wakes up and tells her that he is still alive, but after mumbling these few words, he faints again.[45]

Originally…. I did die. But Yama told me that there was a beautiful and kind girl who was crying so miserably because of my death that even he could not bear to watch any longer, so he …. sent me back….
Yun Che to Lan Xueruo[45]

Volume 2

After landing, Lan Xueruo checks on Yun Che's condition, feeling relieved she lays him on the grass. Soon after she notices three adults chasing after two kids in order to abduct them. She chases them away using her true strength at the True Profound Realm.

After saving the children, they start leading them towards their clan, so that Lan Xueruo can help them scare away the bandits. After reaching the clan, Yun Che then wakes up and discovers that all clan members are only at the 10th Level of the Elementary Profound Realm.

Jasmine notices that the members of the clan have the mark of the Phoenix, and says it to Yun Che. Yun Che inquires them about their history and learns about their clan's history and how their ancestors had been cursed by the Phoenix which continues even to this generation.[46]

The next day, the leader of the Black Demon Mercenary Group arrive along with one hundred of their men to capture Lan Xueruo and acquire some treasures. At first, they can't seem to find her so to lure her out, they start threatening to kill the people of the Phoenix Clan, injuring Feng Baichuan and, before they could lay a finger on Feng Xian'er, Lan Xueruo appears and fights against Blacky and Black Demon, the latter is damaged and becomes furious. Yun Che feels that the situation was going too far, thus uses the treasures from the Xiao Sect to force them into backing off, while they start retreating towards the Sacred Place of the Phoenix Clan.

The Black Demon Mercenary Guild are terrified after witnessing the Xiao Sect's items so they decide to completely slaughter everyone except Lan Xueruo so as to avoid inviting problems from the Xiao Sect. While they were inside the Sacred Place of the Phoenix Clan, Feng Baichuan tells Yun Che the complete history of their Phoenix Clan and their curse. Yun Che also knows about the Phoenix Clan's trial grounds.[47]

Yun Che then enters the Phoenix Clan's trial grounds to pass the test and become stronger. In the last part of the trial, he is sent to Azure Cloud Continent where discovers Su Ling'er, Yun Che couldn't make himself to bring her any harm so he decides to fail the trial rather than killing her. The Phoenix tells him that he passed the test with flying colors and also tells him about its situation and history, giving him the Divine Phoenix Pellet, the World Ode of the Phoenix and three drops of its blood.[48]

One month later, after completing his training, Yun Che departs the sacred grounds and then kills all the members of the Black Demon Mercenary Group, leaving behind only two of them so that Lan Xueruo could kill them and learn how to properly deal with enemies. She is unable to kill them, and one of the bandits try to capture a kid to threaten them, that bandit is killed by Yun Che and Lan Xueruo had no choice but to kill the remaining bandit.[49]

Before leaving the Phoenix Clan, Yun Che removes their curse. After that, he begins to travel with Lan Xueruo towards the Blue Wind Imperial City. During that time, they are forced to sleep together on the same bed as the inns didn't have more rooms.[50]

Yun Che arrives at the Blue Wind Profound Palace to be a disciple. Yun Che says that he had slept with Lan Xueruo enraging Murong Ye who then tries to fight Yun Che, only to be defeated in an instant. Yun Che continues and easily passes the first test of Blue Wind Profound Palace's examination, at the second test he had to fight Feng Yue, whom he completely defeats and humiliates as he harmed his friend, Yun Xiaofan.

Murong Yi arrives with Murong Ye to take revenge but is unable to do anything to Yun Che because Sikong Du was protecting him. Yun Che then decides to solve his problems himself, thus setting up an arranged fight three months later.

Qin Wushang makes Yun Che a disciple of the inner palace so he can cultivate fairly like Murong Yi. Yun Che chooses to train in the Heavy Sword, the Overlord's Colossal Sword. Jasmine is moved by it because Yun Che resembled her brother, so she gives him the Great Way of the Buddha to cultivate.[51]

Yun Che only spends three days to comprehend the Great Way of the Buddha. After that, his cultivation increases to the True Profound Realm. He goes outside to visit Xia Yuanba but after seeing him in trouble, he stays to deal with those who bullied him; Kui Yang, Han Feng and two other bullies.

After that, he went to the Black Moon Merchant Guild to get Cyan Profound Crystals and on the way, he buys a Devil’s Flaming Blood Crystal. Chu Yuechan, who comes to buy the same item, is made known that Yun Che got it before her and that he left already, she needs that item to cure the poison in her body so she followed Yun Che to try to buy it from him at double price.[52]

Yun Che refuses to sell the item to her but tells her that he is a medical genius who can completely cure her poison. While dispelling her poison, Yun Che touches Little Fairy's breasts so she releases a bit of her profound energy, which caused extreme harm to Yun Che, almost killing him.

After waking up and completely curing her, she coldly left, promising to come after 2 months.[53] After he was completely cured and reached the first stage of the Great Way of the Buddha, Jasmine teaches him the Heavenly Wolf's Divine Tome of Imprisonment.

When the time of the challenge arrives, Yun Che properly prepares himself for that, he fights against Murong Yi and completely humiliates and crushes his pride.

Yun Che spends some time with Lan Xueruo, Qin Wuyou arrives and notices that their relationship was enough to call them a couple. He tells Yun Che about her true identity as Cang Yue, the only princess of Blue Wind Empire and gives him the Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet before leaving.[54]

Yun Che and Cang Yue settle their feelings for each other. Yun Che tells her that he's a medical genius who can cure her father. After discovering the parasite inside Cang Wanhe and telling him to be wary of Gu Qiuhong, Yun Che prepares to leave the palace when Ling Yun and Ling Jie appear.

Ling Jie takes fancy onto Cang Yue and asks her hand in marriage, Yun Che rejects it and fights against Ling Jie with the condition that if Yun Che is able to take all three of his attacks, Ling Jie has to call him boss.

Yun Che wins, but is damaged, when he goes outside the palace, he finds that someone is following him from the shadows, he then goes to a dark corner to wait for that person to appear. Finally, they appear as Xue Lang and Feng Baiyi, who try to kill Yun Che but are defeated instead, Xue Lang dies and when Feng Baiyi is about to be killed, he is saved by his protector, Uncle Fang.

Yun Che is no match for this person so he calls Jasmine to save him, but she tells him that someone is near and he doesn't need to be rescued by her. Chu Yuechan then appears to save Yun Che, and when Feng Baiyi is about to escape, Yun Che kills him and steals his spatial ring.[55]

Yun Che goes to Murong Yi's residence while disguising himself as Feng Baiyi and enters Murong Yi's room to kill him. This causes the friendship of these two families to break and engage into a war with each other instead.

Chu Yuechan tells him that Xia Qingyue is going to participate in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament so Yun Che becomes determined to participate, to qualify he needed to be really strong. He goes to the Wasteland of Death to train, knowing that Chu Yuechan and Jasmine are protecting him so he didn't have to worry about extreme danger.

A Fierce Storm Hawk steals his Mirror of Samsara and he begged Chu Yuechan to chase that Hawk so he can take it back, the only method to meet his biological parents. Yun Che was able to get it back but on the way, they found two Flood Dragons who had their child killed by humans not too long ago, they had a deep hatred towards them and finding Yun Che and Chu Yuechan made them filled with killing intent.

Chu Yuechan used a powerful profound skill to kill the female dragon, but she was crippled right after that. Yun Che was going to use his life to save Chu Yuechan so Jasmine had to save him, so she killed the other dragon.

The injuries of Chu Yuechan were deep, and the fact that she had the will to die didn't help. He went inside a cave to treat her injuries without being worried about the beasts outside, he met the Primordial Azure Dragon inside that cave.[56]

The Primordial Azure Dragon told him that to save Chu Yuechan, he had to pass his trial since he was not willing to tell him anything if they were not related. Yun Che and Chu Yuechan spent five months inside the trial, fighting every day and doing all they can to be alive, Yun Che protected her with all his might since she was unable to move.

By the end of the trial, the Primordial Azure Dragon told Yun Che that in order to save Chu Yuechan, they have to be joined together and fuse their virgin Yin and Yang. With Yun Che's True Dragon Seed, he was able to completely cure Chu Yuechan and help her to reach the Emperor Profound Realm. While her ice arts were being passed onto him, he fainted because of his Phoenix inheritance. When he woke up, she was not around anymore.[57]

Yun Che then began his journey back to Blue Wind Imperial City.

From the center of the Wasteland of Death, Yun Che took eleven days to get out. In these eleven days, every step he took was dangerous, especially in the Sky Profound Beast and Earth Profound Beast territories. Every step he took was cautious and difficult. He met with no less than a hundred times of fatal danger. However, he avoided them all. Just like this, only using his strength that was only in the True Profound Realm, he manages to escape half of the Sky Profound Beast territory and escaped from the Wasteland of Death. Then, he rushed day and night and finally in six days, he finally arrived at Blue Wind Imperial Palace.

Arriving back in Blue Wind Imperial Palace, the first person he saw was Qin Wuyou. And Qin Wuyou’s expression when he saw him was like seeing a ghost in midday. He then understood that his entering of the Wasteland of Death had already spread around and many thought he had died in the Wasteland of Death.

After that, he heard from Qin Wuyou that the team going to the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament at Heavenly Sword Villa was about to depart. Therefore, he abandoned Qin Wuyou and rushed to the palace at top speed.[58]

Since the three participants were already selected, Yun Che had to fight against Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong in order to participate. He easily defeated them and obtained the right to go.

Xia Yuanba was sent to bring back Fen Juechen so they can finally go, but when he came back he was injured by Fen Juechen. Yun Che was angry about that and humiliated and defeated him, making him kneel down in front of Xia Yuanba.[59]

Fen Juechen felt completely humiliated so he decided to not participate, since there were no more participants, Yun Che suggested to bring Xia Yuanba along with him, which was accepted by Cang Yue, and Qing Wushang told him that he must get a high position in the tournament.[60]

Yun Che and Cang Yue spent time alone while traveling in Little Snow. After that, he asked about Chu Yuechan, and Cang Yue's expression changed greatly while telling him about her status and title as the "Fairy of Frozen Beauty".[60]

After a long journey, they finally arrived at the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range.[61]

Volume 3

Yun Che arrived at the Heavenly Sword Villa along with Cang Yue, Xia Yuanba and Qin Wushang. They met the participants from the Burning Heaven Clan and Frozen Cloud Asgard.

When they were checking the status (age and profound strength) of the participants, seeing that Yun Che was only at the True Profound Realm, coupled with the fact that he was also the only participant from Blue Wind Imperial Family, he was received with a lot of disdain, mocking gazes and sarcastic commentaries. Yun Che felt nothing about it since he knew about his true strength.

He fought many matches, not losing even a single one. Many people tried to harm him because of Fen Juecheng, still, he was able to defeat them all without receiving any injuries. Mu Tianbei arrogantly invited Yun Che to join the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress despite knowing that Cang Yue and Qin Wushang were present. Yun Che turned down his invitation with humiliating words towards them, Mu Tianbei was angry and planned to take down Yun Che using Mu Xiongyan, but he was still defeated.

Yun Che fought against Ling Jie, it was a hard fight were his Overlord's Colossal Sword was broken by Ling Jie. Yun Che was still able to use it and defeated him, gaining his admiration and respect.

In the last match, Yun Che had to face Xia Qingyue. The battle between husband and wife began. No one had any thoughts about Yun Che winning, Chu Yueli considered him to be strong but still below Xia Qingyue. He used the 3rd Gate of Evil God and also the skill that comes along with that gate to defeat Qingyue. Still, he was unable to bring himself to truly harm her, so he targeted her weapon instead of herself, he fainted due to exhaustion and his injuries.

Despite everyone thinking that Xia Qingyue won, she was unable to lie, so she admitted defeat in the end.

Yun Che was unconscious for three days before he finally awoke. He pretended to be injured in order to let his enemies lower their guard. Inside the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, Fen Juecheng, Fen Juebi and Mu Tianbei tried to attack him, but Yun Che defeated Fen Juecheng and Fen Juebi, when Mu Tianbei was going to do the death blow, Yun Che used the body of Fen Juebi to protect himself and activate the mark inside his body, so the others will think that it was Mu Tianbei who killed him willingly.

Xia Qingyue appeared, took him and ran away with all her might, so they can avoid being killed by the enraged Mu Tianbei. He chased them all the way until they were close, Jasmine appeared and saved Yun Che by killing Mu Tianbei.

Yun Che and Xia Qingyue found a precious treasure in the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, but it was protected by a powerful beast at the Tyrant Profound Realm. They had no way to escape or fight back so the beast devoured them.

In order to survive, Yun Che ate the Water Seed of the Evil God who was inside the stomach of the Tyrant Beast. The Evil God teleported Yun Che and Xia Qingyue to the Azure Cloud Continent for 24 hours before they would be teleported back.

Yun Che then met the 10 years old Su Ling'er, who was being chased by her father's enemies. He saved her and met her father, Su Hengshan. Even though he was mentally prepared to the fact that it was a dream created by the Evil God and not the real life, he still continued with it to try to understand Su Ling'er's past and help her.

While Su Hengshan was in trouble dealing with his clan's problems, Yun Che appeared and defeated Su Haoyu, claiming that he was also a part of the Grandwake Clan because he is Su Ling'er's fiance. Su Hengshan accepted it.

His enemies were angry and tried to kill Yun Che, but he was saved by Xia Qingyue who reached the Emperor Profound Realm thanks to the help of Yun Che. He calmed down most of the problems within the Grandwake Clan.

Yun Che spent the remaining time with Su Ling'er in a bamboo forest, they made a house and played all the day till they fell asleep in each other's embrace.

The next day Yun Che and Xia Qingyue were teleported back to the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, but before that, he gave Su Ling'er his armor, medicinal herbs and many other things along with a spatial ring and promised her that he will come back. Jasmine told him that it was not a dream, and that place is within Blue Pole Star.

Fen Moli tried to kill Yun Che but was stopped by Xia Qingyue. Yun Che went along with the other to see the demon of the Heaven's Might Soul Suppressing Formation, but during that event, the demon was totally humiliated and enraged, so he tried to kill someone. Xia Yuanba was about to be killed by the demon but Yun Che saved him and was trapped inside the Formation along with the demon.

To survive, he had to kill the demon so he had to train really hard, he left all of his food inside the spatial ring he gave to Su Ling'er so he had no option but to eat the corpse of the dragon that Jasmine killed.

He spent sixteen months inside the Formation, every day trying to kill the demon and be free, but when he was in daze thinking about his biological parents, the demon noticed the Mirror of Samsara and revealed everything to Yun Che, he was his grandfather, Yun Canghai.

He told Yun Che about everything related to the Illusory Demon Realm and the Yun Family. But to set Yun Che free from the formation, Yun Canghai severed his own heart veins.[62]

After kneeling in front of Yun Canghai's corpse for three days, Yun Che went out. Outside, Yun Che found Ling Jie who told him about his status and the marriage between Cang Yue and Fen Juecheng. Yun Che went with all his might to stop that event from happening.[63]

Volume 4

Fen Juecheng went to take his bride, Cang Yue while being protected by two thousand disciples and eight Sky Profound Realm elders to show off the strength of his Burning Heaven Clan and regain the dignity they lost in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament. Yun Che arrives at the Blue Wind Imperial City and stood in front of everyone.

While everyone was surprised about the fact that he survived, Cang Yue ran in front of him, he didn't embrace her or had any change on his expression, he took the dagger with poison that was in her chest and stabbed himself, telling him that it was the same pain he felt when knowing that she's doing harm to herself like that. He felt deep sorrow after knowing that if he came a bit later, she would have disappeared from his side forever.

He defeated, humiliated and killed more than two hundred disciples from the Burning Heaven Clan, after that he kidnapped Fen Juecheng, crushing his bones and doing a lot of damage to him, he forced them to apologize and leave. Yun Che didn't feel the need to make a deep enmity with the Burning Heaven Clan so he planned to let it be.

Using his Profound Handle, he cured Cang Wanhe's illness. When he was finally alone with Cang Yue, she told him about Chu Yuechan's pregnancy. He was worried that Frozen Cloud Asgard would have killed his child or do something bad to his Little Fairy, so he left in a hurry.

While on the way, Yun Che noticed that eight elders from the Burning Heaven Clan were following him, he went to the Wasteland of Death to hide. They found him and he escaped to the cave where he met the Primordial Azure Dragon, after accepting the Dragon's Marrow and Soul [64], Yun Che killed all the people who were against him, leaving behind only one elder so he can go back to the Burning Heaven Clan and receive his warning.

He continues his journey towards Frozen Cloud Asgard. He destroyed the main gate, attracting the attention of the six fairies and all the disciples. He defeated them all and forced Gong Yuxian to come out. Yun Che defeated Gong Yuxian and declared all her wrongdoings, his intention was not to destroy Frozen Cloud Asgard pointlessly so he left after knowing that Chu Yuechan went missing.

Chu Yueli gave him Little Chan so there will be more hope to find Chu Yuechan, since Yun Che had no way to know where to start searching for her, he went to Floating Cloud City to make the Xiao Clan pay for what they did and find Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie.

He then defeated all of Xiao Clan's elders which caused deep fear on them when he told them to go to the Reflection Gorge and beg Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie to leave.[65] But he got to know about the fact that three days ago, they were kidnapped by the Burning Heaven Clan's people who were lead by Fen Juechen.[66]

Yun Che, in rage, goes to the Burning Heaven Clan to fight them all, since he gave them too many opportunities to let their past enmities to disappear[67]. He killed more than a hundred disciples, killing dozens of persons each time he moves his sword.[68] He fought against the elders of the clan after they activated the Nine Profound Dipper Formation until he notices Xiao Lingxi falling down, trying to kill herself because she didn't want to become his burden.[69]

He saves her, and using Little Chan, he escapes after fooling all the attack formations they used on him. After confirming that Xiao Lingxi was in good health, he found two Burning Heaven Clan's disciples and killed them both, he stole all the memories of one of them and also used his appearance to sneak into the Burning Heaven Clan and rescue Xiao Lie.

He sent Xiao Lie to where Xiao Lingxi was hiding to continue fighting against the Burning Heaven Clan, the Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder were around so he had to lure them to another place with the Profound Handle while he was killing people in the Burning Heaven Clan.

Yun Che then captures Fen Juecheng, strips him naked and hangs him onto the gates of the nearby city. When Fen Duanhun and Fen Yijue were trying to rescue Fen Juecheng, Yun Che killed him, burning him to ashes. In a rage, Fen Duanhun attacks Yun Che but was no match for him.

Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya appeared, trying to finally kill him but they both were defeated and Fen Ziya was killed along with many elders and citizens of that city.

The Burning Heaven Clan had no option but to ask Xiao Sect and Heavenly Sword Villa to help. Xiao Sect sent Xiao Wuyi. Xiao Wuyi used powerful bombs to attack Yun Che but Yun Che was able to successfully protect himself, Xiao Wuyi was scared and to escape but Yun Che used one his bombs to kill him.

Yun Che then began to completely exterminate the Burning Heaven Clan, burning everything and everyone till no one remains alive. Only Fen Juechen was spared per Xiao Lingxi's request. Yun Che left towards Blue Wind Imperial City.

In Blue Wind Imperial City, Yun Che met Xiao Lingxi and found that everyone was totally safe. But Ling Tianni appeared to take revenge and kill Yun Che no matter what.

Yun Che was having a difficult fight with Ling Tianni, he planned to fight until he had to flee and protect his life, but at that moment Xia Qingyue appeared, completely changing his mind.

While Xia Qingyue was restraining Ling Tianni, Yun Che uses the Dragon God Domain to completely crush his mind and attack. Ling Tianni was gravely injured and afraid of Yun Che so he retreated with Ling Jie.

Yun Che made Xia Qingyue stay with him while he was recovering to scare away those who wanted to kill him while he was injured. After waking up, Yun Che meets Cang Wanhe who asked him to marry Cang Yue after two months.

Before the wedding, Feng Xichen and his bodyguards arrived to confirm Yun Che's relationship with their bloodline, trying to take his blood. He was angered and defeated and humiliated them all. After that, he finally married Cang Yue and spent the entire month together.

Yun Che killed Gu Qiuhong and made his disciples expose all his secrets and despicable doings to the world.

Chu Yueli and Xia Qingyue asked Yun Che to go to Frozen Cloud Asgard as per Feng Qianhui's request. In Frozen Cloud Asgard, Feng Qianhui told him to join Frozen Cloud Asgard as the first male disciple or remove his Ice Profound Arts. Since he wasn't willing to remove the traces of Chu Yuechan on his body, he became the first male disciple of Frozen Cloud Asgard.

After training Ice Arts, Yun Che found the Seven Fairies while they were taking a bath. They got angry and tried to kill him but were stopped by Gong Yuxian and Xia Qingyue. Yun Che promised them to open all their Profound Entrances as an apology.

While opening their Profound Entrances, Yun Che took advantage of them, touching their backs as he likes. When it was the turn of Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue, he told them that the only way to open their last Profound Entrances and reach the Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins is that he has to touch their breasts for 3 minutes.

He then began to cultivate the Ice Flame, after that, he went to Blue Wind Imperial City to make his preparations for the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. On the way, before going to the Divine Phoenix City, he appeared outside the Xiao Sect gates. He humiliated and extorted them with 10 million Purple Profound Coins.[70]

Yun Che finally began to travel towards Divine Phoenix City, after he arrived, he directly went to the Black Moon Merchant Guild to prepare himself for the tournament.[71]

Volume 5

Yun Che arrives at the Black Moon Merchant Guild, Feng Zhaonan appeared insulting everyone, including him, so Yun Che was angry about that and made a bet with him.[72]

Yun Che won the bet, achieving the highest result possible in the Black Moon Merchant Guild. Feng Zhaonan wasn't willing to accept his defeat so Zi Ji appears to accept it. But the content of the bet changed from an apology and kneel to Feng Zhaonan giving up on his Phoenix Robe.[73]

He enters the seventh floor of the Black Moon Merchant Guild and meets Zi Ji who easily recognizes his true identity.[74]

Zi Ji tells him that in order to obtain the Phoenix Helianthus, he has to go to the black market of the Falling Flame Merchant Guild. Inside the Falling Flame Merchant Guild, Yun Che successfully buys the Phoenix Helianthus but when he was going out, he sensed someone eyeing him.

Yun Che stayed at an inn where he meets a handsome waiter. He pretended to be sleeping, when the "handsome waiter" came back and was seeing him sleeping, he went to steal something from him but was stopped by Yun Che who tried to capture him, he failed to capture him and the "waiter" escaped.

Yun Che went outside the inn and found an evildoer chasing a "beautiful mature lady", he appears to rescue her and fought against the evildoer At the moment he defeated the evildoer, Yun Che reveals the true identity of the "beautiful mature lady" who was the same person trying to rob him at the inn.

That person tried to escape again but Yun Che used his Dragon Soul Domain to capture him, since he didn't have any killing intent towards him, Yun Che determined that he was a good person and released him after a warning.

The person, instead of running, begged Yun Che to give him the Phoenix Helianthus no matter the price and told him that his wife was poisoned by his enemies.

Yun Che decided to cure Hua Minghai's wife since he made him remember his own past in the Azure Cloud Continent.

After curing Hua Minghai's wife, Yun Che felt that someone was lurking in the shadows when he arrived at the inn. Feng Chihuo appears to chase and kill him as per Feng Xichen's orders, Yun Che injured him and they end up fighting in the Divine Phoenix Sect's core territory. Feng Chihuo discovers Yun Che's Profound Handle so he had to kill Feng Chihuo.

After killing Feng Chihuo with the help of Little Chan, Yun Che was gravely injured and fainted. He was rescued by Feng Xue'er who was interested in Little Chan. Yun Che spent some days with Feng Xue'er recovering his injuries. Before leaving, he made a promise with her and she gave taught him the remaining parts of the World Ode of the Phoenix.[75]

Yun Che then joins the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. While everyone was mocking him, Navy Tide Nation was his first opponent, Yun Che easily defeated them, leaving stunned everyone on the scene.[76]

After that, no one dares to show disdain in front of him anymore and fought using all their strength, still, they were all defeated by Yun Che. After defeating everyone, Yun Che finally challenged the Divine Phoenix Sect.[77]

Yun Che decided to face the matter about the Phoenix' bloodline directly and fought against the ten disciples of the Divine Phoenix Sect, including the prince Feng Xiluo. After defeating them, Feng Hengkong refused to admit defeat and sent Feng Xue'er to fight against Yun Che, but she refused to do it, leaving him with no option but to admit Blue Wind Empire as the winner.

As the winner, Yun Che was able to enter the Primordial Profound Ark, inside of it, he made a group with Xia Yuanba and Feng Xue'er. They were walking without knowing where to go until Ye Xinghan appeared, wanting to capture Feng Xue'er. Feng Feiyan sealed Feng Xue'er's profound strength so that she would be unable to fight back.

Xia Yuanba sacrificed himself so that Yun Che and Feng Xue'er could escape, Yun Che had no option but to leave with all his might. On the way, Yue Ji and Mei Ji appeared chasing Yun Che, Yun Che fought against them and killed them.[78]

Yun Che continues to escape but was found again by Ye Xinghan, this time, Ji Qianrou appeared to save him, blocking Ye Xinghan for twelve hours.[79]

Yun Che found an Ancient Fortress and hide on it, while he was about to leave, Ye Xinghan found them again while exploring the Ancient Fortress, Yun Che ran inside a room and locked himself with Feng Xue'er.

Ye Xinghan tried to destroy the room but was unable to do it, since the time to go back was near, he decided to destroy the profound formation on the door so they won't be able to get out and die in the Primordial Profound Ark.

Yun Che used an artifact that Xia Yuanba gave to him on Feng Xue'er to teleport her outside the Primordial Profound Ark before it disappears while he alone remained inside.

Yun Che then sixteen months inside the Primordial Profound Arc, resisting spatial storms to survive. After he was able to resist them and the arc stopped at another location, Yun Che had to use the Ice Flame to destroy the door of the room.

The voice who was calling him was near, so he decided to take a look, he found a spirit telling him to save her little mistress, that's when he met Hong'er. A little girl with red hair and red eyes, she was hungry and ate his Dragon Fault.

After Jasmine used her Soul Star Relegation on Hong'er, Yun Che was able to use her as his new Heavy Sword. After exiting the Primordial Profound Arc, Yun Che appeared in the Illusory Demon Realm near the Demon Imperial City, where he meets Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven.

They were being attacked by their enemies until Yun Che appeared to save them. Killing one of them and leaving the other two leave so he can have more enemies and train himself.[80] Number One Under Heaven appeared and tried to attack Yun Che in order to test his strength, they both felt surprised about each other's strength.

Yun Che got to know about the current status of the Yun Family and his biological parents, he was invited to go to the Demon Imperial City together with Yun Xiao. [81]

Volume 6

In Demon Imperial City's Yun Family, Yun Che finally meets his biological parents; Mu Yurou and Yun Qinghong. After knowing that they were injured and poisoned, he began to cure them. Yun Xiao became Yun Che's sworn brother with Yun Che as the elder brother and Yun Xiao as the younger. At that time, Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou also acknowledged him as their foster son, Yun Che concealing his true identity as their biological son.

Yun Che participated in the Yun Family Competition where he meets some of the big figures within the Illusory Demon Realm and became aware of their relationships with his Yun Family.

When Yun Xinyue was about to be appointed as Yun Family's patriarch, Yun Che stood up and objected. He accused Yun Xingyue to be one of the persons behind Number Seven Under Heaven's assassination attempt, as a proof, he planned to use the Profound Handle's Soul Search. When an elder was going to attack Yun Che for such "shameless" accusations, Yun Qinghong stood up to protect him. Using the Patriarch's Crest, Yun Qinghong forced Yun Xinyue to accept the Soul Search.

When all the truth was revealed, Venerable Stone Dragon killed Yun Xingyue before they revealed more of it, and tried to kill Yun Che as per Hui Ye's orders. Yun Qinghong protected Yun Che with his strength at the Sovereign Profound Realm, forcing them to retreat.

After everything was solved, Yun Che told Yun Qinghong, Mu Yurou and Yun Xiao the truth about his true identity and everything about what had happened on his life in the Profound Sky Continent.

While exploring the outsides of the Demon Imperial City using the Extreme Mirage Lightning, Yun Che found a little girl. She burnt all of her clothes, after a gulping sound coming from himself, the little girl who has a Middle Stage Sovereign Profound Realm cultivator found him and tried to burn him to death, fortunately, he managed to escape.

Yun Che participated in the Hundred Year Reign Ceremony where he got to know about the true identity of the little girl he meets previously, the Little Demon Empress.

Duke Huai wanted to remove his Yun Family from the Twelve Guardian Families, so he set up a competition for the young generation to decide it. While his side was on the losing part, Yun Che stood up and fought against everyone from the other side, winning every match. In the end, his victory was rejected by Duke Huai because he doesn't have the blood of the Yun Family and was just an adopted son of Yun Qinghong, but Yun Che used his Profound Handle with Purgatory, revealing his true identity to everyone.

When the Little Demon Empress was going to bestow him with a Overlord Pellet, the Duke Palaces and allies began to complain, stating all the "sins" that the Yun Family did and that they don't deserve it. Yun Che humiliated them and showed them the body of his grandfather, Yun Canghai along with the Demon Emperor’s Seal.

Yun Che refused to give the Demon Emperor's Seal to the Little Demon Empress due to what had happened in the past. She promised him that the Yun Family will be protected will all her might, bestowed Kingship upon Xiao Yun and Yun Che asked her to give the Overlord Pellet to Xiao Yun instead of him.

Yun Che made all the Duke Palaces and the enemies of his family kneel in front of the corpse of his grandfather before giving the Demon Emperor's Seal to the Little Demon Empress.

Under the praises of everyone, Yun Che finally reunites with all the members of his family, the moment when Mu Feiyan gave him the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven.

Yun Che had suspicions about Duke Huai targeting the Little Demon Empress when she enters the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley to receive her inheritance, so he went alone to confirm whether or not is it true.

Outside the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, he found Hui Ran, confirming that the Duke Huai Palace has the intention to kill the Little Demon Empress inside the Golden Crow Lightning Valley. Yun Che evaded Hui Ran using the Extreme Mirage Lightning and enters.

Yun Che found the Little Demon Empress fighting against Duke Huai and Duke Ming inside of the Golden Crow Lightning Valley, he began to talk in order to gain time until Yun Qinghong and the others come to rescue them.

They help didn't arrive, they were forced to flee for their lives, Yun Che then had to jump with the Little Demon Empress to the Sea of Death, using the Great Way of the Buddha to train and survive. After one month, they finally went outside the Sea of Death heading towards where the Golden Crow is.

The Golden Crow told him to insert his Yang on the Little Demon Empress so she can be Half-Step into the Divine Origin Realm and overcome their calamity. When the Golden Crow noticed the numerous legacies on his body and thinking about the calamity that was going to befall on the world, she decided to give him her legacy without removing the Phoenix's legacy on his body and also gave him the Lightning Seed of the Evil God.[82]

After leaving the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, Yun Che and Huan Caiyi arrived at the Duke Huai's coronation and stopped it. They revealed all his malicious schemes to everyone and suppressed the persons who wanted to rebel. After the destruction of the Duke Huai Palace, Yun Che was finally able to calm down.

He began to refine hundred Overlord Pellets and tried to make Huan Caiyi accept her feelings for him. Yun Che then became famous in the Illusory Demon Realm as a Genius Doctor, after he cured the injuries of a lot of persons.

Huan Caiyi announced to everyone that Yun Che was going to marry into her Huan Family so as to continue their bloodline. After marrying Huan Caiyi, Yun Che spent more than twelve hours with her to make children. When Yun Qinghong was totally cured, Yun Che bade everyone farewell and went back to the Profound Sky Continent along with Number Seven Under Heaven, Xiao Yun and Number One Under Heaven using the Primordial Profound Ark.

In the Profound Sky Continent, he appeared near New Moon City where he got to know from Sikong Du about what had happened during the time he was "dead", knowing that Blue Wind Imperial City was about to be destroyed, he used the Primordial Profound Ark to travel faster.

Volume 7

When Yun Che arrived at the Blue Wind Imperial City the rage flames in his heart exploded after seeing the situation and the fact that if he came moments later, Cang Yue would have died. Using the Golden Crow's Flames, he killed seven hundred thousand soldiers of the Divine Phoenix Army along with two elders of the Divine Phoenix Sect.[83]

He was then notified about the current situation of Frozen Cloud Asgard, the matter about the calamity surfaced on his mind, he used the Primordial Profound Ark to arrive even faster, before the calamity destroys them.

When he arrived, two elders of the Sun Moon Divine Hall had just broken through the barriers of Frozen Cloud Asgard and were about to begin the massacre to capture Xia Qingyue. Yun Che killed ten elders at the Emperor Profound Realm and Ye Ziyi, leaving behind Ye Qingsheng to use the Profound Handle.

Before her death, Gong Yuxian passed the position of Asgard Master to Yun Che, he accepted it. Yun Che then used the Profound Handle on Ye Qingsheng, after knowing about what had happened, he began to make his preparations to receive the attack from the Sun Moon Divine Hall.

Back on Blue Wind Imperial City, after meeting Xia Yuanba again and making a complete plan to face the Sun Moon Divine Hall, Yun Che went back to Frozen Cloud Asgard with Xiao Yun.

Yun Che created a fake identity as his "master" to pretend to have a very powerful backer and scare away Ye Xinghan and the elders of the Sun Moon Divine Hall. They didn't totally believe it so they challenged Yun Che's "master", ending up with Ye Shi's death after using the Ice Flame. They were scared that the master would kill them too so they retreated.

Yun Che went back to Blue Wind Imperial City and after that, to Floating Cloud City along with Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven where he meets Xiao Lingxi again. Fen Juechen was around Floating Cloud City too, and after noticing that Yun Che was still alive, he tried to kill him but was stopped by Xiao Lingxi. Yun Che arranged a fight for three months later.

He sneaked into the Divine Phoenix Army's tents towards Feng Huwei. Yun Che tried to use the Profound Handle's Soul Search on him but failed since his memories were protected, Yun Che sent a message to Feng Hengkong using Feng Huwei's Soul Imprint, killing him after that.

Yun Che went towards the Black Moon Merchant Guild to ask for news about Chu Yuechan and the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, he sold some of the Overlord Pellet he made and bought materials for it. After that, he meets Xia Hongyi again and asked him about Xia Qingyue's mother.

After that, Yun Che began his revenge on the Divine Phoenix Sect. In the beginning, he killed one of the prices and destroyed Phoenix's statue. After that, he went killing day after day princes and elders, raising unreasonable requests to forgive them, each of those requests becoming worse each day.

The Grand Elders of the Divine Phoenix Sect; Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing were forced to act. Yet in the end, they were both defeated and killed by Yun Che, in the end killing two monarchs, four princes, six elders and an uncountable amount of disciples. Mercilessly, Yun Che tried to destroy the sect but was stopped by Feng Tianwei, after luring him far away, Yun Che was going to use the Golden Crow's flames to completely burn the entire Divine Phoenix City. It was at that moment that Feng Xue'er appeared.

Yun Che didn' had the heart to annihilate the Divine Phoenix Sect in front of her so he made up new conditions. When they were in the Blue Wind Imperial City to face Cang Yue, she refused those conditions and made Feng Hengkong pay fifty billion and marry his daughter, Feng Xue'er, to Yun Che. In the end, he accepted but postponed the marriage to a half a year later.

Yun Che went together to the Snow Region of Extreme Ice with Feng Xue'er and then began to help Frozen Cloud Asgard to increase their cultivation realm using the Overlord Pellet, he spent a month to completely help all the members. After receiving the invitation to the Devil Sword Conference from Ji Qianrou, Yun Che went towards Floating Cloud City to begin his promised fight against Fen Juechen.

After a long fight on the sea, Yun Che was the final victor using Hong'er but didn't kill him because Fen Juechen saved Xiao Lingxi twice, which means that he had to spare him twice. Jasmine Soul Searched through Fen Juechen's memories after the fight, knowing his secrets, she revealed it to Yun Che.

Yun Che went to the Heavenly Sword Villa with Feng Xue'er to capture Xuanyuan Yufeng and make her pay for harming Chu Yuechan. He was stopped by the two elders of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region; Mu Yuanzhi and Xuanyuan Jiuding. After Yun Che captured Xuanyuan Yufeng, they tried to attack the "weak" lady behind Yun Che, Feng Xue'er, but they were no match against her and were defeated.

When Yun Che was about to kill Xuanyuan Yufeng, Ling Jie appeared and begged him to not kill her, since he was not willing to kill the mother of his friend, Yun Che threw her to him and left the Heavenly Sword Villa. On the way, Ling Jie reached him and promised him that he was going to search for Chu Yuechan in order to pay for his mothers' sins.

Back on Frozen Cloud Asgard, he completed the process of upgrading the cultivation of all the disciples and giving them the Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins, he tried to make them cultivate the Divine Arts of the sect but they were unable to cultivate it because it comes from a Divine Beast, the Ice Phoenix and it needs the beast's bloodline in order to cultivate it.

Yun Che went to the Supreme Ocean Palace with Feng Xue'er to participate in the Devil Sword Conference. Before the conference, who will be held three days later, he made business with Qu Fengyi and Zi Ji, exchanging some of his Overlord Pellet with the opportunity to enter the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest to search for the Netherworld Udumbara Flower and get the remaining amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystal needed for Jasmine.

For the Netherworld Udumbara Flower to completely bloom, he needs to wait some time, so he decided to get trapped on the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest alone. On it, he meets the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign and begun to fight with him since the Devil didn't want him to get the Netherworld Udumbara Flower.

After killing the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign[84], only four petals were remaining on the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, still, Yun Che braved himself to face the enormous soul pain to grab the remaining petals and give them to Jasmine. It took him too much effort to resist the soul-tearing pain, using the Dragon God Domain, Golden Crow Soul and Phoenix Soul to continue, after that, he fainted.

With the help of the Ice Flame, Yun Che was able to escape from the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. After recovering his injuries by a small margin, he went to participate in the Devil Sword Conference, he had a bad feeling about what was going to happen, coupled with Xiao Yun's disappearance he became wary. His suspicions were not wrong since Xiao Yun's identity was revealed by Xuanyuan Wentian.

Volume 8

Yun Che was in a troubled situation since Xuanyuan Wentian used poison to make Xiao Yun reveal his true identity in the Illusory Demon Realm and the story behind it. Yun Che was starting to get nervous; when he suddenly felt the familiar aura of Jasmine, he gathered courage and faced the Sacred Ground's Masters.

When they were about to capture him, Jasmine appeared[85], killing many elders of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, harming Ye Meixie and slapping and humiliating Qu Fengyi. After that Yun Che spent a day to recover his injuries before leaving to Floating Cloud City.

After the Devil Sword Conference, seeing that Yun Che had a strong master, Feng Hengkong set up an engagement ceremony for him and Feng Xue'er. After it ended, suddenly a really strong person appeared, at the same level as Jasmine. Yu Luo threatened Jasmine, forcing her to bid farewell with Yun Che, to never see each other again in this life.

When they left, Yun Che was attacked by the strand of hair that Yu Luo left behind to kill him.[86] Feng Xue'er carried his body to the Phoenix's sacred ground to try to cure him with the Phoenix Flames, but after Xuanyuan Wentian arrived, she ran towards the direction of the Blue Wind Empire, thanks to Fen Juechen buying them time to escape.[87]

On the way, they were attacked by Huangji Wuyu, Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi who lusted after the Mirror of Samsara. But the Little Demon Empress appeared and defeated them, forcing them to retreat. Yun Che was sent to Frozen Cloud Asgard's Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring to heal his wounds, where Xuanyuan Wentian arrived after possessing Fen Juechen to try to capture Yun Che once again.[88] He was defeated by Huan Caiyi, who then escaped with Yun Che & company to the Illusory Demon Realm.[89]

After reaching the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, the Golden Crow made Feng Xue'er have intercourse with Yun Che with the help of Huan Caiyi in order to save him. This process lasted 3 months, during this time, Xuanyuan Wentian had entered the Illusory Demon Realm.[90] After exiting the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, they immediately headed towards Demon Imperial City.

They found that Xuanyuan Wentian was attacking the barrier of the city and was about to break it, the three of them then began to fight against him to protect everyone. With the efforts of the three of them, Xuanyuan Wentian was forced to flee for his life.

After the fight, when everyone thought that they would have a moment of peace, Yun Che was gravely damaged by his Devil Origin Orb. He used the Primordial Profound Ark to go back to the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley along with Huan Caiyi and Feng Xue'er. The Golden Crow temporarily saved him.

Yun Che received the last message from Jasmine, she said that she was unable to find Chu Yuechan and that she's probably dead, which caused extremely deep pain on Yun Che. That grief worsened his condition and made the Devil Origin Orb's seal be weakened, he went to the Golden Crow Lightning Valley again so the Golden Crow can save him again.

The Golden Crow spent more than the predicted ten days to seal it again, Yun Che had only one month left to live. He decided to go to the Azure Cloud Continent and see Su Ling'er one last time before opening Hades against Xuanyuan Wentian and meet his death.

On the Azure Cloud Continent, Yun Che found that Su Hengshan was captured by the Seven Stars Divine Palace on the Grandwake Clan's prison, he killed all of them and set him free. Su Hengshan tried to commit suicide after giving him Su Ling'er's soul crystal so Yun Che can go rescue Su Ling'er faster, but he was healed by Yun Che using the Great Way of the Buddha. Before going to rescue Su Ling'er, Yun Che appeared in front of Su Haoran and the others, crippling them and torturing and completely destroying Su Haoran's future.

Yun Che got the news that Su Ling'er was last seen on the Mythical Abode Mountain, when he arrived he was notified that she jumped down the Cloud's End Cliff. Completely filled with anger and grief, Yun Che despaired and killed everyone on the spot, but he didn't lost hope because Su Ling'er's soul crystal was still active, which means that she didn't die.

Without hesitation, he jumped down the cliff after breaking his promise with Jasmine. In the cliff, many beasts tried to kill him but he used the Primordial Profound Ark to barely escape. When he was despairing, he saw a purple light.

When he arrived, he saw a huge amount of Netherworld Udumbara Flower in full bloom, he was then being affected by its soul-stealing ability. When he woke up he meets a girl that heavily resembles Hong'er.

The girl gave him one Netherworld Udumbara Flower. Yun Che was being affected by the Devil Origin Orb again due to the dark energy inside the Cloud's End Cliff when he thought he was about to die with regrets, the girl saved him again after giving him the Darkness Seed of the Evil God.

The girl summoned Hong'er from his hand, and when they touched each other they started to cry. She sent Hong'er back to the Sky Poison Pearl to not see her cry. Yun Che was clueless about their relationship and both of them didn't know each other.

After exiting that place using his newly acquired Darkness Seed and higher cultivation, Yun Che found the Sky Poison Sword and after that, he found Su Ling'er who awakened her memories from their past life.

When Yun Che was about to leave with Su Ling'er, he found that three Monarchs and a huge amount of Overlords were surrounding a person, on a closer look he found that the person was Yun Gu his first master from his second life. They wanted to take the Sky Poison Pearl from him.

He sent Yun Gu and Su Ling'er to the Primordial Profound Ark while he faced them all and crippled the three Monarchs, he didn't kill anyone because it would make Yun Gu sad and guilty. After convincing Yun Gu, Yun Che went back to the Illusory Demon Realm along with Su Ling'er, Yun Gu and Su Hengshan.

In the Illusory Demon Realm Yun Gu noticed the illness of Huan Caiyi and decided to check her condition, he was able to correctly point her problems and give a solution to it, he took Su Ling'er as his disciple, refusing Yun Che.

He then prepared to go to the Profound Sky Continent to face Xuanyuan Wentian once for all. When he arrived, the Thirty-third elder of the Divine Phoenix Sect notified him about the Heavenly Sovereign Conference held in the Supreme Ocean Palace.

When Yun Che arrived at the Supreme Ocean Palace, he crippled Xuanyuan Wendao and prepared himself to fight against Xuanyuan Wentian.

Volume 9

Xuanyuan Wentian entitles himself as the "Heavenly Sovereign" and starts killing, humiliating and subduing people from the sacred grounds and other powerhouses. Yun Che then appears along with Feng Xue'er.

He decides to go and fight alone and instructs Feng Xue'er to protect everyone in case that the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region goes crazy and starts wasting people. Yun Che becomes determined to kill Xuanyuan Wentian no matter what at all costs, with that resolve he starts fighting with him and their fighting goes as far away from the Supreme Ocean Palace as possible, deep under the ocean.

On the ocean deeps, Yun Che is finally able to go all out, using everything he has, including his Darkness Profound Strength. He is finally able to defeat Xuanyuan Wentian and set free Fen Juechen, dispelling some of Fen Juechen's hate and worries.

Back at the Supreme Ocean Palace, Yun Che makes the Black Moon Merchant Guild pay 40% of their earnings every year to Blue Wind Empire and spares Absolute Monarch Sanctuary because they make Xia Yuanba their master. He spares them completely after stating three "merciless" conditions.

Yun Che reads Ling Kun's memories and kills him after knowing who was the one behind Frozen Cloud Asgard's calamity. He then walks towards Ye Xinghan who pees himself and dies after being scared to death from Yun Che without the latter doing anything at all.

After they build the formations to travel between the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm, Yun Che lets Huan Caiyi kill the main supporters of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall.

Yun Che went to the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley to ask the Golden Crow about the Darkness Energy and the Evil God. He also learnt history from the Primordial Era and got to know about the Ancestral God.

When he was preparing to ask Xiao Lie to give his daughter Xiao Lingxi to him in marriage, he took out the black jade he found on the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. Xiao Lingxi got close to it and it reacted, she was able to read all the words on it while Yun Che didn't even understand that language. It was named the World-Defying Heaven Manual.

After listening to Xiao Lingxi who was reading the text, he was unable to remember it and gave up. He kneeled in front of Xiao Lie to ask Xiao Lingxi's hand in marriage, which he accepted. Yun Che was still curious about the black jade so he went to the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley to ask the Golden Crow about it.

The Golden Crow had no idea about it, he had never seen or heard about it. The Golden Crow told Yun Che to bring Xiao Lingxi in front of him, but Yun Che refused it since he doesn't want her to be involved and disturb her peaceful life.

As previously promised, Yun Che went to the Phoenix Clan along with Feng Xue'er but they found a powerful barrier who was protecting them, he decided to not disturb their lives, but when he was about to leave, Feng Zu'er and Feng Xian'er appeared, he secretly gifted them thirty Overlord Pellets and the remaining parts of the World Ode of the Phoenix.

Six months passed in a flash.

After Xuanyuan Wentian had been annihilated, both the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm eased into tranquility. All citizens of the Profound Sky Continent had long since known that the current hegemon was no longer any of the Sacred Grounds but Yun Che, the person publicly accepted as the foremost person in all of history. Possessing the identities of both the Blue Wind Imperial Family’s prince consort and Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Asgard Master, he caused Blue Wind Empire and Frozen Cloud Asgard to become the most supreme existences of the current era, their positions in power suppressing that of the two remaining Sacred Grounds, Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and the Supreme Ocean Palace.

In order to reach the Realm of the Gods to see Jasmine one last time, during that time Yun Che was sparring with Feng Xue'er. Yun Che cultivated for eight hours every day during these six months. His innate talent was already abnormally high in the first place and with such a perfect opponent as Feng Xue’er, his profound strength had consecutively risen by four small realms. While inspecting the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword, Hong'er suddenly appeared and ate it, greatly increasing the power of the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword.

While he was on Frozen Cloud Asgard handling the sect's matters, Yun Che felt a weak aura falling from the sky. There, he meets Mu Bingyun and Mu Xiaolan, he caught Mu Bingyun on his embrace and started to dispel the poison she had on her body, but Mu Xiaolan who was not aware of it and thought he was molesting her master, tried to threaten him and attacked Murong Qianxue, in order to protect her Yun Che directly received the attack which caused him great shock due to Mu Xiaolan's strength.

Seeing Mu Xiaolan's bad manners, he gave up on trying to cure Mu Bingyun and gave her back to Mu Xiaolan. Mu Bingyun woke up and was greatly shocked about the fact that her poison could be cured, Mu Xiaolan had no choice but to apologize and get her master cured, else, Mu Bingyun would have died in a quarter hour.

After curing her, Yun Che made one condition for repayment, which was to request her help to bring him to the Realm of the Gods, Mu Bingyun agreed. He needed some time to cure her, and during that time, he stopped training and spent every day with his family and beauties. At the same time, he would take four hours every day to expel the poison for Mu Bingyun.

Yun Che arrived at the Snow Song Realm along with Mu Bingyun and Mu Xiaolan, Mu Bingyun bade farewell to him since she had important matters to attend and ordered Mu Xiaolan to bring him to the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect's Freezing Snow Hall to enter as a disciple.

He was going to receive the Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade from Mu Sushan until Mu Fengshu arrived and caused him problems due to her enmity with Mu Bingyun. She tells him to normally go through the test like all the other disciples, Yun Che accepted despite Mu Xiaolan's disapproval.

During the second test, he meets Feng Mo from a lower realm, called Quagmire Realm and Li Mingcheng, the arrogant genius. Yun Che knows he can easily pass the test but he decides to take it slow in order to be low-key as promised to Huan Caiyi.

Yun Che successfully passed the second and third test, following Mu Sushan's suggestions he stayed for some time in the third test in order to be low-key, but he lied to him and the time he stayed inside was enough to make him get the first place.

Li Mingcheng and Ji Hanfeng didn't like that outcome so they tried to make trouble for him, only to be revoked by Mu Xiaolan who thought that Yun Che cheated and tried to cover it for him. Mu Sushan didn't help, instead he made him fight against Li Mingcheng because he was curious about him.

Yun Che fought against Li Mingcheng and defeated him, filled with shame, Li Mingcheng tried to sneak attack Yun Che but was counter-attacked by Yun Che and Li Mingcheng was saved by Ji Hanfeng who attacked Yun Che.

Mu Fengshu arrived and tried to make Yun Che pay for what he did to her nephew, making Ji Hanfeng attack him, but Ji Hanfeng was not a match for Yun Che and ended up being crippled.

Mu Fengshu then tried to kill Yun Che by herself despite Mu Sushan's complaints, when she was about to succeed, Mu Bingyun appeared to save Yun Che. Mu Bingyun invited Yun Che into her Thirty-six palaces and he received the Starpicker Stone and Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet. He left along with Mu Bingyun and Mu Xiaolan, giving his sound transmission imprint to Feng Mo due to his help.

On the way to the Ice Phoenix Palace, they heard the voice of Yan Wancang asking to meet Snow Song Realm's Realm King, Yun Che was surprised about the strength that he had, to produce that kind of powerful voice even after staying far away from them.[91]

Upon arriving at the Thirty-Sixth Ice Phoenix Palace, he got to know about the basic knowledge regarding the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and the Realm of the Gods.[92]

He was then left alone in the Ice Phoenix Palace. When he entered a room to cultivate, he was astonished by what he saw. The interior was astonishingly a world of ice that was even colder than the outside world. The ice element was even more abundant here and countless ice spirits and motes of light fluttered around.

What shocked Yun Che was that this world seemed boundless at first glance. He quickly released his spiritual perception and only after it had spread through one hundred fifty kilometers did it reach the world’s limit. Which meant that this cultivation room was one hundred fifty kilometres wide.

Maintaining a “low-key” doctrine and carrying the Little Demon Empress’ firm “absolutely cannot cause trouble” command, Yun Che wreaked havoc in Freezing Snow Hall on the very first day he arrived at the Snow Song Realm. He crippled the Main Hall Master’s biological nephew with an elbow and then crippled an official disciple who was supervising the examination in one strike. Not only had he escaped in one piece afterward, but he also had become an official disciple of Ice Phoenix Palace with profound strength cultivation that hadn't reached the divine way, making history in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

As a result, it was without question that his name would spread through Freezing Snow Hall, Ice Phoenix Palace and even to Ice Phoenix Divine Hall.

In other words, Yun Che, who had been muttering the word “low-key” to himself at least eight hundred times on the way there, had now become the topic of discussion for the entire Ice Phoenix Realm on his very first day.

Yun Che was interrupted when a huge pressure came from the skies, informing about the Profound God Convention Divine Tribulation Realm with the age limit of sixty years old.[93]

Yun Che originally did not care about the Profound God Convention’s registration restrictions because he didn't plan on participating anyways, nor did he think that he would possibly qualify to enter. However, this “Divine Tribulation Realm” restriction did not only apply to the Profound God Convention’s applicants. It was targeted at everyone who entered the Eternal Heaven Realm.

This meant that the original plan of the Snow Song Realm’s Realm King bringing him to the convention area was no longer feasible.

Unless he was able to cultivate to the Divine Tribulation Realm before then. But thirty months, in the short time period of two and a half years, from the Sovereign Profound Realm to the Divine Tribulation Realm.

To Yun Che, even though many miracles had happened to him already, that was still pure nonsense.

Mu Bingyun and Mu Xiaolan came back to see his reaction and inform him about the situation. Mu Bingyun told him that if they can't bring him to the Profound God Convention, they would make it up with something else.

Yun Che refused to admit defeat like that, to give up on his Jasmine, and his determination to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm strengthened. [94]

Using the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet Yun Che increased his cultivation to 8th Level Sovereign Realm and by self-harming and using Starpicker Stone his cultivation increased to 10th Level Divine Sovereign Realm. He meets Mu Xuanyin when she came to deliver Amorous Frost Dew and was mesmerized by her big boobs. Although she introduced herself as Mu Xuanyin, Yun Che though she was Mu Feixue. As a preparation for Profound God Convention, Mu Xuanyin granted Divine Ice Phoenix Sect diciples to cultivate in the Nertherfrost Heavenly Lake. There Yun Che entered the Divine Way and collected all the ice spirits who are being used for the competition to choose direct disciple of Mu Xuanyin. Yun Che accidetally won over Mu Hanyi and Mu Feixue but because his cultivation was too low he wasn't treated seriously. Yun Che decided to stood for himself and vie for the position of direct disciple of the Realm King of Snow Song Realm. Because Yun Che was overly rude in his speech that angered Mu Xuanyin but she gave him a chance to compete against Mu Hanyi, in case he lost she threatened to kill him. Yun Che won over Mu Hanyi in competition who will go deeper in the Netherfrost Heavenly Lake. He meets Ice Phoenix Girl on the bottom of the lake who promised Yun Che she will gave him her powers when his cultivation is high enough and also reads his memories. Later when Yun Che got out of the lake he was recognized as direct disciple of Mu Xuanyin. Mu Xuanyin because of him kills two elders of sect because they saw him use Star God Broken Shadow.

Volume 10

Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s Great Sect Assembly was organized because of the discipleship ceremony of the sect master’s direct disciple Yun Che but was interrupted by the arrival of three Sect Masters from the Flame God Realm. Mu Xuanyin intentionally provoked Huo Rulie and arranged a fight between their direct disciples. Yun Che and Huo Poyun competed in their sect's core profound arts where Yun Che won because of Fire Spirit Body. Yun Che got from Mu Xuanyin complete Golden Crow Record of Burning World which she won as a bet from Huo Rulie in the duel between Yun Che and Huo Poyun. Mu Xuanyin gave Yun Che Mu Feixue as a dual cultivation partner but because she was similar in appearance to Little Fairy, Yun Che couldn't do it even under the effect of strong aphrodisiac.

As Yun Che refused dual cultivation as a mean to boost his cultivation, Mu Xuanyin told him that his only option was Universe Pentajade Pellet but ingredients are too rare. Yun Che heard that Qilin Horn was used a sacred object of Ice Wind Empire so he goes with Mu Xiaolan and Mu Hanyi on a birthday of Hanyi's father, emperor of the Ice Wind Empire. On a birthday celebration, he was underestimated on the beginning but when they knew he is a direct disciple of Realm King, everyone was shocked. Mu Hanyi in the night leads him to the halidom of Ice Wind Empire, Qilin Horn where he tries to kill him but gets killed by Yun Che instead. Mu Xuanyin was guarding him all the time and because she thought he got Qilin Horn too easily, she left an evidence Yun Che killed Mu Hanyi. When Hanyi's family knew Yun Che killed him they were at first not comfortable but when they knew a reason, they let it go and plead Yun Che for forgiveness.

After Yun Che returned from the Ice Wind Empire Mu Xuanyin gave Yun Che Buddha Lotus of Nine Resurrection and his profound veins were a lot tougher than before. He was trained personally by Mu Xuanyin who taught him about Sensation but when he accidentally touched her boobs she almost killed him. She sent him to the Mist End Valley where punished disciples of the sect are located. Mu Bingyun helps Yun Che by giving him her Cloud Butterfly Blade. Yun Che meets there Mu Yizhou who tries to kill him because of hatred (incited by Mu Hanyi) but on the end, Mu Yizhou and his partner got killed by Yun Che. When the time of ending punishment was nearing, Yun Che decided to pick a flower for Mu Xuayin but after he picked it he got attacked by a profound beast. Mu Xuanyin saved him and Yun Che gave her Feather Ice Spirit Flower which is treasured by Mu Xuanyin.

Mu Xuanyin because of experience led Yun Che to the Flame God Realm where she was going to fight against Ancient Horned Dragon. Yun Che healed Huo Rulie's son and hatred between Huo Rulie and Mu Xuanyin disappears. There Yun Che visited God Burying Inferno Prison and at the bottom of it, Yun Che found out there are two Ancient Horned Dragons. He tries to warn his Honored Master but three sect masters don't believe him and Yun Che was furious especially on Yan Wancang who was controlling Vermilion projection.

With help of Huo Rulie, Yun Che dives again in the God Burying Inferno Prison where he saves Mu Xuanyin and they kill Ancient Horned Dragon. Mu Xuanyin was infected by horned dragon's blood (aphrodisiac) and to save her life Yun Che had sexual intercourse with her. He directly advanced his cultivation for a whole realm. After that happened Yun Che was too ashamed to return to Snow Song Realm and after giving Mu Xuanyin to Mu Bingyun, he calls Huo Rulie. Huo Rulie and Yun Che divided Ancient Horned Dragon as previously agreed and Huo Rulie told him about Darkya Realm when Yun Che asked him how he obtained Wood Spirit Orb.

After he came to Darkya Realm, he bought a Wood Spirit Race slave boy who was called He Lin. He Lin believed in Yun Che and Yun Che didn't have the heart to kill him so he returned him to his place. After shortly leaving his place Yun Che realizes they were followed and when he came back to that place all Wood Spirits were massacred and He Lin was taken as a prisoner. Yun Che was sad and furious.

He managed to find He Lin and killed all people who harmed Wood Spirits. He Lin didn't have a will to continue his life so he gave Yun Che his Royal Wood Spirit Orb and committed suicide. He Lin's only request was to help him find his sister He Ling. Yun Che was so furious because of these events that he decided to avenge He Lin and his clansmen by attacking Black Soul Divine Sect. Near the Black Soul Divine Sect, he met a girl who reminded him on Jasmine so he called her little Jasmine. Black Soul Divine Sect was so much bullied by Yun Che that they didn't dare to leave their sect in fear from a sneak attack.

Volume 11

Yun Che disguised as Poison Saint Blackheart and ruined Lei Qianfeng's cultivation. Black Soul Divine Sect on the end was destroyed by the order of Wu Guike and Yun Che found two recordings of incest between Wu Guike and his aunt, Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and Void Illusion Stone. After accomplishing his mission in Darkya Realm, he left it and went in search for Immortal Emperor Grass. When he finally found it, he meets again with Mu Xuanyin who sent him to the Snow Song Realm. There Yun Che trains for two years until he reached Divine Tribulation Realm. When they were walking to dimensional formation to Eternal Heaven Realm Yun Che got attacked by Jun Xilie who was arrogant and rude. Because of previous Mu Xuanyin was completely enraged and coerced Jun Xilei to apologise to Yun Che. In Eternal Heaven Realm Yun Che's only goal was to see Jasmine so he didn't intend to participate but when he heard announcement that only 1000 of them could enter Eternal Heaven Realm, he was forced to advance by using any means. Wu Guike was his lucky star and by forcing Wu Guike to help him two times, he managed to survive first two qualification rounds and in the final qualification round, Yun Che used stealth from Moon Splitting Cascade. Although many were unsatisfied by the way Yun Che entered the Conferred God Stage but because he didn't break the rules, he was allowed to participate. In first fight against Luo Changan he surrendered because his goal way already accomplished. When he finally met with Jasmine, she was cold to him and told him he doesn't have a qualification to see her unless he wins first place on Profound God Convention. Yun Che was forced to boost his cultivation so he returns to the Snow Song Realm and consumes Universe Pentajade Pellet, dual cultivates with Mu Xuanyin and absorbs fragment of Ice Phoenix Soul which boosted his cultivation to ninth level of Divine Tribulation Realm. When he returned to Eternal Heaven Realm, he got again Luo Changan as a opponent but this time Yun Che completely humiliates him. His next opponent was Wu Guike but he wasn't Yun Che's match. Fight against Huo Poyun was won by Poyun's surrender because Huo Poyun's mental state was very bad after he got humiliated by Jun Xilei. Fight against Lu Lengchuan was very hard for Yun Che and if Yun Che didn't show God Manifestation using Profound Handle, he would be easily defeated by Lu Lengchuan. This fight was won only because Lu Lengchuan surrendered because he thought he was inferior to Yun Che although his cultivation was higher than Yun Che's by more than a realm.

Volume 12

Yun Che won the fight against Shui Meiyin but during the fight, his and her soul came in contact. By having won a fight against Shui Meiyin, Yun Che became one of the Four Divine Children of the Eastern Divine Region. After this fight, Shui Meiyin became Yun Che's fiancee. In order to increase his cultivation, Yun Che visited God Burying Inferno Prison and on the bottom of it, Yun Che meets Phoenix Spirit who gives him 7 drops of origin blood and a fragment of its soul.

After Shui Meiyin, Yun Che won the fight against her elder sister, Shui Yingyue. Fight against Jun Xilei was very difficult because Jun Xilei hated him to the marrow and wanted to kill him because of the previous humiliation. In the end, Yun Che not only won this fight but saved Jun Xilei's life too. In the finals, Yun Che fought against Luo Changsheng but because he lost one match on the beginning, Yun Che needed to win Luo Changsheng in two matches in order to win the first place on the Profound God Convention.

The first fight was very close but Yun Che stood as a winner on the end. Luo Changsheng's hate for Yun Che is immense because he was defeated for the first time in his life. In the second fight, Luo Changsheng showed his real cultivation and Yun Che won after absorbing nine rounds of Heavenly Tribulations. After Luo Changsheng lost two matches, Yun Che won the first place on Profound God Convention but immediately after their fight, Luo Changsheng's master Luo Guxie suddenly attacked Yun Che. Yun Che easily dealt with her as he used white lighting collected from tribulations and seriously wounded Luo Guxie.

After winning first place on the Profound God Convention, Yun Che got various offers from the God Emperors but he refused them all because his only goal was Jasmine. He decided to learn Star God's Broken Shadow and returned with Xing Juekong to the Star God Realm. There he lived in Jasmine's palace and learned complete Heavenly Wolf's Divine Tom of Imprisonment taught by Caizhi. Jasmine knew her life will end soon so she married Yun Che and Caizhi although there were complaints on both sides.

After leaving Star God Realm, Yun Che came to the Moon God Realm on the wedding of Realm King, Yue Wuya. When he saw the bride is Xia Qingyue, he was shocked and angry that he beat two sons of Yue Wuya to vent his frustration. By Qianye Ying'er scheming, everyone knew Xia Qingyue was Yun Che's wife so Xia Qingyue took Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace and escaped together with Yun Che from the Moon God Realm. Xia Qingyue explained to Yun Che meaning of supposed marriage. Yun Che kissed for the first time Xia Qingyue and when he touched her boobs, he acknowledged they are not inferior to Mu Xuanyin's.

While they were escaping, Qianye Ying'er and Gu Zhu started to chase them. Xia Qingyue and Yun Che couldn't escape from Qianye Ying'er and when she caught them, she wanted to search Yun Che's memories but Dragon Soul stopped her. Seeing that Yun Che won't submit, Qianye Ying'er caster the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark on him, the cruelest curse in the whole Realm of the Gods. Yun Che's pain was so big that for the first time in his life he couldn't stand it and wished he was rather dead than alive. After Jasmine and Caizhi came, Xia Qingyue managed to escape with Yun Che from Qianye Ying'er. From memories of the Moon God Emperor Xia Qingyue knew that only one person could help Yun Che.

Volume 13

After being inflicted by the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark, Xia Qingyue leads Yun Che to the Forbidden Land of Samsara where she pleads Shen Xi to help Yun Che. Shen Xi was pretty indifferent and didn't pay much attention to Xia Qingyue's pleads but when her maidservant He Ling saw Yun Che, she recognized the familiar aura of the Wood Spirit Orb that belongs to her brother, He Lin. He Ling starts to plead for Yun Che too and Shen Xi accepts to treat Yun Che because of the promise given to He Ling to find her family. As she had previously promised He Ling to find He Lin, she accepted to cure Yun Che under the condition that she will block the memories of the 50 years that she has to be with him to remove the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark.

When Xia Qingyue broke her and Yun Che's marriage certificate and left, Shen Xi finally led Yun Che inside to cure him. When she was preparing to block his memories, a Dragon Roar countered her profound strength and made her unable to block his memories. Shen Xi with the help of Light Profound Strength relieves Yun Che of curse and told him that he needs at least ten years to fully get rid of the Brahma Soul Death Wishing Mark. Yun Che meets with He Ling and told her about tragedy of the Wood Spirit Race in Darkya Realm which made He Ling loose will for life. Shen Xi because of her selfish reasons mesmerizes Yun Che and dual cultivates with him. Yun Che refines her primordial yin and gains her Light Profound Strength. Yun Che was the one that owned the second half of the Miracle of Life. When he met Shen Xi within the Forbidden Land of Samsara, he got the first half on manual from Shen Xi and was able to produce the complete text of the second half from memory. This allowed them both to obtain the complete scripture. After dual cultivating with Shen Xi for one year and consuming all kinds of divine pills and elixirs, Yun Che achieved Divine King Realm. Before he left Forbidden Land of Samsara, he received He Ling as a poison spirit of Sky Poison Pearl because she wanted at all cost to avenge her family.

When Yun Che found out about Absolute Star Soul Barrier of Star God Realm and listening to the remnant spirit of Xisu, he realizes Jasmine is in a great danger. Without hesitation, he went to the Star God Realm. Shen Xi tried to stop him but Yun Che's determination was too strong and she didn't have other choice than to let him go. Yun Che with the help of Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace arrived quickly at Star God Realm and with the help of Heavenly Slaughter Star God's drop of blood, he wasn't blocked by the Absolute Star Soul Barrier. When he came to the Star God City, he was shocked by seeing Jasmine and Caizhi trapped inside the formation and was so angry that he started to curse all member of the Blood Sacrifice Ceremony from the lowliest servant to the Star God Emperor Xing Juekong. Yun Che was only first level of Divine King Realm and he couldn't do anything with such a low cultivation so he chose to open the Hades and activate Other Shore Asura. This forcefully increased his cultivation by the whole realm but consequence was termination of his life. With cultivation of first level Divine Sovereign, he first fought against Xing Ling and quickly killed him. After that he killed many Divine Sovereigns and no one was his match in the Divine Sovereign Realm. Seeing that only Divine Master can oppose Yun Che, Xing Juekong sent an elder Xing Mingzi who wasn't match for Yun Che too and was killed by Yun Che. After that Yun Che killed about 1500 Divine Sovereigns and when he was near death, he went to see Jasmine and Caizhi for the last time not being reconciled he couldn't help them at all. His third life ended by being burned to ashes.

When Yun Che opened his eyes again, he realized he wasn't dead. He was re-birthed at the Phoenix Trial Ground and after seeing Phoenix Residual Soul he found out his Nirvana was incomplete and his profound strength was gone. Without profound strength he couldn't activate the Sky Poison Pearl so wasn't able to summon He Ling and Hong'er. In the Phoenix Clan everyone was very nice to Yun Che although he didn't have profound strength, he was still their biggest benefactor. Feng Xian'er was responsible to protect Yun Che because without profound strength he body was very weak and didn't have any immunity. While he was strolling with Feng Xian'er, Yun Che saw a bamboo hut and when they got closer to it, they were stopped by a little girl whom Feng Xian'er called a Little Monster. Yun Che was persistent and didn't want to leave because he sensed some familiarity with this little girl. When girl was called by her mother, Yun Che recognized her mother's voice, it was Chu Yuechan.

After meeting Chu Yuechan and his daughter, Yun Che got a will for life. After they left Phoenix Clan, they went to the Blue Wind Empire where Yun Che saw his women again. Yun Che for some time lived only by fooling with his wives and relaxing. When guests from Realm of the Gods came, Yun Che's idle life came to a stop. A woman from Realm of the Gods named Lin Qingrou attacked Yun Che because he was sullying her picture of the 'real' Yun Che. Being hit by the Divine Way practitioner, Yun Che who was already without profound strength started to struggle for his life. Feng Xian'er transported him and Yun Wuxin to the Phoenix Trial Ground and there Phoenix Residual Soul transplanted Evil God Divine Aura from Yun Wuxin to Yun Che even though Yun Che already told Phoenix Residual Soul that he would never harm his daughter. Evil God Divine Aura wasn't enough and only because of Miracle of Life activation, Yun Che got his profound strength back. After regaining profound strength, his cultivation returned to Divine King Realm. As soon as he woke up, he was mad beyond limit because his precious daughter was harmed because of him. He went to help Feng Xue'er and killed four people from the Realm of the Gods in the cruelest possible way. After that he manages to calm down and experiences mind nirvana, only being the strongest in this world he can protect his family and be unimpeded. He Ling regains consciousness and reminds Yun Che there are are divine medicine in Sky Poison Pearl previously given by Shen Xi. When Yun Che recovered his strength to the certain amount, he gave Yun Wuxin two divine medicines which increased her cultivation directly to the Divine Origin Realm. Yun Che prepared the same medicines for his seven woman and six of them stepped in the Divine Way while Feng Xue'er's strength achieved peak of Divine Origin Realm.

Yun Che goes to the Azure Cloud Continent because of Devil Qi. He went again in the Dark World inside Cloud's End Cliff and meets mysterious girl for the second time and gives her name the "You'er". She helped Yun Che by waking Hong'er from sleep. Yun Che promised her he will visit her every month.

Volume 14

Yun Che decides to return to Realm of the Gods because of responsibility given by Evil God and many Divine Spirits. He went first to the Snow Song Realm but when he came, he realizes that he doesn't know location of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. Situation in Snow Song Realm is escalating because of the strong Devil Qi too. Visiting a small town, he sees again Mu Feixue and saves her when her life was threatened by 2 Divine Spirit Realm profound beasts and 1 Divine Sovereign Realm profound beast.

While he was carrying Mu Feixue, Huo Poyun comes and immediately takes her away from Yun Che. Yun Che greets with Huo Poyun and introduces as Ling Yun. He spoke some superficial words with Huo Poyun who after some time departs from Snow Song Realm. Mu Feixue comes in front of Yun Che and greets him as senior brother Yun Che. Mu Feixue leads him to see Mu Xuanyin. Mu Xuanyin is greatly angered by Yun Che because he doesn't value his life and tells him to never use Dark Profound Strength. Their conversation is interrupted by Luo Guxie who comes to kill Yun Che. After Luo Guxie arrival, Shui Meiyin and her father came to the Snow Song Realm and not a long time after that even Xia Qingyue and Zhou Xuzi came.

While Luo Guxie fought against Mu Xuanyin, she sneakily attacks Yun Che who was protected by Huo Poyun and Shui Meiyin. That causes Mu Xuanyin to be mad from anger and almost kills Luo Guxie if she wasn't stopped by Xia Qingyue.

Yun Che shows his Light Profound Strength and helps Zhou Xuzi to relieve Devil Qi. He gets permission from Eternal Heaven God Emperor to attend Eternal Sky Assembly although he isn't Divine Master.[95] Mu Xuanyin told him because of great obligation toward Shui Meiyin, he must marry her.

After that he meets with Huo Poyun who confesses to Yun Che he reported him to Holy Eaves Realm and wanted him dead because of Mu Feixue. Yun Che couldn't forgive him because Huo Poyun wanted his life and ends his friendship with Huo Poyun. The only reason Yun Che let him go was because he felt his regret.[96]

Mu Xuanyin tells him story about the great disaster Jasmine caused in Star God Realm as the master of Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations and Yun Che is relieved when he heard Jasmine and Caizhi are alive.[97]

Yun Che meets again with Ice Phoenix and she told him about the origin of Crimson Crack and arrival of Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.[98] Ice Phoenix tells him only sentiment can stop Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. Yun Che finds out Hong'er and You'er are parts of the same person, Evil God's and Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor's daughter.[99] Ice Phoenix isn't willing to hand all her strength to Yun Che because she wants to see how the upcoming tribulation will end. She also told him that after tribulation she will tell him secret about Mu Xuanyin.

After leaving Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, he noticed Xing Juekong's ice sculpture and although Xing Juekong beggs him to end his life, Yun Che rejects because being alive is much greater punishment than to relieve him from the suffering. Xing Juekong gives him Star God Wheel to hand it over to Caizhi. Yun Che doesn't intend to bother Caizhi because she isn't mature to wield it.[100]

Because Yun Che helped Zhou Xuzi to get rid of Devil Qi, the latter allowed him to attend Eternal Heaven General Assembly although Yun Che didn't have Divine Master Realm cultivation. When all present went to see Crimson Crack, they met with Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Jie Yuan who just managed to enter the Primal Chaos Dimension. She was furious and wanted to exact her revenge on Mo E but she didn't manage to find him and started to kill his subordinates, Brahma Gods.

Further killing stopped only because of existence of Yun Che and for someone so powerful as Jie Yuan it was easy to notice he possessed Heretical God's inheritance. She takes Yun Che with her and disappeared in front of all present experts of the Realm of the Gods. Yun Che gave her clear understanding of the present situation in the Primal Chaos Dimension. Although Yun Che possesses Heretical God's inheritance, Jie Yuan wasn't a bit impressed and told him that someone who wears Nixuan's legacy mustn't big a coward but a hero of the present age. In other word, she won't help him a bit in trying to rely on her powers to kill or intimidate someone.

In order to gain a favor from the Jie Yuan, Yun Che told her about existence of Hong'er and You'er and the mighty Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor immediately cried when she heard her daughter was alive. On Yun Che suggestion, she decided not to fuse them because they possess different personalities.

In the Realm of the Gods everyone was celebrating Yun Che as a World-saving Divine Child and Snow Song Realm at that time became a center of the whole Realm of the Gods, Divine Masters were coming and leaving all the time as that was a place where Yun Che came to the Realm of the Gods.

Xia Qingyue led Yun Che to the Moon God Realm where she discusses with Yun Che how to catch Qianye Ying'er in their trap. Yun Che goes to the Brahma Monarch God Realm where he 'helps' Qianye Fantian to get rid of Devil Qi of Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations but in reality Yun Che was infusing poison of the Sky Poison Pearl in Qianye Fantian's body.

Combination of Devil Qi and Sky Poison gave Qianye Fantian unbearable pain and the situation was so grave that his daughter Qianye Ying'er decided to save him by working as Yun Che's slave for 1000 years. After Qianye Ying'er became Yun Che's slave, Yun Che always led her with himself as a protection. She gave him even the second fragment of the World-Defying Heaven Manual but she secretly hope that he would take it to Jie Yuan in order to decipher it.

Volume 15

Yun Che takes the second fragment of the World-Defying Heaven Manual to Xiao Lingxi to decipher it and hearing her translation, Yun Che enters another enlightenment gaining a deeper understanding of the Nihility Laws but that didn't gave any result to his cultivation or overall power.

Although Realm of the Gods evaded Jie Yuan's revenge because of Yun Che, her clansmen were still going to come and she didn't intend to do anything about it on the beginning. She found out that the current Primal Chaos Dimension can't handle her existence and watching her daughters Hong'er and You'er so happy with Yun Che, she decides to connect You'er with Yun Che so You'er can finally gain a complete soul. Her wish was fulfilled and she told Yun Che that she will stop the return of the Devil Gods and go out of the Primal Chaos Dimension to be together with her clansmen under the condition that Yun Che will forever took care of her two daughters. Her decision was not because of well being of Primal Chaos Dimension but because of Yun Che whom she owed a lot so he can deservedly call himself a World-saving Divine Child.

Yun Che returns to the Snow Song Realm to visit again Ice Phoenix girl. Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit was satisfied that everything went pretty well and she gives her remaining power to Yun Che which would help him to easily advance to Divine Sovereign Realm by refining it. Yun Che wanted to finally heard the truth about Mu Xuanyin that the Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit promised to tell him after surviving the calamity.

Yun Che finally hears the crushing truth which deeply made him very sad. Mu Xuanyin was all this time controlled by the Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit who planted in her soul order to put Yun Che's well being in front of everything else. As Yun Che heard that he couldn't be angry on Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit because she was step from dissipation and told her to immediately let go of her control of Mu Xuanyin. Yun Che accepted Mu Xuanyin as his woman but he knew after she regains her free will, everything will change.

When Yun Che came out of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, Mu Xuanyin was angry and didn't even want to meet him, but sent a message to Yun Che via Mu Feixue.[101]

Yun Che came together with all God Emperors of the Realm of the Gods to say goodbye to Jie Yuan. Unexpectedly, the Devil Gods tried to enters the Primal Chaos Dimension even before the deadline Jie Yuan had foreseen. In order to destroy the dimensional channel created by the World Piercer, even Jasmine joined and used all her power even experiencing recoil to destroy the passage.

In that moment when Jasmine was at her weakest state, Eternal Heaven God Emperor attacked her and sent her with Jie Yuan and the Devil Gods out of the Primal Chaos Dimension.[102] Seeing that horrifying scene, Yun Che was so mad at Zhou Xuzi that he activated Hades and wanted to kill him. Of course, he was stopped by the other and Honorable Tai Yu sent him flying.

In support for Eternal Heaven Emperor joined even Qianye Fantian and Dragon Monarch, and old enemies of Yun Che.[103] After Qianye Fantian and Dragon Monarch, all God Emperors and Divine Masters joined Zhou Xuzi's side while on the Yun Che's side only Xia Qingyue remained.

When the Devil Emperor was at the Primal Chaos and the Demon Gods were about to return at any time, Yun Che was the Divine Child who had tied all their hopes together. Whatever Yun Che said, would be what he said, because he could indeed determine their fate. With the Devil Emperor gone, Yun Che had Evil Infant by his side. Evil Infant possessed the most terrifying power in this world. No one dared to offend her, and no one dared to offend Yun Che either. No one would question his ability to save the world. However, he had finished saving the world, and the danger had been resolved. Before everything had been made public, the Evil Infant had also died together with the others due to an "accident". In that case, the halo of power he used to save the world would no longer truly belong to him. Instead, it would be decided by the person with the strongest power and the person with the most authority. This was because he could no longer decide their fate.[7]

Led by a deep hatred and sorrow, Yun Che unknowingly activated the profound formation Jie Yuan left on him which released his Dark Profound Strength. By showing power of darkness, he became a common enemy of the whole Realm of Gods which abhors Devils. Dragon Monarch Long Bai orders everyone to kill Yun Che while Yun Che orders Qianye Ying'er to start the slaughter. In that moment Qianye Fantian actives the core artifact of the Brahma Monarch God Realm, the Brahma Soul Bell, and freed Qianye Ying'er from the master-slave contract created by Yun Che.[104]

Qianye Fantian and other God Emperors became greedy for Yun Che's Sky Poison Pearl and Evil God Divine Power. On suggestion of Zhou Xuzi who still thinks Yun Che holds some merits although he is a Devil, they told Yun Che they will cripple his cultivation, take all his treasures but he can preserve his life. Xia Qingyue started to target Yun Che as she is ashamed by her husband being a Devil and demands that she herself shall personally end his life.[11]

When Xia Qingyue was going to kill Yun Che, Qianye Ying'er who was still under Yun Che's slave seal, helps Yun Che by using her Void Illusion Stone and sends Yun Che to some unknown place. Yun Che was sent to the Glazed Light Realm to Shui Meiyin but he can't stay in the Glazed Light Realm longer than one day because he will be exposed as all Realm of Gods is searching for him and because the marriage between Yun Che and Shui Meiyin will be held soon so many will go to Glazed Light Realm. His reputation in the Realm of Gods is equal to the Evil Infant Jasmine's.[105]

After Eternal Heaven God Emperor Zhou Xuzi heard the prediction of the Heavenly Mystery Realm where Yun Che will become a Devil God and slaughter the world, he started to target Yun Che's home planet, Blue Pole Star. All Eastern Region was notified about the existence of the Blue Pole Star which is currently in the imminent danger.[106]

Yun Che wakes up and immediately tries to leave the Glazed Light Realm as he knows that Qianye Ying'er will reveal the locations of Blue Pole Star. Shui Qianheng tries to stop him and tells him to leave the Eastern Divine Region and head to the Devil Territory. When Yun Che found out from Shui Qianheng that Eternal Heaven God Emperor and Dragon Monarch are going to the Blue Pole Star, he uses the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace and leaves the Glazed Light Realm heading to the Blue Pole Star in order to save his family members.[107]

When Yun Che came to the Blue Pole Star with the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace, he was met with a pressure of several God Emperors. Xia Qingyue sends Yue Wuji to stop the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace and she seizes the control of the palace with change of owners. While Yun Che was captured by Yue Wuji, Xia Qingyue destroys the Blue Pole Star in front of his eyes.[108]

Yun Che couldn't believe what she has done, she always supported him and was one of the people Yun Che could tell all his secrets. Seeing that she destroyed the most precious thing he had on this world, his family, only eternal hatred for Xia Qingyue was left. He divorced her by spitting some blood character on her.[14]

Xia Qingyue tells him that Shen Xi is dead as she already visited Forbidden Land of Samsara and there found Shen Xi's blood. When Xia Qingyue was going to kill him, Mu Xuanyin shows up and saves him.[109]

Mu Xuanyin exerts her strength at max in attempt to free Yun Che from the encirclement of the strongest experts of Realm of the Gods and let him escape but her strength was not enough as she was mercilessly attacked by Dragon Monarch.[110]

Yun Che's nightmare continues as he watches how Mu Xuanyin's life force dissipates. He activates the Dragon Soul Domain and imprints all souls, auras and faces of all present who intended to kill him. Using the second Void Illusion Stone, he disappears together with Mu Xuanyin.[111]

The order to kill Yun Che once again spread throughout the Eastern Divine Region, quickly spreading to both the Western Divine Region and the Southern Divine Region. Currently, not a single person in the three Divine Regions did not know that Yun Che had become a Devil and had committed an unforgivable sin. Furthermore, because he carried Evil God's Divine Power, if he was not killed soon, he would become a great threat in the future.

For a moment, a movement that was too intense, seemed to be telling everyone in the God Realm that killing Devil Yun Che right now was a top priority that surpassed everything else. As for what kind of heinous crime he had actually committed, King Realms actually didn't mention it. Not a single word about the Devil Emperor returning or the fact that Yun Che had saved the world had been spread out. Not a word. Not only were the King Realms, after clearly seeing the attitude of the superior, those who knew the truth did not need to be reminded, and all of them obediently chose to remain silent. Because now, the fates of those who can decide are no longer Jie Yuan and Yun Che, but King Realms!

Amongst all of the King Realms, the one who had the strongest pursuit was Eternal Heaven God Realm. In just a short one day, Eternal Heaven God Emperor had personally sent out six voices of the Eternal Heaven. After that, he was heavily injured by Yun Che's Moon Star Restoration. However, he did not have any intention of trying to recuperate, so not only did he personally give the order, he even personally rushed over after hearing a little of the clues. It was as if only after seeing Yun Che's death with his own eyes would he truly feel at ease.

After being transported by the Void Illusion Stone to some desolate place, Yun Che puts Mu Xuanyin in the Coffin of Eternity. Home planet, family, wives, daughter, masters, friends, fame, status, glory, the most valuable and important things in his life are all lost. Experiencing that took away all of his care, warmth, hope, and love. His negative feelings have completely taken him over.[112]

Before going to the Northern Divine Region, Yun Che returned Mu Xuanyin's corpse to the Snow Song Realm where he meets with Mu Bingyun. She slapped him because of death of her sister but Yun Che was emotionless as he already lost everything in his life. He gave Mu Bingyun the Snow Princess Sword as this sword represents the Sect Master of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. Yun Che told her to leave the Snow Song Realm because of revenge the other Star Realms could take now that Mu Xuanyin is dead. Mu Bingyun immediately rejected it and told Yun Che to keep on living as his life was traded for Mu Xuanyin's.

A month later, Yun Che came to the Northern Divine Region.[113] He arrives in the Middle-Rank Star Realm The Five Nether Ruins where he stops as he already activated a profound formation left in his body by Jie Yuan. Memory fragment of Jie Yuan appears and she explained him how to use the things she left for him.

Yun Che fused with 2 drops of the origin devil blood of Jie Yuan while the third drop is left for Yun Che's cultivation cauldron. Jie Yuan told him that the current World of Primal Chaos has an enormous secret and a great hidden danger. She was unable to speak of this heaven-shaking secret, and has no right to speak of it while the information of the great hidden danger is sealed by Jie Yuan and Yun Che can easily unseal when he completely fuses with the 2 drops of her blood.[114]

While he was cultivating, he was attacked by the members of the Dark Roc Mountain Clan who were chasing after princess Dongfang Hanwei as they thought Yun Che was dead and he accidentally smashed Qin Jian into Yun Che. Because they tried to harm him, Yun Che annihilated their group.

After showing his power of Divine King, Yun Che was plead by Dongfang Hanwei to help her rescue her parents and he accepted her request when she said she will comply to any condition in exchange for his help.[115]

After accepting the request by Dongfang Hanwei they flew to the capital, on the way to the the capital they are informed that the enemy has retreated and Yun Che was instead invited to stay for the banquet which he accepts. During the banquet the enemy attacks again.

Yun Che stays on the sidelines until Ming Xiao and Ming Ao come to avenge the young master of the Dark Peng Clan, Ming Yang, whom Yun Che killed earlier. Yun Che is attacked by Ming Ao, he proceeds to rip off his right arm.[116]

Before Ming Xiao could help Ming Ao, Yun Che descents and pulverizes him. Ming Xiao attacks Yun Che however his power is nullified, Yun Che uses the Golden Crow flames in combination with the Dark Profound Strength to burn Ming Xiao. Before killing Ming Xiao, Fairy Zixuan tries to sneak attack Yun Che, but her attack doesn't even pierce his skin, instead snapping her sword. He sets Ming Xiao a blaze with the Dark Golden Crow flames before piercing Fairy Zixuan's heart because she attacked him. The Heavenly Martial Country's king and Eastern Cold Country's Dongfang Zhou try to pull Yun Che over to stay at their country.[117]

After sending away the Heavenly Martial Country he orders Ming Xiao to send word to the other Eight Great Sects to appear at Cold Night Peak, Yun Che also tells him that if a great sect does not arrive he will destroy it. After returning to Eastern Cold Palace Yun Che has Dongfang Hanwei take off her top to try the effects of Eternal Calamity of Darkness.[118]

Even though Yun Che only touched the principle of Eternal Calamity of Darkness, he was able to eliminate all negative effects of the Dark Profound Strength on the body of Dongfang Hanwei and in that way increased her compatibility with the Dark Profound Strength which now can be cultivated faster and without backlash.[119]

Eight of the nine great sects appear at the Cold Night Peak as Yun Che orders. Yun Che arrives and exclaims that a sect is missing and how they will be destroyed. Yun Che proceeds to give the eight great sects a choice, Submit or die. [120]

Yun Che's words caused all of the sect masters and grand elders present, with the exception of Ming Xiao, to be angered to the point of attacking him. Extreme Yin Divine Palace's palace chief, Immortal Qingxuan, attacked Yun Che for killing Fairy Zixuan, but was heavily injured by Yun Che instead. After watching a 7th Level Divine King get heavily injured with one hit, the other six Divine Kings attack Yun Che, but they all got injured. The Feeble Star Pavilion palace chief then used the Feeble Star Formation to seal Yun Che while Immortal Qingxuan used the Moon Ghost Cauldron to refine Yun Che. [121]

After breaking out of the Moon Ghost Cauldron Yun Che suppressed the 8 Divine Kings, but before he could do anything to them, Falling Sun Sword Territory's Sword Master appears alongside the Dark Peng Clan's Old Ancestor. Being 10th level Divine Kings made them believe that they could kill Yun Che, but found out Yun Che wasn't being serious when he faced them. After opening Rumbling Heaven, Yun Che ripped the Dark Peng Old Ancestor's wings off and destroyed his body to the point even ashes were not left, he thereafter killed the Falling Sun's Sword Master. Seeing the horrifying scene of two 10th Level Divine Kings being slaughtered so brutally and fast the 8 Great Sects swore eternal allegiance to Yun Che. [122]

After the 8 Great Sects swore allegiance to Yun Che, he orders them to bring him 3000 kilograms of Demon Crystal. He enters secluded cultivation and cultivates Darkness Everlasting until he sensed a familiar aura. [123]

After Yun Che sensed the familiar aura he exited his cultivation room when Qianye Ying'er fell in front of him. Yun Che tried to attack her, but she condensed a Soul Crystal and fainted, the Soul Crystal showed Yun Che what happened to her at Brahma Monarch God Realm. After waking up Qianye Ying'er begged Yun Che to help her kill Qianye Fantian by offering her loyalty and body as a price. [124]

Yun Che rejected Qianye Ying'er choice of having him plant a Slave Seal on her, instead Yun Che chose to give her the third drop of origin blood of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and an Ancient Devil God Art, in exchange he demanded her body, power and brain power. He gave Qianye Ying'er a new name, Yun Qianying. [125]

After Yun Che used the Miracle of Life to heal Qianye Ying'er profound veins he injected the third drop of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor origin blood into her and dual cultivated with her for 3 days. Ming Xiao came after the 15 days time limit and delivers Yun Che the information on the Higher Star Realms and King Realm and information on the well known female cultivators. [126]

After having dual cultivated with Qianye Ying'er over 100 times, Yun Che used the first stage of Nihility to absorb the profound energy in the demon crystals he received from the Nine Great Sects. After a few days Dong Xueyan and Dong Juikui came to invite Yun Che on behalf of the Great Realm King to the "Battle for the Center Ruin". [127]

After being invited to the "Battle of the Center Ruins", Yun Che and Qianye Ying'er travel there where Yun Che senses the wind elements being too pure. After having met Nanhuang Chanyi, Yun Che insulted Dong Xueci so he would be not participate with the East Ruins Sect and instead participate with Nanhuang Chanyi and the South Ruins Realm practitioners. [128]

During the Battle of the Center Ruins, the North, West and East ganged up on the South Ruins Realms, Yun Che decided to fight as the last man and proceeded to cripple the practitioner from the North, West and East. Yun Che asked to fight against all remaining fighters so he could end it fast. After defeating every other opponent, Beihan Chu fights against Yun Che, but was defeated. During the commotion, Yun Shang escaped from her cage and tried to flee from Lu Bubai, but she was rescued by Yun Che who proceeded to kill every person on the Center Ruins besides those from the South Ruins Realm. [129]

After winning the rights for the Center Ruins Realm for 500 years, Yun Che sealed it and cultivated within with Qianye Ying'er for 6 months. During the 6 months, Yun Che finished refining the Ice Phoenix remnant powers and has absorbed the Evil God's Wind Seed. [130]

After the 6 month period, Nanhuang Chanyi met with Yun Che and Qianye Ying'er who made a deal that Chi Wuyao cannot interfere with them for 300 years, after which Yun Che and Qianye Ying'er used the Dragon God's Soul and the Small Brahma Soul Bell to knock her out. They ended up taking pictures of her naked body to deter them from interfering with them. [131]

Yun Che and Qianye Ying'er end up leading Yun Shang back to her clan in the Thousand Desolate Divine Realm where they were received as esteemed guests. During their stay, the Nine Lights Heavenly Venerable and Desolate Sky Dragon Lord come to demand that the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan hands over the Sacred Cloud Ancient Pill. After Yun Che was attacked by the Desolate Sky Dragon Lord, Yun Che uses the Dragon God Domain and kills over 40 Divine Sovereign devil dragons, including the Desolate Sky Dragon Lord. Yun Che also killed the Nine Lights Heavenly Venerable and the head protector of the Thousand Desolation Divine Sect's, Daoist Shen Xu. [132]

After the rest of the Desolate Sky Dragon Race and Nine Lights Heavenly Palace's people left the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan, Yun Che finished healing Yun Shang and leaves after removing the curse on Yun Ting. [133] Afterwards Yun Che and Yun Qianying went to the Nine Lights Heavenly Palace to take their resources and breakthrough to the Divine Sovereign Realm. [134]

After breaking through to the Divine Sovereign realm, Yun Che and Yun Qianying venture to the Thousand Desolation Divine Sect to destroy it, but they planned to take all their resources before. Inside the treasury of the Thousand Desolations Divine Sect. As they plan to leave the treasury, He Ling points out that there was a small formation in the room, a Impervious Formation. After destroying the Impervious Formation with the Ice Flame, Yun Che takes the Savage Divine Path contained within. When they exited, the Thousand Desolation's Divine Sect Master and a Burning Moon Divine Envoy chase them, but Yun Che uses the Primordial Profound Ark to escape. [135]


  • He likes to wear white clothes.
  • He is right-handed.
  • His favorite food is Chicken Soup.
  • He likes girls with big butts.[136]
  • Being called ugly was what Yun Che hated the most, and even the word “clown” was a taboo.[137]
  • Yun Che's willpower is stronger than Xing Juekong's willpower.[138]
  • Yun Che's first profound skill is the Star God’s Broken Shadow.[37]
  • The name 'Duotian' that Yun Che used for his master's name was not intentional.
  • Yun Che had killed over seven million people with the Sky Poison Pearl's poisonous AOE effect.
  • Yun Che possessed the Great Way of the Buddha, so even if he did not cultivate, his body would still automatically absorb the world’s elements. Even in his sleep, his power and physique would continue to rise, bringing about the rise in profound strength at the same time. [139]
  • After he joined Ice Phoenix Palace, Mu Bingyun intended to give him sect name Mu Xiaoyun but he immediately refused it because it sounded like a pet name for children no matter how he heard it.[92]
  • Yun Che attained perfect invisibility at the Divine Origin Realm, while the only other two people known to have done so in the current era, Qianye Ying'er and Mu Xuanyin, accomplished it only after they reached the Divine Master Realm.[140] [141] [142]
  • Yun Che's Dragon Soul Domain has the aura and pressure of the Primordial Azure Dragon and can suppress those at the Divine Master Realm.[143]
  • Yun Che went through 9 Stages of the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning.
  • Yun Che is the first person to touch the Law of Nothingness that even the Creation Gods themselves have never come into contact with before.[144]
  • Yun Che is the first person since the death of the Gods and Devil to become the absolute ruler of a Divine Region. [145]
  • Yun Che is the first person ever to become the absolute ruler of Primal Chaos.


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