Yun Che was born with mediocre cultivation talent. Even after receiving the Evil God's Profound Veins he only had 11 naturally opened profound entrances.[1] The Evil God's Profound Veins are also much more difficult to cultivate than normal profound veins. Yun Che has to expend significantly more effort into becoming stronger and endure numerous life & death situations during his cultivation. He is extremely motivated in pursuing a higher cultivation in order to protect his loved ones.[2]

Cultivation Edit

Realm / Level Chapter Age Details
Elementary Profound 0th Level 45 16 Awakening of the Evil God Veins
1st Level 47 16 Training Under the Waterfall
4th Level 48 16 Training Under the Waterfall
Nascent Profound 1st Level 55 16 Seed of the Evil God - Fire
2nd Level 113 16 Refining the Divine Phoenix Pellet
10th Level 116 16 Refining the Divine Phoenix Pellet
True Profound 1st Level 140 16 Training the Great Way of the Buddha
2nd Level 148 17 Normal Cultivation
3rd Level 155 17 Eating the Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet
4th Level 170 17 Eating Dragon Blood Pellets
10th Level 192 17 Dragon God Bloodline
Spirit Profound 1st Level 259 18 Seed of the Evil God - Water
2nd Level 286 18 Drinking Dragon Blood
3rd Level 287 18 Eating Dragon Meat
Earth Profound 1st Level 289 18 Normal Cultivation
6th Level 293 19 Training with Yun Canghai
7th Level 350 19 Normal Cultivation
10th Level 424 19 Using the Sky Profound Universal Pellet
Sky Profound 1st Level 473 19 Resisting Spatial Storms
5th Level 475 20 Resisting Spatial Storms
8th Level 476 21 Breakthrough the Great Way of the Buddha
10th Level 479 21 Continuously Using the Ice Flame
Emperor Profound 3rd Level 613 22 Dual-Cultivation with Huan Caiyi[3], 9 drops of Golden Crow origin blood[4], and Seed of the Evil God - Lightning[5]
4th Level 739 22 Raising Frozen Cloud Asgard's Cultivation
5th Level 744 22 Normal Cultivation
6th Level 764 23 Normal Cultivation
Tyrant Profound 6th Level 859 23 Dual-Cultivation with Feng Xue'er
Sovereign Profound 1st Level 885 23 Seed of the Evil God - Darkness
5th Level 932 24 Training with Feng Xue'er
8th Level 968 24 Using the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet
10th Level 970 24 Self-Harming Cultivation and Using the Starpicker Stone
Divine Origin 1st Level 986 24 Heavenly Netherfrost Lake
2nd Level 1046 24 Normal Cultivation
Divine Soul 2nd Level 1066 25 Dual-Cultivation with Mu Xuanyin
Divine Tribulation 1st Level 1128 27 Normal Cultivation in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and Absorbing Six Drops of Ice Phoenix's Blood
8th Level 1177 27 Extra powerful Universe Penta Jade Pellet, Dual-Cultivation with Mu Xuanyin, and fragment of Ice Phoenix soul
9th Level 1210 27 7 drops of Phoenix origin blood, 70% of Phoenix Soul Fragment and 7 months of normal cultivation through Time Wheel Pearl in the God Burying Inferno Prison
Divine Spirit 5th Level 1246 27 Absorbing Nine Rounds of Tribulation Lightning
Divine King 1st Level 1322 28 Refining Shen Xi's Primordial Yin and 10 months of cultivation in the Samsara Forbidden Land

Combat Prowess Edit

Since the start of the story, Yun Che was able to skip levels and beat cultivators that are stronger than him (higher realm/level), due to the Evil God Legacy and his numerous bloodlines, arts and skills.

Realm / Level Limit
Elementary Profound 1st Level Unknown
4th Level Unknown
Nascent Profound 1st Level 10th Level Nascent Profound Realm
2nd Level
10th Level At least 3rd Level True Profound Realm
True Profound 1st Level
2nd Level At least 9th Level True Profound Realm
3rd Level At least 10th Level True Profound Realm
4th Level At least 5th Level Spirit Profound Realm
10th Level At least 3rd Level Earth Profound Realm
Spirit Profound 1st Level
2nd Level
3rd Level
Earth Profound 1st Level
6th Level Middle Stage Emperor Profound Realm
7th Level
10th Level Late Stage Emperor Profound Realm
Sky Profound 1st Level
5th Level
8th Level
10th Level Late stage Tyrant Profound Realm
Emperor Profound 3rd Level Early Stage Sovereign Profound Realm
4th Level
5th Level
6th Level Middle Stage Sovereign Profound Realm
Tyrant Profound 6th Level Half Step Divine Origin Realm
Sovereign Profound 1st Level 1st Level Divine Origin Realm
5th Level 6th Level Divine Origin Realm
8th Level
10th Level 7th Level Divine Origin Realm
Divine Origin 1st Level Early Stage Divine Soul Realm
2nd Level
Divine Soul 2nd Level 5th Level Divine Tribulation Realm
Divine Tribulation 1st Level Early Stage Divine Spirit Realm
8th Level 10th Level Divine Spirit Realm
9th Level At least 10th Level Divine Spirit Realm
Divine Spirit 5th Level At least 4th Level Divine King Realm
Divine King 1st Level Unknown

Great Way of the BuddhaEdit

The Great Way of the Buddha is a powerful divine art that allows Yun Che to have extremely fast regeneration, immense durability and immense bodily strength.

Level Chapter Age Details
1 147 16 2,000 Kg arm Strength
2 185 17 4,000 Kg arm Strength
3 290 18 10,000 Kg arm Strength
4 476 21 50,000 Kg arm Strength
5 1246 27 Unknown

Trivia Edit