Volume 1 Edit

You son of a b*tches, you want my Sky Poison Pearl… You. Are. All. Daydreaming!!
Yun Che after being backed into a corner [1]
Women are really the root of troubles. Still, I get to marry such a bride, this really was a good beginning.
Yun Che about Xia Qingyue after reincarnating [2]
In my heart, you are already my number one. Even if there are a hundred Xia Qingyue’s, she cannot catch up to you. You are irreplaceable.
Even though you married me to repay a debt of gratitude, you never considered me your husband. But there’s no way for me to act like you’re not my wife aside from divorcing you. Treating his woman well is also the most basic responsibility and most important honor for a man.
Because, I need to have a strong enough power. If I had enough power, my master wouldn’t have been forced to die, my family wouldn’t have had to suffer humiliation either… Previously, my profound veins were crippled, thus I had no qualifications to pursue strength. Now the heavens… Oh that’s not right, it was Jasmine who gave me a brand new set of profound veins, so of course I had no reason to continue to be lazy and negligent… And you! My little master Jasmine, you opened your mouth and the first thing you wanted me to do was to reach a realm that no one in the entire Blue Wind Empire, had ever reached before, in a mere thirty years; for your sake, how could I not be desperate?
If you killing one million three-hundred thousand people in one day was already an unforgivable sin, was already a demon, and was called blood-soaked Jasmine… Then, what about me, who in a day, had killed seven million and seven-hundred thousand people with poison; who also turned an entire city into a hell of deadly poison? To say demon… I am the real demon… Which was also why I never dared to sully the angel by my side… all the way till the day I lost her forever…
There are only two ultimate goals that a man pursues; one is to conquer the world, the other is to conquer women. To conquer the world is to reach a new height in life, but to conquer women, is to embellish the scenery of life. If one isn’t able to conquer the women that he wants, even if he conquered the entire world, he would still be at a lonely summit, and experience loneliness everywhere.
Yun Che talking about what a man really needs[7]
To fully understand a person, one would normally need a few years, around a decade, or even a few decades. However, if one wanted to know a person’s fundamental nature, only observing his eyes would be enough.
Against someone who I had no quarrels or enmity with, yet still wished to destroy me, I have absolutely no reason to be modest with my actions. If possible, I would kill him, and if otherwise, cripple him. Regardless of who he is, I would never hold back... This is one of the most basic principles of how I handle my affairs.

Volume 2 Edit

Kind people and innocent people should not be killed but killing these evil ones is not a sin. Instead, you will actually be saving others! Letting them leave is the true sin!
Yun Che talking about mercy to Cang Yue[10]
Because this is a sword used to protect.
— Why Yun Che picked the heavy sword[11]
I am my own way of heaven! I do not exist relying on you, or under your grace. In my world, I am the ruler of everything; at least during the time of my birth, everything in the world, existed because of me!
Yun Che's comprehension of the Great Way of the Buddha[12]
Acting conceited and arrogant is merely a show for others. But cautiousness, must always be hidden in the heart and it’s not necessary to reveal it to others. The former can allow me to live entirely free from worry, and the latter will allow me to live longer
Even though I am currently a mere eagle chick, give me time, and I will one day obtain wings. Please give me the opportunity to use my wings to protect you from the rain…. Even if the weather is too unstable and I cannot shelter you, I could still take Senior Sister and fly away. We can leave this land of unstable weathers forever to once again, look for a place that only belongs to us. This is the privilege I have because I like Senior Sister… Even if it’s Senior Sister, you still cannot take it away from me.
Yun Che's love towards Cang Yue[14]
Master’s words were correct. The myriad things of the world support and subdue each other. Life and death is a cycle, and karma and fate move in a circle, endless and eternal. There is an opposite side and an opposing side to everything; any illness that can appear can also be cured. In this world, there is no such thing as an incurable ailment; even if there is, that’s just because we haven’t found the cure yet. Since profound veins can fracture, there is definitely a method to repair them…definitely! Definitely!
Yun Che about Little Fairy’s injuries[15]
No matter what I lose, as long as I don’t lose my life, as long as I am still alive, then there is hope for getting it all back. Life is the greatest hope of all. When you are alive, anything is possible!
In terms of strength, I may be thousands of times weaker than you, but here you are, relying on me! You can seek death, you can try to kill yourself, or even give up. But I won’t. Because I’m a man. When a man must protect someone, only death can stop him!
Yun Che to Chu Yuechan in the Dragon God's Trial[16]

Volume 3 Edit

As a man, it’s not much if I lose to other people, but I definitely can’t lose to my own wife!! So what if she’s a tigress or a phoenix, I must firmly… Mn, ride her!!
Grandfather, you’ve suffered through a century of hardship; you must’ve longed to return to your homeland. Wait for the day I have the capability to set out for the Illusory Demon Realm; I will bring you back to the clan you have missed and worried about for this entire time. I will let you sleep peacefully on the soil of your homeland… Wait for when I have children; I will bring my wife and children, and visit you every year. I won’t let you be lonely…
Yun Che after Yun Canghai's death [18]

Volume 4 Edit

Hate me, frame me, assassinate me, I can temporarily endure. But if they dare laying a finger on any of you, no matter who it is, I’ll definitely not let them off! I will use Burning Heaven Clan’s annihilation to make everyone in the world know the consequences of harming you!
My good heart is only saved for those who are good to me. I’ve never known what pity I should be taking when treating those who are worse than dogs and pigs! The reason why I’ve waited for you to come to kill him is so that you can taste the pain and consequences of losing a loved one when provoking me!!
I…Am the demon among all demons. But I have never once taken a life in vain, or ever regretted every single life that I have taken. I believe you and I are alike in this sense.
The "in the name of the heavens" that you mention sounds like a joke to me! You have no right to scold me! If not for the title of "Sword Saint" that you hold, I wouldn’t even be interested in looking at you at all! Instead… Me eliminating the entire Burning Heaven Clan, is not only to quell my hated, but also truly in the name of the heavens!
If you really want me to say who’s the most important in my heart, that person, would definitely be you… Furthermore, it will forever be you. No matter who or what, you cannot be replaced! Therefore, I definitely will not allow anyone to say that my Little Aunt is inferior to others. Even if it was you yourself.
Dead, yet can be reborn; time, can be transversed against its flow; cause and effect can be tampered with, and even reincarnation can be crossed over… In this world, what else is there that’s impossible? Life and death, time, cause and effect, reincarnation… Which one of these aren’t the most basic of the heaven’s way, the most basic of natural laws? But, they had all been turned back! Moreover, it clearly and evidently happened on my body. In that case, the natural law of ice and fire, why can it not be defied?
Yun Che about his Ice Flame[24]

Volume 5 Edit

Even if the number one genius doctor told you that there is no cure, you still have to trust a person who claims that he might possibly cure her! Because if you miss this opportunity… you might miss the opportunity to save her life!
I’m afraid that I won’t be able to see my close ones and wives again… afraid that no one will protect them… afraid that I will not be able to complete the final wish that grandfather entrusted me… I’m afraid that I will not be able to see Little Fairy again within this lifetime, and our child… I’m afraid… of many things…

Volume 6 Edit

Priorities must be placed correctly and personal grudges should be put aside for now as revenge is best served cold.
Fate often plays all sorts of pranks on us; sometimes it is friendly, sometimes it is evil, and other times cruel, or even vicious. As a man, if you really want to be indomitable and independent, the first thing you must learn is to calmly face the changes that fate brings about! This requires one to be broad minded and have enough courage.
It was only then that I truly understood that the blade that hangs over the character of ‘tolerance’ was something that would not only cause me pain and suffering, but it might even cost me my life one day. So rather than being restrained by it, I’d rather force it onto my enemies!
I would never believe there is anything "absolute" in this world! Also, there is also no absolute peril!
What is a human? Humans can afford to not be invincible, can afford to not have any glorious achievements, and can afford to live a life of complete mediocrity. What makes someone human is not their shape or their independent will. The most important defining and most basic characteristic of what defines humanity is our human nature, our intrinsic sense of honor and our innate sense of what is right and wrong.
Sigh… Why do you need to be like that… I understand women… more than you…
Yun Che about the Little Demon Empress[31]
Before I had entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, everything that I had done in your name, including directly clashing with Duke Huai and disregarding my own life to go and save you, they were done for my departed grandfather, my parents, and my clan! At that time, you were only a figure to me… and that was the Little Demon Empress! I confess that my pride is higher than the heavens and my bones are more stubborn than rock, so I definitely will not swear loyalty to any person, but for the sake of my grandfather’s will and my family’s safety, I showed you the greatest loyalty I could have at that time!

Volume 7 Edit

Six years ago when we met as master and disciple, you were only a cripple with crippled profound veins. Master repaired your profound veins, guided you for three years, and none of the younger generations of the Seven Nations could be a match to you! Three years ago, master broke the space and brought you back from the Primordial Profound Ark, and until now, with your strength, you can already battle a Monarch! Even though you can’t kill them now, if you cultivate with your heart under master, in three more years, you would be able to kill any one of them with just a wave of your hand! In three more years, the whole Sun Moon Divine Hall will be under your feet. There is no need to harm your cultivating heart yourself today just for today’s pleasure!
Yun Che as "Duotian" [33]
As a person, the thing I hate the most is being plotted against and being used… No matter who it is by!
For the vast majority of men, being able to conquer the heart of the woman that you desire is more important than conquering the entire world. Even if a man is truly unrivaled under heaven and can look down upon the rest of the world, if he cannot conquer the heart of the woman that he loves, then he is still a failure. He himself will feel the same way as well. Also, protecting your own woman is something that is instinctive for every man; even if they died because of this...
Yun Che talking about what a women mean to a man.[35]
With every new day I’m unable to find them, my heart grows a little bit heavier. The biggest reason why I’m doing so much for Frozen Cloud Asgard, is because this is the place Little Fairy grew up in, the place which carries most of her feelings and memories. Only by doing so will it barely ease the guilt I have towards her… In the end, it’s nothing more than to console myself
Yun Che to Feng Xue'er about Chu Yuechan and their child[36]
My name is Yun Che and you will find no man more ordinary than I! Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign! The era of gods and devils has long since come to a close! A million years ago, you should have stopped existing in this world! Today, regardless of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, I would still have to consign you to the grave!!
What Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign? What ancient devil? What universal calamity… I don’t really give a crap about any of those things! The only thing I stayed behind to do was to obtain this Netherworld Udumbara Flower! Furthermore, I have exhausted so much strength and braved so much danger that I very nearly threw my life away, all so that I could protect this Netherworld Udumbara Flower that only has four petals left! If we do not manage to retrieve it, how do you expect me to be satisfied!?
In my life, I, Yun Che, have braved many storms and seas. I have experienced countless life and death struggles and innumerable calamities. Even an ancient devil that came from the Ancient Era one million years ago died under my blade!!
So how can I… be so miserably defeated by a mere Netherworld Udumbara Flower!!

Volume 8 Edit

The Four Great Sacred Grounds have always boasted that they were the guardians who watched over the borders of the Profound Sky Continent who would resist any attempts to invade by a foreign power. You were told that this foreign power was the Illusory Demon Realm! However, aside from the Four Great Sacred Grounds, has anyone of you truly witnessed the Illusory Demon Realm attempt to invade the Profound Sky Continent? Has anyone here come into contact with someone from the Illusory Demon Realm? Does anyone here truly know whether the Illusory Demon Realm and its people are truly wicked!? You have not! The only things you have heard is what the Four Great Sacred Grounds wanted you to hear! You are unable to distinguish who is the true villain between the Illusory Demon Realm and the Four Sacred Grounds! You are unable to see which party was the one seized by greed and stained by sin! But I have seen all of these things clearly and the heavens and earth have also witnessed these things as well. So, there will come a day where there will be reckoning!
Yun Che verbally slapping the Four Great Sacred Grounds[40]

Volume 9 Edit

I’ve always believed in one phrase… and my entire life… has always proven this phrase… in this world… nothing is impossible!
Yun Che talking about his motivations [41]
Someone like me is like the sun hanging in a night sky. No matter how much effort is put in, it’s impossible to cover this overly brilliant light.

Volume 10 Edit

The most terrifying kind of people in the world are those who never show others their true emotions. The most terrifying are those who are always pleasant and calm regardless of if they are facing a weak, ant-like cultivator or someone they hate!
This kind of person, they patiently bear everything and shrewdly make plans. Their minds are truly extremely terrifying… and it’s not terrifying in the normal sense. At the very least, I am completely unable to fully contain myself perfectly in the face of someone who I greatly resent. Naturally, I am even less able to talk cheerfully and humorously in such circumstances. These people normally don’t hurt others and are generally admired, praised, revered, and adored by others like a saint. However, once they make a decision to kill someone… they will be extremely careful and thorough. They will make a single death blow with absolute certainty and not leave any traces behind. They are like a dormant snake which suddenly shoots venom at the darkest moment of the night for the kill. Just thinking about it gives me the chills.
Yun Che referring to Mu Hanyi[43]
The issue with destiny is, whether it’s the destiny of a person or a nation’s, perhaps no one truly believe in it with all their heart, nor anyone finds it completely unbelievable. Similar to how there isn’t a single person who has the ability to really clarify whether our fates are decided by the heavens, or our own actions.
Yun Che's opinion about destiny. [44]
Disciple… is aware that he has committed a great sin… and would not ask Master for forgiveness… Disciple just does not want Master to experience a negative emotion such as anger… because of the unpardonable deed done by this disciple.... The flower in this disciple’s hand… is quite similar to the image of Master in this disciple’s heart… very beautiful… very cold… and… yet… actually…
Yun Che talking about his feelings for Mu Xuanyin[45]
Don’t worry, even if I have to travel through the entire God Realm, I will definitely find your sister! I will protect her… I’ll kill anyone who wants to harm her! Even if I have to give my life, I will never let her come to any harm! This I swear… I swear this upon my life!!
Yun Che's promise to He Lin[46]

Volume 11 Edit

Divine Master… Not only have I seen one… I’ve also done one!
Yun Che's thoughts while talking to Xiao Mo[47]
Both Master and Jasmine are my reasons for staying in the God Realm. It has been so for a long time now, but it’s just that I wasn’t aware of it. Therefore, I will return to the Blue Pole Star from the God Realm, and also return to the God Realm from the Blue Pole Star. So long as I’m not powerful enough, I want to follow beside Master at all times, and enjoy the protection under Master’s wings. If there comes a day when I become as powerful as I wish, I want to protect Master and Snow Song throughout my life. Anyone who dares to hurt Master will be my enemy for life.
Yun Che's renewed purpose and promise to Mu Xuanyin[48]