Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia

Volume 1

You son of a b*tches, you want my Sky Poison Pearl… You. Are. All. Daydreaming!!
Yun Che after being backed into a corner [1]
Women are really the root of troubles. Still, I get to marry such a bride, this really was a good beginning.
Yun Che about Xia Qingyue after reincarnating [2]
In my heart, you are already my number one. Even if there are a hundred Xia Qingyue’s, she cannot catch up to you. You are irreplaceable.
Even though you married me to repay a debt of gratitude, you never considered me your husband. But there’s no way for me to act like you’re not my wife aside from divorcing you. Treating his woman well is also the most basic responsibility and most important honor for a man.
Because, I need to have a strong enough power. If I had enough power, my master wouldn’t have been forced to die, my family wouldn’t have had to suffer humiliation either… Previously, my profound veins were crippled, thus I had no qualifications to pursue strength. Now the heavens… Oh that’s not right, it was Jasmine who gave me a brand new set of profound veins, so of course I had no reason to continue to be lazy and negligent… And you! My little master Jasmine, you opened your mouth and the first thing you wanted me to do was to reach a realm that no one in the entire Blue Wind Empire, had ever reached before, in a mere thirty years; for your sake, how could I not be desperate?
If you killing one million three-hundred thousand people in one day was already an unforgivable sin, was already a demon, and was called blood-soaked Jasmine… Then, what about me, who in a day, had killed seven million and seven-hundred thousand people with poison; who also turned an entire city into a hell of deadly poison? To say demon… I am the real demon… Which was also why I never dared to sully the angel by my side… all the way till the day I lost her forever…
There are only two ultimate goals that a man pursues; one is to conquer the world, the other is to conquer women. To conquer the world is to reach a new height in life, but to conquer women, is to embellish the scenery of life. If one isn’t able to conquer the women that he wants, even if he conquered the entire world, he would still be at a lonely summit, and experience loneliness everywhere.
Yun Che talking about what a man really needs[7]
To fully understand a person, one would normally need a few years, around a decade, or even a few decades. However, if one wanted to know a person’s fundamental nature, only observing his eyes would be enough.
Against someone who I had no quarrels or enmity with, yet still wished to destroy me, I have absolutely no reason to be modest with my actions. If possible, I would kill him, and if otherwise, cripple him. Regardless of who he is, I would never hold back... This is one of the most basic principles of how I handle my affairs.

Volume 2

Kind people and innocent people should not be killed but killing these evil ones is not a sin. Instead, you will actually be saving others! Letting them leave is the true sin!
Yun Che talking about mercy to Cang Yue[10]
Because this is a sword used to protect.
— Why Yun Che picked the heavy sword[11]
I am my own way of heaven! I do not exist relying on you, or under your grace. In my world, I am the ruler of everything; at least during the time of my birth, everything in the world, existed because of me!
Yun Che's comprehension of the Great Way of the Buddha[12]
Acting conceited and arrogant is merely a show for others. But cautiousness, must always be hidden in the heart and it’s not necessary to reveal it to others. The former can allow me to live entirely free from worry, and the latter will allow me to live longer
Even though I am currently a mere eagle chick, give me time, and I will one day obtain wings. Please give me the opportunity to use my wings to protect you from the rain…. Even if the weather is too unstable and I cannot shelter you, I could still take Senior Sister and fly away. We can leave this land of unstable weathers forever to once again, look for a place that only belongs to us. This is the privilege I have because I like Senior Sister… Even if it’s Senior Sister, you still cannot take it away from me.
Yun Che's love towards Cang Yue[14]
Master’s words were correct. The myriad things of the world support and subdue each other. Life and death is a cycle, and karma and fate move in a circle, endless and eternal. There is an opposite side and an opposing side to everything; any illness that can appear can also be cured. In this world, there is no such thing as an incurable ailment; even if there is, that’s just because we haven’t found the cure yet. Since profound veins can fracture, there is definitely a method to repair them…definitely! Definitely!
Yun Che about Little Fairy’s injuries[15]
No matter what I lose, as long as I don’t lose my life, as long as I am still alive, then there is hope for getting it all back. Life is the greatest hope of all. When you are alive, anything is possible!
In terms of strength, I may be thousands of times weaker than you, but here you are, relying on me! You can seek death, you can try to kill yourself, or even give up. But I won’t. Because I’m a man. When a man must protect someone, only death can stop him!
Yun Che to Chu Yuechan in the Dragon God's Trial[16]

Volume 3

As a man, it’s not much if I lose to other people, but I definitely can’t lose to my own wife!! So what if she’s a tigress or a phoenix, I must firmly… Mn, ride her!!
Grandfather, you’ve suffered through a century of hardship; you must’ve longed to return to your homeland. Wait for the day I have the capability to set out for the Illusory Demon Realm; I will bring you back to the clan you have missed and worried about for this entire time. I will let you sleep peacefully on the soil of your homeland… Wait for when I have children; I will bring my wife and children, and visit you every year. I won’t let you be lonely…
Yun Che after Yun Canghai's death [18]

Volume 4

Hate me, frame me, assassinate me, I can temporarily endure. But if they dare laying a finger on any of you, no matter who it is, I’ll definitely not let them off! I will use Burning Heaven Clan’s annihilation to make everyone in the world know the consequences of harming you!
My good heart is only saved for those who are good to me. I’ve never known what pity I should be taking when treating those who are worse than dogs and pigs! The reason why I’ve waited for you to come to kill him is so that you can taste the pain and consequences of losing a loved one when provoking me!!
I…Am the demon among all demons. But I have never once taken a life in vain, or ever regretted every single life that I have taken. I believe you and I are alike in this sense.
The "in the name of the heavens" that you mention sounds like a joke to me! You have no right to scold me! If not for the title of "Sword Saint" that you hold, I wouldn’t even be interested in looking at you at all! Instead… Me eliminating the entire Burning Heaven Clan, is not only to quell my hated, but also truly in the name of the heavens!
If you really want me to say who’s the most important in my heart, that person, would definitely be you… Furthermore, it will forever be you. No matter who or what, you cannot be replaced! Therefore, I definitely will not allow anyone to say that my Little Aunt is inferior to others. Even if it was you yourself.
Dead, yet can be reborn; time, can be transversed against its flow; cause and effect can be tampered with, and even reincarnation can be crossed over… In this world, what else is there that’s impossible? Life and death, time, cause and effect, reincarnation… Which one of these aren’t the most basic of the heaven’s way, the most basic of natural laws? But, they had all been turned back! Moreover, it clearly and evidently happened on my body. In that case, the natural law of ice and fire, why can it not be defied?
Yun Che about his Ice Flame[24]

Volume 5

Even if the number one genius doctor told you that there is no cure, you still have to trust a person who claims that he might possibly cure her! Because if you miss this opportunity… you might miss the opportunity to save her life!
I’m afraid that I won’t be able to see my close ones and wives again… afraid that no one will protect them… afraid that I will not be able to complete the final wish that grandfather entrusted me… I’m afraid that I will not be able to see Little Fairy again within this lifetime, and our child… I’m afraid… of many things…

Volume 6

Priorities must be placed correctly and personal grudges should be put aside for now as revenge is best served cold.
Fate often plays all sorts of pranks on us; sometimes it is friendly, sometimes it is evil, and other times cruel, or even vicious. As a man, if you really want to be indomitable and independent, the first thing you must learn is to calmly face the changes that fate brings about! This requires one to be broad minded and have enough courage.
It was only then that I truly understood that the blade that hangs over the character of ‘tolerance’ was something that would not only cause me pain and suffering, but it might even cost me my life one day. So rather than being restrained by it, I’d rather force it onto my enemies!
I would never believe there is anything "absolute" in this world! Also, there is also no absolute peril!
What is a human? Humans can afford to not be invincible, can afford to not have any glorious achievements, and can afford to live a life of complete mediocrity. What makes someone human is not their shape or their independent will. The most important defining and most basic characteristic of what defines humanity is our human nature, our intrinsic sense of honor and our innate sense of what is right and wrong.
Sigh… Why do you need to be like that… I understand women… more than you…
Yun Che about the Little Demon Empress[31]
Before I had entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, everything that I had done in your name, including directly clashing with Duke Huai and disregarding my own life to go and save you, they were done for my departed grandfather, my parents, and my clan! At that time, you were only a figure to me… and that was the Little Demon Empress! I confess that my pride is higher than the heavens and my bones are more stubborn than rock, so I definitely will not swear loyalty to any person, but for the sake of my grandfather’s will and my family’s safety, I showed you the greatest loyalty I could have at that time!

Volume 7

Six years ago when we met as master and disciple, you were only a cripple with crippled profound veins. Master repaired your profound veins, guided you for three years, and none of the younger generations of the Seven Nations could be a match to you! Three years ago, master broke the space and brought you back from the Primordial Profound Ark, and until now, with your strength, you can already battle a Monarch! Even though you can’t kill them now, if you cultivate with your heart under master, in three more years, you would be able to kill any one of them with just a wave of your hand! In three more years, the whole Sun Moon Divine Hall will be under your feet. There is no need to harm your cultivating heart yourself today just for today’s pleasure!
Yun Che as "Duotian" [33]
As a person, the thing I hate the most is being plotted against and being used… No matter who it is by!
For the vast majority of men, being able to conquer the heart of the woman that you desire is more important than conquering the entire world. Even if a man is truly unrivaled under heaven and can look down upon the rest of the world, if he cannot conquer the heart of the woman that he loves, then he is still a failure. He himself will feel the same way as well. Also, protecting your own woman is something that is instinctive for every man; even if they died because of this...
Yun Che talking about what a women mean to a man.[35]
With every new day I’m unable to find them, my heart grows a little bit heavier. The biggest reason why I’m doing so much for Frozen Cloud Asgard, is because this is the place Little Fairy grew up in, the place which carries most of her feelings and memories. Only by doing so will it barely ease the guilt I have towards her… In the end, it’s nothing more than to console myself
Yun Che to Feng Xue'er about Chu Yuechan and their child[36]
My name is Yun Che and you will find no man more ordinary than I! Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign! The era of gods and devils has long since come to a close! A million years ago, you should have stopped existing in this world! Today, regardless of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, I would still have to consign you to the grave!!
What Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign? What ancient devil? What universal calamity… I don’t really give a crap about any of those things! The only thing I stayed behind to do was to obtain this Netherworld Udumbara Flower! Furthermore, I have exhausted so much strength and braved so much danger that I very nearly threw my life away, all so that I could protect this Netherworld Udumbara Flower that only has four petals left! If we do not manage to retrieve it, how do you expect me to be satisfied!?
In my life, I, Yun Che, have braved many storms and seas. I have experienced countless life and death struggles and innumerable calamities. Even an ancient devil that came from the Ancient Era one million years ago died under my blade!!
So how can I… be so miserably defeated by a mere Netherworld Udumbara Flower!!

Volume 8

The Four Great Sacred Grounds have always boasted that they were the guardians who watched over the borders of the Profound Sky Continent who would resist any attempts to invade by a foreign power. You were told that this foreign power was the Illusory Demon Realm! However, aside from the Four Great Sacred Grounds, has anyone of you truly witnessed the Illusory Demon Realm attempt to invade the Profound Sky Continent? Has anyone here come into contact with someone from the Illusory Demon Realm? Does anyone here truly know whether the Illusory Demon Realm and its people are truly wicked!? You have not! The only things you have heard is what the Four Great Sacred Grounds wanted you to hear! You are unable to distinguish who is the true villain between the Illusory Demon Realm and the Four Sacred Grounds! You are unable to see which party was the one seized by greed and stained by sin! But I have seen all of these things clearly and the heavens and earth have also witnessed these things as well. So, there will come a day where there will be reckoning!
Yun Che verbally slapping the Four Great Sacred Grounds[40]

Volume 9

I’ve always believed in one phrase… and my entire life… has always proven this phrase… in this world… nothing is impossible!
Yun Che talking about his motivations [41]
Someone like me is like the sun hanging in a night sky. No matter how much effort is put in, it’s impossible to cover this overly brilliant light.

Volume 10

The most terrifying kind of people in the world are those who never show others their true emotions. The most terrifying are those who are always pleasant and calm regardless of if they are facing a weak, ant-like cultivator or someone they hate! This kind of person, they patiently bear everything and shrewdly make plans. Their minds are truly extremely terrifying… and it’s not terrifying in the normal sense. At the very least, I am completely unable to fully contain myself perfectly in the face of someone who I greatly resent. Naturally, I am even less able to talk cheerfully and humorously in such circumstances. These people normally don’t hurt others and are generally admired, praised, revered, and adored by others like a saint. However, once they make a decision to kill someone… they will be extremely careful and thorough. They will make a single death blow with absolute certainty and not leave any traces behind. They are like a dormant snake which suddenly shoots venom at the darkest moment of the night for the kill. Just thinking about it gives me the chills.
Yun Che when talking to Mu Xiaolan and referring to Mu Hanyi[43]
The issue with destiny is, whether it’s the destiny of a person or a nation’s, perhaps no one truly believe in it with all their heart, nor anyone finds it completely unbelievable. Similar to how there isn’t a single person who has the ability to really clarify whether our fates are decided by the heavens, or our own actions.
Yun Che's opinion about destiny. [44]
You sure are insane.
Disciple… is aware that he has committed a great sin… and would not ask Master for forgiveness… Disciple just does not want Master to experience a negative emotion such as anger… because of the unpardonable deed done by this disciple.... The flower in this disciple’s hand… is quite similar to the image of Master in this disciple’s heart… very beautiful… very cold… and… yet… actually…
Yun Che talking about his feelings for Mu Xuanyin[46]
Don’t worry, even if I have to travel through the entire God Realm, I will definitely find your sister! I will protect her… I’ll kill anyone who wants to harm her! Even if I have to give my life, I will never let her come to any harm! This I swear… I swear this upon my life!!
Yun Che's promise to He Lin[47]

Volume 11

Divine Master… Not only have I seen one… I’ve also done one!
Yun Che's thoughts while talking to Xiao Mo[48]
Both Master and Jasmine are my reasons for staying in the God Realm. It has been so for a long time now, but it’s just that I wasn’t aware of it. Therefore, I will return to the Blue Pole Star from the God Realm, and also return to the God Realm from the Blue Pole Star. So long as I’m not powerful enough, I want to follow beside Master at all times, and enjoy the protection under Master’s wings. If there comes a day when I become as powerful as I wish, I want to protect Master and Snow Song throughout my life. Anyone who dares to hurt Master will be my enemy for life.
Yun Che's renewed purpose and promise to Mu Xuanyin[49]

Volume 14

Heh heh…there’s no need for that. At that time, you were the only friend I had in the God Realm. No matter whether it was ruthlessly suppressing Jun Xilei in order to help you vent your anger or helping you resolve your inner demons, these are all things that I should have done anyways. So you never ever need to mention the word ‘recompense’ to me.
To the you whose heart was solely focused on the profound way back then, the you who would grow despondent if you suffered a defeat in a contest of profound strength, the current you has truly been reborn… and this rebirth is far from limited to your cultivation in the profound way. The way you are now, perhaps you already have the qualifications to take responsibility for the future of the Flame God Realm and become the Flame God Realm King.
— Yun Che talking about how Huo Poyun had been "reborn" [50]
The reason why I did not expose you in front of everyone was because I know that when a person’s heart and emotions are thrown into extreme chaos, they will do things that are completely irrational, things that they dare not believe that they had done afterwards… The reason you came to the Snow Song Realm was because you regretted your actions. When Luo Guxie suddenly launched her attack against me, the reason why you protected me with your life was partly because of guilt but it was also because you truly wanted to. Also, the most important reason is that…you were previously the only friend I had in the God Realm.
— End of a friendship - Yun Che and Huo Poyun [50]
Listen, after I had just finished the ceremony of taking her as my master back then, Master did indeed nominate Feixue to be my dual cultivation partner and she even announced it in front of everyone. However… I rejected it and Master consented to my decision as well. But because Master had announced this thing in front of everyone, if she were to then announce publicly that I had rejected Mu Feixue, it would have undoubtedly led to Mu Feixue being ridiculed by others. As a result, this was not announced to the public. But Feixue and I never had a relationship as dual cultivation partners and the amount of time have I spent interacting with her during the years I was in the Snow Song Realm did not even amount to the few words exchanged between us in the Illusory Smoke City! If you don’t believe me, you can go straight to my master and ask for proof right now! Whether you believe it or not is up to you. This is no longer something important to me. Also, this is the last time I will call you Brother Poyun. Young Sect Master Huo… See you some other time.
— Yun Che explaining to Huo Poyun his relationship with Mu Feixue [50]
She’s still alive… She’s still alive… She’s still alive… Jasmine, is she really still alive!? Jasmine is still alive… Jasmine… He… Hehe… Ah… Haha… Hahahaha… Thats right… she’s definitely still alive… Surely the heavens would not be so cruel to her… Even someone like me who deserves to go to hell is still alive… I should have long realized that she was definitely still alive…
— Yun Che's joy and disbelief learning that Jasmine is still alive from Mu Xuanyin [51]
I will definitely find her… I definitely will! However, it won’t be now. The current me has no right to look for her. She’s still alive and to me, that is already an enormous blessing. As for the rest… no matter if she is the Evil Infant, no matter if the entire world becomes my enemy, no matter how much resistance I face… At the very least, I will still be able to see her.
— Yun Che's deep feelings and resolve to find Jasmine. [52]
She’s still alive... Evil Infant...Evil Infant... Because of me… she became the Evil Infant...No, you’re still alive and that's the most wonderful thing in the world. What devil, what Evil Infant, none of it is important! Initially, you had promised me that if there was a next life, we would surely meet again… But now, our lives have not ended yet, so there is no need for a next life. I will find you no matter what!
— Yun Che thinking about Jasmine after learning that she's still alive. [52]
Old villain Xing, to think that there would come a day where you ended up like this. It looks like even the heavens will grow eyes every now and then. That’s right, I am Yun Che. However, it’s such a pity… that I am not a ghost.
— Yun Che discovering Xing Juekong sealed in ice. [53]
He, hehe…Now that it has come to this, you actually still want to hold me hostage over my relationship with Caizhi? And you still want Caizhi to bear the future of the Star God Realm on her shoulders? Are you worthy? You’re not worthy! You’re not even worthy enough to mention her name! It’s not that you’re not worthy of being a father, you’re not worthy of being a human being! Xisu… Jasmine… Caizhi… Your own children by blood, each one more excellent than the next. They were rare treasures bestowed upon you by the heavens, rare treasures bestowed to the Star God Realm! But you! What did you do with them!?
— Yun Che receiving the Star God Wheel from Xing Juekong [54]

To hear those words coming out of your mouth really is quite laughable. Just how exalted an existence was the previous Star God Realm? Yet it was destroyed and ruined in a single night. And who exactly was the main culprit behind all of this? You have already let down the ancestors and the forefathers of the Star God Realm long ago, and after you die, even if they have to barge into hell, they will still fight over who gets to rip you to shreds and make it so that you can never reincarnate!
— Yun Che to Xing Juekong [54]

Appearance wise, the two of you don’t really look all that similar to each other. But personality wise? That is a completely different story. You both give off the feeling that you’re a block of ice all the way down to the heart, and it is as if emotions would eternally remain a foreign concept to you even though you possess such amazing beauty. When I met you for the first time, especially because your back was the first thing I glimpsed… there were several instances that I thought that I’d finally found her.
— Yun Che telling Mu Feixue the resemblance between herself and Chu Yuechan [55]
Wow, wow… it’s been three millennia, my girl. How on earth do you still have this with you? You’re not secretly in love with me, are you?
— Yun Che teasing Jun Xilei when he get back the Ice Phoenix Snow Robe from her. [56]
You are exactly right, Senior Sword Sovereign. Four years ago she was just a little girl who hadn’t grown up yet, so it’s understandable for her to be arrogant, conceited, and irritable. But now she’s three thousand years old and she’s still screaming bloody murder at the slightest provocation…
— Yun Che to Jun Wuming taunting Jun Xilei [56]
Qingyue. Back then, when we got married, everyone felt that you were extremely distant to me, and I was the only one who did not feel that way. The last time we were reunited, when I approached you in the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace, you showed no apprehension whatsoever... But this time, I can’t help but feel that you are very distant from me. There is even a… a sense of reverence that may perhaps sound extremely ridiculous to you.
— Yun Che to Xia Qingyue after she became the Moon God Emperor. [57]
Speaking of my master…. She isn’t just my master, but also my greatest benefactor in the entire God Realm. She treats me extremely well, to the point where….. If I said it out loud, you would think it unimaginable. I oftentimes think to myself… Why would she even treat me so well?
— Yun Che to Xia Qingyue about Mu Xuanyin [57]
Time is truly such a frightening thing. The two of us got married that year in Floating Cloud City. That was our small world and we were but mere mortals then. The me at that time knew you were going to leave me soon so I only dreamt up ways to take advantage of you every day. And now, in the short span of just over ten years, you’ve actually already become the god emperor of a king realm…Perhaps, in this world, it will be hard to find another person whose fate is more bizarre than ours.
— Yun Che and Xia Qingyue's relationship. [58]
Are… you really very happy? I mean, we’ve hardly had any interactions and we don’t even understand each other. It wasn’t because of my strength that I defeated you on the Conferred God Stage back then… And uh, marriage is a big matter that affects the rest of your life, you really don’t feel that this is strange, you really won’t regret it?
— Yun Che asking Shui Meiyin is she won't regret her wish to marry him later on. [58]
Let me tell you something, what those two ‘older sisters’ did is called… the thing that you must do everyday after we get married, understand?
— Yun Che teasing and flirting with Shui Meiyin. [59]
Hong’er is my most treasured companion, it’s natural for me to be good to her. You’er… saved my life back then. It’s only right for me to take care of her.
— Yun Che about Hong'er and You'er to Jie Yuan [60]
Senior, even though your daughter was separated into two people, Hong’er and You’er, her memories and her past disappeared the moment she was separated. And as for the current Hong’er and You’er… Hong’er is already a complete existence who loves and enjoys her current life. Even though You’er’ is merely an incomplete spirit, she has developed her own personality and memories over the years… even if they may be unpleasant memories. So, however Hong’er or You’er’s current state is, they are both entirely different and independent existences. If they were to merge, the completed ‘daughter’ would also mean… obliterating Hong’er and You’er and they would disappear forever. Thus, I don’t agree. And I think that Hong’er and You’er definitely won’t be willing to do so either.
— Yun Che do not agree to fuse Hong'er and You'er [60]
If you seriously can’t wait, we can always go through the wedding night first. How about tonight?
— Yun Che teasing the little lass Shui Meiyin who want to marry him quickly. [61]

“Why should I put my guard up in front of you!? You may be the Moon God Emperor to everyone else, but you will always be my official wife Xia Qingyue! Besides, you’re the only ‘old friend’ I have in the entire God Realm. Why in the world should I speak or act cautiously around you?
— Yun Che's trust in Xia Qingyue [62]
Tch! Going to bring up our torn marriage contract again, aren’t you? I’m telling you it’s useless! Our marriage record is still preserved nicely at Floating Cloud City, and our wedding witnesses are alive and well. According to the laws of Floating Cloud City, you and I are husband and wife unless I’ve divorced you, or if you bring proof of my failure to fulfill my husbandly responsibilities to the court and sit through a convoluted marriage cancellation process! Otherwise, we’ll always be husband and wife! You think tearing up a marriage contract counts as an official cancellation of marriage? Hmph! The new god emperor of the Moon God Realm is so childish.
— Yun Che denying the " divorce " between himself and Xia Qingyue [62]
Trust is indeed something that is very extravagant because it can be broken too easily, and once it is broken, even if it was broken just once, it can never be fully mended again. Because of my past experience, I find it extremely hard to truly trust someone. This is the one thing that you really don’t need to worry about when it comes to me. But I have to make an exception for my wives, parents, and daughter, right?
— Yun Che and Xia Qingyue talking about trust. [63]
What you said is correct. I too sensed that my temperament has indeed changed because of Wuxin. But to me, Wuxin is not only the most important family I have in this life, but she is also my source of strength. It’s also because of Wuxin… and a matter that I don’t want to recall, that I made a promise to her to become the number one in this universe, so that she would not have to face any more dangers or be bullied anymore. This is also another motive for returning to the God Realm…
— Yun Che to Xia Qingyue about Yun Wuxin [63]
Male concubines? If you truly dared to take any, I will kill as many as you have taken!
— Yun Che threaten Xia Qingyue [64]
There is no special reason. I just didn’t feel like bloodying my hands too much during these past few years. I’m sure you must find this hilarious, but you’ll probably understand what I mean after you have your own children. In fact, the amount of people I saved during the crimson calamity far exceeds the amount of people I’ve killed in the past. Maybe that’s why my mindset is tending more and more towards harmony as of late, especially when I was around my daughter.
— Yun Che to Xia Qingyue about the reason why he didn't killed people ever since he reunited with his daughter. [65]

Moreover, there exists a special wall between her and the Dragon Monarch, a wall that no outsider would ever believe unless they saw it with their own eyes, and that was before mentioning a certain bigger, more special reason. Unless she had no other choice, she would never borrow anything from the Dragon Monarch or owe him anything. Therefore… Even if she was planning to go into secluded cultivation for a long time, she would never ask the Dragon Monarch to build another sealing barrier for her.
— Yun Che to Xia Qingyue about the relation between Shen Xi and Long Bai [66]
What is it? I’ve never seen you wear anything like this, but you’re wearing this one close to your person, and you hadn’t taken it off even when we were screwing over Qianye Fantian just now… Say, it’s not a gift from another man, is it!?
— Yun Che asking about Xia Qingyue's bronze mirror. [66]
Miss Jin Yue. I suddenly understand why Qingyue values you so much. People are always curious, especially women. So anyone else would have been extremely curious about the item that I had intentionally passed to your master back then. I remember back then, the box that kept the marriage contract was but an ordinary one and there was no profound energy used to seal it away. Given your cultivation, you’d only need to sweep your spiritual perception over it to know what it was without letting anyone know about it. But you didn’t do that and didn’t even know that it had disappeared. So it goes to show that your spiritual perception did not even intrude in the slightest. This is something that very few people would truly be able to do, if it were me…I can say that I would definitely not be able to do so. I think that your Master has definitely never blamed you over this matter. No one else would blame you for it either. Rather, they would praise and cherish you even more. Qingyue is really fortunate to have someone like you accompanying her, it truly puts one at ease.
— Yun Che to Jin Yue about her mistake back then. [67]
Miss Jin Yue, if you are ever unhappy being by Qingyue’s side, you must remember to look for me. If I have someone like you by my side, I would be laughing even in my sleep.
— Yun Che won't say no if Jin Yue want to come to his side in the future. [67]
What sort of brilliant move did Qingyue use on you for you to actually view her in this manner… Mn, it looks like I must ask her for guidance the next time I make a trip to the Moon God Realm, it will make it so much easier for me to deceive girls in the future.
— Yun Che joking with Jin Yue. [67]
It’s no wonder that you hardly ever laugh. You look so beautiful when you laugh… and that is far too dangerous.
— Yun Che praising Jin Yue [67]
No matter what becomes of her, she can only be my woman for her entire life, unless I initiate the divorce… Oh right, that applies to you as well since you said yourself that you would serve her your entire life, hahahaha.
— Yun Che's feelings for Xia Qingyue, teasing Jin Yue [67]
I also have Master. Master is the greatest and most important protector god to me… you always have been.
— Yun Che's trust and affection to Mu Xuanyin [68]
Jasmine, I originally thought that I had lost you forever. Hearing news of you being still alive sounded like the most beautiful celestial music I have ever heard. What Evil Infant bringing disaster to the universe… As long as you are still alive, everything else is inconsequential. You knew from the start that I had the Flame of Nirvana that was bestowed to me by the Phoenix Spirit, so you must also know that I am still alive… But you did not search for me or even appear to anyone else in these few years. I know why… No one understands you better than I do in this universe. This time, I will never let you run away, no matter that.
— Yun Che's thoughts about Jasmine [68]
She definitely isn’t too far away from me. Because I know her. Everyone is afraid of her name, be it in the Star God Realm or outside of it. No one dares to go near her and even more so, she does not want to get close to others. But I know that she actually is someone who is afraid to be alone. She would not like the God Realm of Absolute Beginning because it is a world that is too desolate. Thus, she would not be willing to go too deep in. But more than that, she would be silently observing those at the border region, who are practicing to gain experience, to reduce her loneliness. So that she would be able to gather some news outside the realm… especially news about me.
— Yun Che to He Ling about Jasmine [69]
Jasmine! I know that you’re here, I know that you’re already here! Come out! Hurry up and come out!! I’m still alive, you’re also still alive. I not only managed to survive, I also no longer need to be as wary and apprehensive as I was back then. I even managed to plant a slave imprint on Qianye, the person we feared the most back then. So why are you deliberately avoiding me!? In this world, no one else can find you except for me. Because I know that you can definitely sense my arrival and I also know that you are definitely by my side right now. No matter what you’ve become, you will always be my Jasmine… and this is something that will never change! If you are deliberately playing a game of hide and seek with me, you’ve played long enough now. If you are furious that I took such a long time to find you despite clearly being alive, then, could you please come out and punish me however you wish…
— Yun Che urging Jasmine to show herself in front of him. [70]
Jasmine, when I lost my life back then, the words that you said to me are words that I will never ever forget for as long as I live. Right now, I am perfectly alive, yet you want to be so distant from me. Could it be you will only be willing to see me… if I’m dead…Jasmine, if I have to be on the border between life and death… before you are willing to see me… then I am willing… to die again!!
— Yun Che injuring himself viciously to force Jasmine to show herself. [70]
It’s been so many years since I’ve heard you call me an idiot, I felt as if my life was missing something. Especially the last few years, I thought that I had lost you forever. After that, I learned that you were still alive… and now I’ve finally found you once again. There is no better gift in this world than this feeling of finding something you’ve lost.
— Yun Che and Jasmine's reunion. [70]
Do you still remember what you told me three years ago? You said, if there is a next life, no matter whether I am man or demon, plant or beast, you would still definitely find me… Right now, I’m standing right in front of you, so why do you want to run away?
— Yun Che reminding Jasmine's words. [70]
No, actually, I know the reason. Jasmine, you’ve changed, you changed a long time ago. It’s just that I had never truly noticed it.
— Yun Che to Jasmine about her being no longer Jasmine but the Evil Infant. [70]
Do you still remember the words you told me when we first met… You said that you were the ‘Blood-soaked Jasmine’, that you had killed a countless number of people and had been dyed in a countless amount of blood. Moreover, you said that you had countless more people that you needed to kill. Moreover, at that time, whenever you inadvertently released your killing intent, it always filled me with shock and fear. After I came to the God Realm, I also heard that after you became the Heavenly Slaughter Star God, you massacred a subordinate star realm of the Moon God Realm in order to vent your hatred and you killed hundreds of thousands of people in the span of a single night. However, the Heavenly Slaughter Star God who returned to the God Realm later, who was clearly even stronger than before, no longer released her killing intent and hatred against the innocent. After that, you were cheated and hurt by your own father, you were abandoned to be a sacrifice by the Star God Realm and because of my death, you awakened the Evil Infant inside your body… You, someone who had suffered so much hurt and betrayal, was more than entitled to hate the world and vent all of your hatred and resentment. However, you did not do so. You clearly had the power to overwhelm everything, but during these three years, you didn’t make a single appearance, and it seems like you also haven’t killed a single person. At the beginning, you had battled four king realms without fear, killing the Moon God Emperor and severely injuring the other three god emperors. So why did you suddenly escape after that and choose to go into hiding? Furthermore, you did not use the Evil Infant’s power to cause any disaster because of your hatred and resentment. It was because… at that time, you thought that I was dead, but after that, you recalled that I possessed the Flame of Nirvana that was given to me by the Phoenix Spirit and you knew that I would be resurrected. That was the only reason.
— Jasmine before, Jasmine after. [70]
My Jasmine has changed. She is no longer that Heavenly Slaughter Star God that was filled with killing intent and hatred, that Heavenly Slaughter Star God who viewed all living beings as nothing more than grass. Instead, you’ve become kind and hesitant, and even a little lost and weak. However, all of these are not changes in your temperament. Rather, they were changes that you forced, impulses that you curbed with extreme effort… All because of me. You put me above all of your resentment, hatred and killing intent. Subconsciously, you were afraid that the blood on your hands would affect me, because you knew that no matter what you did, I would definitely shoulder it with you.
— Jasmine changed because of Yun Che [71]
Right now, everyone calls you the ‘Evil Infant’ and all of them fear you… That’s fine. Your strength, your appearance, your name, your temperament… it’s fine even if all of these things have changed. In my world, you will forever be the Jasmine that is most important to me, the Jasmine that I can least afford to lose… No matter what happens, this is something that will never change.
— Yun Che will always cherish his Jasmine no matter what she became. [71]
No, I do understand. But, no matter how the world looks at you, why does it even matter to us? If possessing darkness profound energy means that you are a devil, then I am a devil as well. Furthermore, you were the first person in the world to know I was a ‘devil’, but you never loathed me for it.
— Yun Che not agreeing with Jasmine [71]
I’m not afraid and I don’t care either! My Jasmine is so clever that she will definitely understand one thing. I would rather make an enemy of the entire world than for you to hide from me forever. Do you truly have the heart to make me go through such cruel torture?
— Jasmine is more important than the world for Yun Che. [71]
You’re worried that I would… break off with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor because of you?
— Yun Che asking Jasmine after the words spoken by the Evil Infant. [72]
Jasmine, let’s make a bet shall we? If I am able to get the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor to accept your existence, you will leave this place with me and then use your powers to protect me. If I fail temporarily, I will not force you to leave this place with me, until I succeed or if things take a turn for the better one day, alright?
— Yun Che telling Jasmine that he will never let her go. [72]
This is the most precious gift I’ve ever received in my life. I will wear them forever. This way, I’ll always be able to listen to your voice no matter where I am.
— Yun Che to Yun Wuxin after he received her gift (Glazed Sound Stone). [73]

Wuxin, please remember this. No matter what happened in the past or will happen in the future, I will always be the luckiest man alive as long as you’re safe and happy.
— Yun Che to his daughter. [73]

Volume 15

Uncle Xiao, Aunt Xiao, and grandmother have all passed away because of me. You should have blamed me and hated me for my role in their passing. But not only did you raise me to adulthood without ever abandoning me or looking down on me, you treated me better than even Lingxi, your real daughter. You could never bring yourself to scold or punish me too harshly for the mistakes I made. Moreover, you have had to swallow countless injustices for me, and to heal my profound veins you even bowed and begged countless people for a cure despite your given name, ‘Lie’ (Fierce). You shouldn’t say that this is reciprocation and good fortune, grandfather. It is simply the filial duty that any grown junior should perform… even now, this is nothing but a drop in the sea of kindness that I still owe you. It is my honor to encounter you in this life, grandfather.
— Yun Che sincere feelings for his adoptive grandfather Xiao Lie. [74]
This is Wuxin’s gift to me! She searched everywhere and made it for me herself! It’s pretty, isn’t it!? Listen to this… "Daddy, Wuxin is thinking about you." So Yuanba, go find a wife and make a couple of children already! When that happens, you’ll discover that your entire world has changed.
— Yun Che boasting about his daughter to Xia Yuanba [74]
You’re right. I’ve met Qingyue already. She’s currently in the God Realm. She’s doing very well, and you don’t need to worry about her at all. In fact, her cultivation and her status are far beyond your wildest imagination. However… she cannot return home. The situation is very complicated. It’d take a long time to explain it all. There is one thing I can tell you for certain though: it’s not that she doesn’t want to return, and she has never abandoned you and your father. It’s just that a special reason is keeping her from returning to you.
— Yun Che admitting to Xia Yuanba that he already found Xia Qingyue
Get… out!! Get out of my sight right now!! Tell everyone in Demon Imperial City that I will personally break the leg of anyone who dares to propose marriage to my daughter again!
— Yun Che's fury after having heard Su Zhizhan proposing marriage between Su Hanlou and Yun Wuxin [75]
Well deserved my ass! He thinks his little brat is deserving of my daughter? Dream on!
— Yun Che cursing Su Zhizhan to Xiao Lingxi [75]
That’s right. I finally understand why the Heretic God broke the worst taboo to be with you, and why he abandoned the title of Creation God after he lost you. You are definitely worthy of him. You’re more worthy of him than anyone else in the entire world.
— Yun Che to Jie Yuan about herself and Ni Xuan [76]
If I was you, I wouldn’t be able to answer that question, Senior. But as a selfish mortal of the Primal Chaos… I believe that it is worth it. The current Primal Chaos is undoubtedly lowly and weak compared to the old world. It has also developed its own stable laws and mature rules of survival, stable planes and worlds since the passing of the gods and devils. I won’t deny that there are many despicable and dark corners in this world, and some are more than enough to drive a person into despair, but ultimately I believe the good in this world ultimately outweighs the bad... If nothing else, I believe that it is worth everything I have to protect.
— Is this world worth Jie Yuan's sacrifice? [76]
I’ve lost many things in my life, but I’ve always regained them all in the end. I’ve experienced many moments of despair, but there was always a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve also received malice countless times, but time and time again my life has told me that there is always more good than malice in this world. The people at the top of this world also wish for a stable order. The Eternal Heaven God Realm especially is a world that strives to punish the taboo and evil in order to ensure the peace and stability of all of the Primal Chaos.That’s why I’m sure a day like this will never come,” Yun Che said. “I’m sure you arrived at this decision because you believed the same as well, Senior. I believe that your name will be spread by all those who know the truth. The people of the world will never forget your name, and they’ll come to appreciate the peace and stability they currently have even more. It might even be enough to change the world’s perception of devils forever.
— Yun Che to Jie Yuan after he got planted a seed of darkness. [77]
Over a decade ago, there was a rumor saying that she was dead, wasn’t there? In reality, she was with me during that time. It is true that she obtained the Heretic God’s inheritance in the Southern Divine Region, and due to some special reason she chose to use it on me instead of herself after we met. This means that all of this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for her. In other words, she is the one who really saved us all!
— Yun Che to Zhou Xuzi about the Evil Infant Jasmine. [78]
After the matter concerning the Devil Emperor has been resolved, the Evil Infant will leave the God Realm forever. We will leave for my birthplace, which is also the planet that we met in, and never return. We will also never kill another person from the God Realm… unless the God Realm provokes us first!
— Yun Che's promise to Zhou Xuzi and the people of the Realm of the Gods about Jasmine [79]

But from now on, you will have to stay with me on the Blue Pole Star. Perhaps, you will never be able to lay a single foot in the God Realm for the rest of your life. You… wouldn’t mind that would you?
— Yun Che telling the good news to Jasmine [80]
Just wait until after we get married, then I’ll show what it really means to feel shame!
— Shui Meiyin and Yun Che flirting. [81]
Oh this? It’s not just any ordinary Glazed Sound Stone. It’s the most valuable treasure in the world. Because it’s something that my daughter gave me. She found it and crafted it all by herself and she even recorded her voice in it. So no matter where I go in the future, I will always be able to hear her voice any time I want to.
— After Xia Yuanba and Mu Feixue, it's Shui Meiyin turn to hear Yun Che boasting about his daughter. [81]
No! Definitely not! If anyone dares to look at my daughter that way, I’ll pound him to bits!!
— Yun Che answer to Shui Meiyin about the idea of her having a boy she likes. [81]
In short, anyone who wants to court my daughter will have to beat me first…He will have to beat my Jasmine first before we talk!
— You will have to be strong to have a chance to court Yun Wuxin [81]
Xuanyin, I’ll be sending off Senior Devil Emperor in a few days, so why don’t you accompany me during that time?
— Yun Che embracing Mu Xuanyin on his own initiative and calling her " Xuanyin " instead of " Master " for the first time. [82]
I also want… to bring you to see my parents, we won’t be in the God Realm there, so you won’t be the Snow Song Realm King or my Master, you will only be you… Is that alright?
— Yun Che wish to take Mu Xuanyin to his parents. [82]
He Ling, I was kicked out of the sect the very first day I returned to the Snow Song Realm, so she already stopped being my master a long time ago. So… it’s not a problem if something does happen.
— Yun Che to He Ling about his relationship with Mu Xuanyin [82]
Heh, heh heh…He started to laugh but his laughter was exceptionally cold and bleak. So you’re saying that… all the good things Master has done for me have not been done by her own will. It was only… because of your mental interference… Heh… What sort of joke is this… Are you kidding me!?
— Yun Che learning the truth from Ice Phoenix about her mental interference to control Mu Xuanyin's emotions and feelings. [82]
Remove… it! Mental interference is essentially using one’s own will to force someone else to do something that they don’t even want to do! It is cruel and absurd when even one’s most basic instincts are being quietly manipulated by someone else! This is especially true… for someone like her, someone who has so much pride and dignity… This is simply far too cruel to her… Remove it. No matter what, remove it for me!
— Yun Che shaking and asking the Ice Phoenix to remove her mental interference on Mu Xuanyin [83]
Junior Sister Feixue, from now on, I’ll have to trouble you to accompany and take care of Master more often. You need to obediently listen to what she says… and never mention anything regarding me again, lest you rouse her anger.
— Yun Che asking to take care of Mu Xuanyin on his place. [83]
Why… why… did… you…You… did you forget your promise to me earlier! I promised on behalf of Jasmine to back off and stay in the lower realms forever… and you promised that the two of you would never attack each other… you promised it yourself!
— Yun Che's anger, sorrow, hatred, and disbelief after Zhou Xuzi pushed Jasmine out of the Wall of Primal Chaos [84]
She saved your lives! She saved your lives!! If it wasn’t for her, there was no way that passage would’ve been destroyed! The devil gods would have come in… and all of you would’ve died! Everyone would’ve died!! She was the one who saved your lives! She was the one who saved everyone’s lives and the God Realm’s present and future! But you… you took this opportunity to attack her! You attacked a person who did everything in her power to save all of your lives! How! How dare you feel no regret!? How dare you!?
— Yun Che screaming as if he was insane after Jasmine dissapearance. [84]
Heh, hehe… A life for a life?... Heh… what a joke… Your life isn’t worth my Jasmine’s, Eternal Heaven!! My Jasmine is someone who never used her power to take revenge against the world even when she was betrayed by her next of kin, or feared and hated by the world… When the situation was dire, she had stepped out and saved everyone’s lives at the cost of her health… She is the true messiah you should all be thanking and worshipping for the rest of your lives!! But you… you’re always talking about justice… always talking about saving the world… but you’re the one who killed the true messiah in the most despicable, shameless, and malicious manner possible! And you dare say you have ‘no regrets’!? Even an animal knows what gratitude is, but you? You don’t deserve to be called the Eternal Heaven God Emperor! You’re less than even a pig! You want to repay Jasmine’s life with yours? Your life isn’t worth nearly as much, you dog!!
— Yun Che cursing Zhou Xuzi who proposed him to take his life as compensation. [84]
Old dog Eternal Heaven!! Your dog life isn’t worth burying with Jasmine’s… but you deserve even less to live in this world!!
— Yun Che's hatred. Yun Che attack Zhou Xuzi ! [84]
Heh… hehe… hehehe… Tell me, who is the one who protected you from harm? Was it me and Jasmine, or that old dog Eternal Heaven!? You all claim that Jasmine is the ultimate evil, but what evil has she committed for the past few years!? Yes, she had killed the Moon God Emperor a couple of years ago… but it was because the Moon God Emperor was the one who killed her mother first! Even the reason she took the Evil Infant into herself was to prevent it from falling into the hands of those who would destroy this world!! This so-called ‘ultimate evil’ is the one who has saved your lives… Your people and your grandchildren… everyone in this world owes her their life!! But that old dog Eternal Heaven over there killed your savior in the most despicable fashion possible, and here you are calling him a ‘saint’!? You can be blind and ungrateful, but… can you feed even your conscience and shame to the dogs!!
— Yun Che opposing every god emperors standing with Zhou Xuzi [85]
You all deserve to die… you all… deserve… to die!! Slave… Ying…Kill… them… kill them all!!
Jasmine is Yun Che absolute reverse scale. [85]
The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor is a devil… and she buried herself and her entire race to protect the world! Jasmine is a devil! And she used the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations to save you all from the brink of death!! I’m a devil too… and it is I who saved the Primal Chaos and averted a calamity! The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor is gone now, and Jasmine is dead and even slandered as the ‘ultimate evil’. I suppose it’s my turn now.I saved the entire world and all your lives, but I deserve to die just because I’m a devil… Meanwhile, an ungrateful, despicable oathbreaking dog is treated as a saint who benefited the whole world just because he killed a devil… Wonderful, how wonderful, I just can’t get enough of your ugly faces and so-called righteousness… Just wonderful… so these are the people Jasmine and I did everything in our power to save, a group of dogs… hehe… ahahahaha…
Jie Yuan's seed of darkness activating Yun Che's darkness profound energy. [86]
He… Hehe… Hehehe… Wash away the stain of having once been a devil’s wife? Heh… Heh heh… Xia Qingyue… It is you… who has stained the lineage of my Yun Family! The Yun Clan’s Yun Che has a wife from the Xia Clan, Qingyue. She is unfilial to her parents-in-law, she is enemies with her clansmen, she murdered her own father and brother, she is heartless and devoid of righteousness, she is as venomous as a scorpion and a snake… Even if I were to use ten thousand words, it would still be hard to list down all of her crimes. I’ve decided to divorce you and we will sever every relation we have with each other from now on! From today onward, we owe each other nothing but hatred, a hatred that will carry on for all eternity!
— Yun Che pronounce the divorce. Now only hatred remain between Yun Che and Xia Qingyue. [87]
Heh heh… Heh heh heh… Heh heh… He he he… Hahahahahahahaha…No… I am not left with nothing… I still have my life… I… STILL… HAVE… THIS… HATRED… AAAAAHHH!!
— Only hatred remain. [88]
Hahahaha…. To think that the Qianye Ying’er who once looked down on everything would actually be reduced to begging someone to take her as a slave… How delightful, how absurd… Hahaha… Hahahahahaha. However, it's too bad… You are no longer the Brahma Monarch Goddess who could reign imperiously over the world. You are only a defeated dog whose legs have been broken by your own father! You have lost all of your profound arts, your profound strength is half-crippled. In fact, your current cultivation has dropped to the initial stages of the Divine Sovereign Realm, so I’m afraid you wouldn’t even be able to kill me. What use do you have to me as a slave?
— Yun Che to Qianye Ying'er who came to beg him to help her take revenge and propose herself as his slave. [89]
You. Do you do not desire to use your own power to personally deal with the person who has turned your entire life into a joke!? I can repair your profound veins and allow you to recover your… No, you will gain power that exceeds even the power that you possessed in the past!
— Yun Che tempting Qianye Ying'er. [90]
Slave imprint? Heh… Do you so badly desire to become someone else’s slave? You’re the Brahma Monarch Goddess who used to hold everything in contempt, the Brahma Monarch Goddess who would not even spare the number one god emperor of the Southern Region a single glance. But right now, you seem so damn eager to become a soulless toy… Qianye Ying’er, has the current you truly sunk so low? I will repair your profound veins and help you merge with this drop of Devil Emperor origin blood. After that, I will impart an ancient devil art to you, turning you into a devil for all eternity!
— Turning Qianye Ying'er into a devil. [90]
But the price isn’t the slave imprint. Rather, it is to become my tool of vengeance… from today onward! You will use me as a tool of vengeance and I will do the same with you… How fair is that!?
— Becoming each other tool of vengeance. [90]
I can only merge with two drops of Devil Emperor origin blood at most, but the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor left me with three drops before she left. Do you know why? It is because I require an excellent cultivation incubator to allow me to perfectly merge with these two drops of Devil Emperor origin blood in the shortest amount of time. So this third drop of devil blood is for the incubator to use! Your body and innate talent are of the highest quality and you also possess only the purest and most original form of profound energy. There isn’t a more perfect incubator in this universe than you! But what I want is not only your body and power, I also want your brains… I don’t want a doll who simply puts me first in every matter, understand!?
— Yun Che about Qianye Ying'er becoming her incubator. [90]
From today onward, you are no longer the Brahma Monarch Goddess, and you are no longer Qianye Ying’er either. Rather, your surname will be ‘Yun’ and your name will be ‘Qianying’.
Qianye Ying'er new identity given by Yun Che. [90]
Qianye, as a tool, you’ve given me one pleasant surprise after the other. Not only do you taste wonderful, you’re also so very useful. It has only been a short half a month, we’ve only done it around a hundred times, but you’ve actually been able to merge with the devilish blood to this extent.
— Yun Che praising and taunting Yun Qianying [91]
Refining? That’s only a method that you mortals would use. Before the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor left, she said something rather strange to me. She said that I was a ‘monster’. An exalted and supreme Devil Emperor actually called me a ‘monster’. How absurd and ridiculous is that… At least that was what I thought back then. However, the moment I did not have any attachments to the world, the moment I set aside all my worries and hesitation, with only a thirst for power remaining… Especially when I actually truly came into contact with ‘that power’...Yes, it was then that I realized that I really was… a monster all along.
— Yun Che frightening talent. [91]
You'd best not forget that I’m your master, and you’re just a useful tool, Yun Qianying! I will listen to your advice if it’s worth listening to, but if our opinions differ, then you’ll have to persuade me to change my mind. Otherwise, you’ll prioritize my words over yours, get it!?
— Yun Che to Yun Qianying [92]
Next time, get naked before you ask me that question!
— Yun Che reply to Nanhuang Chanyi question. [93]
In the Northern Divine Region… there are no such things as friends, there are only tools!
— Yun Che to Yun Qianying about Nanhuang Chanyi being a "friend". [94]
I wasn’t with my family or my parents since I was young. When we were finally reunited, I wasn’t able to perform my filial duties for long before that terrible disaster struck… so finding their ancestors' home and allowing their spirits to bask in their roots maybe the only thing left I can do for them besides taking revenge. And of course…This ‘deadline’ gives us the perfect excuse to nab what we need.
— Yun Che to Yun Qianying about the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan [95]
No, the Yun Family I was part of gave up on their roots of darkness completely many generations ago. Today, we are barely related to this Yun Clan by blood. This is their fate to fight. I’ve already afforded them my greatest benevolence when I gave them one last hope to cling to.
— Yun Che's answer to Yun Qianying about saving the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan or not. [95]

Yun Shang, the road ahead of you will be full of hardships, but this is a process you must endure because your clan is in danger. I’m sure that your future will be thorny as well. I hope… you will grow quickly. At the very least, you need to be able to protect yourself.
— Yun Che farewell and hope to Yun Shang.[96]
In your eyes, the clan’s interest is far more important than her life. The reason you treated her well was for the sake of the clan. Even when you crippled her and are ready to sacrifice her in a cruel ritual, you still believe you’re in the right because it’s for the sake of the clan. It all sounds reasonable and fair. I will even admit that I’ve no right to interfere with your clan’s business because I am an outsider. To me, her life is far more important than all of yours combined. Going by that logic, does that mean I’d be perfectly in the right if I killed all of you for what you did to her?
— Yun Che to the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan about Yun Shang[97]
Yun Shang, life is full of hardship and despair. A weak person may succumb to them, but a strong person will be able to tear through the darkness and reveal the daylight above their heads. Stay strong. You may no longer have profound strength, but you can cultivate from the beginning and aim to become even stronger than before. You may have lost your father… but you can make yourself even stronger and more reliable than your father was. That way, he’ll have less to worry about when he watches you from the heavens. Alright?
— Yun Che to Yun Shang[98]
I don’t want to know about the cause or what led up to that tragedy. I don’t care who’s right or wrong either. From today onward, the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan and I are done. The reason I came to meet you today is to tell you one thing. I’ll eliminate the Thousand Desolation Divine Sect and bring an end to your upcoming doom temporarily. But don’t forget, I’m not doing this for the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan, and I’m definitely not paying for the sins my ancestor committed. I’m only doing this… because of what Yun Shang said. The reason I haven’t killed any of you is because I don’t want to dirty her heart in any way. The reason I’m saving your clan is because I don’t want her world to sink into darkness… as for you, don’t doubt whether I have the ability to carry out my word. All you need to consider is how best to make it up to Yun Shang.
— Yun Che to Yun Ting[99]
...Yun Qianying, without you, I would still be able to trample over the three divine regions in the future. But without me, you can forget about ever taking revenge. Also, remember this, she is Shen Xi, not the Dragon Queen!
— Yun Che warning to Yun Qianying[100]
She is the most perfect woman in this universe. In front of me, she was as pure as a snow lotus, but she could also be as an unrestrained and debauched as a temptress. During the time I spent with her, I hated… I hated that I could not spend every moment on top of her. You can’t compare to her even when it comes to this. In the end, you are only a tool for my cultivation and an exquisite toy for me to play with, do you understand!?
— Yun Che to Yun Qianying about Shen Xi[100]
No, I don’t regret it at all. This is exactly what I love to see! The sight of you having no choice but to submit your body to me and my desires despite you clearly hating it so much! Despite your clear humiliation and desire to kill me! To me, there is no fate more suited to you than this one! Also…You can’t kill me… You won’t ever be able to kill me!
— Yun Che pressing Yun Qianying under his body.[101]

Volume 16

There is beauty that will cause men to take a sidelong glance, there is beauty that will captivate a man’s heart, there is beauty which will provoke lust in a man, there is beauty that will cause men to lose all rationality, and there is even beauty that will cause a man to go completely insane. Which category of beauty do you think you belong in?
— Yun Che to Qianye Ying'er[102]
That’s right, I’m the devil. You won’t find a more evil devil than me in this world… and very soon, everyone in the Eternal Heaven God Realm and the God Realm itself will learn just how evil I can be.
— Yun Che to Zhou Qingchen after having killed Qu Hui and Tai Yin. [103]
He… feels regret toward me? He blames himself... for what he did to me? So, your royal father feels regret toward a devil. Surely the heavens will weep before such greatness.Right now, I have nothing but a black heart and soul. My home, my family, my wives, my daughter, they’re all gone. However, the one who gave me all of this… that great father of yours, has countless children and grandchildren. He even has a son he can be proud of, you. Tell me, how do you think I should repay him?
— Yun Che to Zhou Qingchen about Zhou Xuzi[104]
Caizhi, I agree that she deserves to die, but not now. The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor left behind her origin blood and devil art to me before she left. Right now, she’s the best cultivation incubator I have. She was our enemy back then, but now we all share a similar goal. I’ll be dedicating my life to vengeance against my enemies for my family, Jasmine, Master, and myself… And she is the perfect tool for this; a weapon. Without her, my journey will take much longer to accomplish. Her life doesn’t belong to herself anymore. She is under my control completely. Please leave her until I have accomplished my goal. After that, you may kill her whenever you wish.
— Yun Che protecting Qianye Ying'er from Caizhi [105]
You know your ultimatum is foolish, don’t you? Our ‘ceremony’ was so simple it felt like a joke, but it was still Jasmine’s earnest wish. We traded tokens, we kowtowed thrice, and we were witnessed by your mother and Jasmine. From that point onward, we were husband and wife. You are my wife. She is my tool. This isn’t a choice to me at all. So come with me to the Northern Divine Region, alright?
— Yun Che to Caizhi after her ultimatum.[106]
You won’t know, because you’ll never have another man besides me.
— Yun Che declaring to Yun Qianying[106]
The Yun Che of three years ago? That person was only a naive and foolish piece of trash! A piece of trash who saved people who should have died and caused all of his loved ones to die! Why would you even compare him to that piece of trash who has already died?
— Yun Che to Yun Qianying about himself three years ago.[107]
Since these lands already have a Yun Che, then they don’t need some Tian Guhu.
— Yun Che about Tian Guhu[107]
Tian Guhu, I think you’re mistaken about something. What I meant to say, is that you win if you can withstand three hits from me. I may as well grant you another favor. If you manage to stand up after three hits, you win as well.
— Yun Che correcting Tian Guhu[108]
Tian Guhu. Earlier, you said that my inaction was the same as killing them with my own hands. I have the power to kill you, but I chose not to. Using your own words, doesn’t that mean I saved your life? I’m sure a kind, righteous person like you understands what it means to return a favor many times over, much less a favor as heavy as this. So tell me, how should you repay your benefactor?
— Yun Che to Tian Guhu after crushing him in a single move.[109]
You want me to visit the Soul Stealing Realm? Acceptable. But you are not qualified to be my inviter. Go back and tell your master, Chi Wuyao, to invite me herself.
— Yun Che's answer to Yao Die's invitation.[109]
The ones who have the most power, the ones who should have been at the forefront of this fight against their fates, have never once thought of fighting. It is rare for such people to produce such an eccentric person like you. But it’s simply a pity… that your actions are so very childish and ridiculous! It’s practically… even more ridiculous than my actions were back then! Compassion? Righteousness? Hahaha… what are those things? If you want to change everything, you need to possess a desperate viciousness and there needs to be enough blood to cover the entire Northern Divine Region. Do you understand
— Yun Che lesson to Tian Guhu[110]
Chi Wuyao, this alliance between us is purely based on shared interests. We aren't enemies or friends. I know very little about you, but even I've heard that your skill as a seductress is unrivaled in this universe. Even a god emperor was willing to die beneath your skirts. That truly fills me with admiration. However, a word of advice. Never try to seize my mind or soul. The consequences will be far more terrifying than you could ever imagine. It would be far better if you never tried to probe or test it. Because probing such a matter is very dangerous.
— Yun Che's warning to Chi Wuyao[111]
It is powerful enough to destroy a single person, any person… in this universe. However, I can only use it once, in the end, I will bestow it… upon Long Bai!
— Yun Che about his trump card to Yun Qianying[112]
There are some trump cards that can only be used in exchange for one’s life. Is this the first time you’ve heard about something like that?
— Yun Che to Yun Qianying[112]
You are right. The fault is ours. Back when we escaped to the Northern Divine Region, neither of us was expecting to run into a Witch in a middle star realm, much less be recognized for who we are. Both of us had barely survived our complications, so we weren’t going to trust anyone or leave our fates in anyone’s hands. That was why we abused Chanyi’s kindness to protect ourselves. Today, we are here to cooperate with the Soul Stealing Realm. Since this is a cooperation, it would be unwise to allow such ill feelings to linger between us. Therefore, I am willing to compensate for your loss of dignity.
— Yun Che to the Witches.[113]
Today, all the so-called devil people in the Northern Divine Region were people who actively or passively corrupted themselves with darkness profound energy. Although they gained the ability to control darkness profound energy and cultivate dark profound arts as a result—some were even forced to pass it down to the next generation forever—they ultimately weren’t true devils. At most, they were half-devils. This applies to all the devil beasts and devil spirits existing in the Northern Divine Region as well. That is why none of you can ever be fully compatible with darkness profound energy… except you. Starting now, you are more or less a true devil person.
— Yun Che to Nanhuang Chanyi after remodeling her body.[114]

Return to the Eastern Divine Region with Qingchen? You must still be dreaming, old dog Eternal Heaven! Because in my dreams... I spend my time drinking your blood and killing every last member of your filthy family!
— Yun Che hatred for Zhou Xuzi[115]
Old dog Eternal Heaven… do you know how close my daughter came to dying when she was still in her mother’s womb? Did you know that I wasn’t there when she was born? Did you know that I only found her when she was eleven… meaning that I hadn’t performed my duties as a father for eleven years straight? And before I was able to make up even a shred of my failings to her… She gave up her greatest talent for me! A talent that can never be replicated again, all just to save my worthless, useless life! Heh… hehehe… She is… a debt I can never repay in full… she is… far more important to me than my life! But you… you!! It was because of you, my daughter… my family… my home… everything!!
— Yun Che's rage and despair about the death of his daughter because of Zhou Xuzi[115]
Heh… hehe… So… how does it feel? Old dog Eternal Heaven? Doesn’t it feel great to watch the person you value the most die horribly right before your eyes? Doesn’t it!? I’m a bloodthirsty, cruel, sinful, inhuman devil person whose existence was denied by the world itself, and you chose to believe what I said!? You believed ME, you stupid old dog!? Hah… haha… hahahaha… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
— Yun Che to Zhou Xuzi after having killed Zhou Qingchen right in front of his eyes.[115]

Wuxin, you are the best daughter in the world... you shouldn’t have had the misfortune of being born to the most useless and undeserving father in the world. Right now, my biggest wish is to reach the other side of the world and make it up to you… even if I have to walk through a sea of swords and swim through a sea of blood to do it. Wait for me… I won’t keep you waiting for too long.
— Yun Che's thoughts about Yun Wuxin.[116]
You are the one who made me sever all my emotions and wiped away my final hesitation and weakness… So why are you also the one who…
— Yun Che muttering to himself about Yun Qianying
Your daughter’s looks and manners are probably first-class, but…compared to my women…she is nothing but an eyesore.
— Yun Che to Fen Daojun about Fen Hehuang[117]
Have you heard of the Dragon Monarch? I was planning to bestow this gift on him during the ‘final hour’. But now… I can’t wait to give it to you instead.
— Yun Che to Fen Daojun[117]
This is still the origin power of a True God after all, if I extinguish them to activate this ability, I should be able to hold on for a few breaths...lthough it’s a bit of a waste…YOU… DESERVE… TO DIE!!
— Yun Che to Fen Daojun. God's Ash activate for the first time![117]
We’ll… have… one… again… in the future…
— Yun Che telling Yun Qianying that they'll have another child in the future.[118]
Your power… is the one power that belongs to me and me alone.
— Yun Che giving the second Untamed World Pellet to Yun Qianying[119]

He Ling, we will take revenge for you and change the fate of your clansmen after we return to the Eastern Divine Region… I promise you that they will never have to hide themselves again.
— Yun Che promise to He Ling[120]
Why is a realm king called a realm king? It’s because the ‘realm’ comes before the ‘king’! So why would the Devil Queen mobilize her main warship to save a collaborator that’s destined to be a great threat to her in the future? No, that’s not right… there was a realm king who risked everything for me. But she’s already…
— Yun Che to He Ling about Chi Wuyao[120]
Yun Che… You three had best carve that name into your very souls. Because that is the name of your future master!
— Yun Che meeting the three Yama Ancestors.[121]
Eight hundred and ninety thousand years? But even three crippled wild dogs can proudly live under the sun. Old things who can’t even be compared to wild dogs, you actually holed up in this place for more than eight hundred thousand years? How tragic and pathetic is that. Yet you’re actually proud of it? Hahahaha…You are the three biggest and most pathetic jokes in the history of the Northern Divine Region… Oh no, no, I mean the entire God Realm. Three old bedbugs who were buried in this unbearably noxious place. So where do you even find the shamelessness required to laugh wildly in my face, hmmm?
— Yun Che insulting and mocking the fate of the three Yama Ancestors.[121]
The three of you are just slaves of darkness, but I am the one and only ruler of darkness. Do you understand yet!? Now, I’m going to give you one chance to get on your knees and submit to me. If you do it, I’ll kindly overlook the fact that you’ve overstepped your boundaries. Remember, this is your only chance. I promise you that you will feel a world of pain if you miss it.
— Yun Che trying to force the Yama Ancestors to submission. [122]

Once I unite the dark forces within the Northern Region, I will point my sword at the other three divine regions and release the darkness from its cage. It will flood every corner of the three divine regions and allow darkness to become the new master of the God Realm! I will not only be the ruler of the darkness. In the future, I will be the master of everything under heaven! You will be my loyal dogs who will help the Yama Realm, help the entire Northern Divine Region, realize this dark design. You will be the loyal dogs of the future ruler of the world!
— Yun Che's ambitions to the three Yama Ancestors [123]
Heh, that’s a good question. In her eyes, I am a unique and irreplaceable pawn. However…Today, the lifelines of both the Yama Realm and the Burning Moon Realm have fallen into my hands. So why don’t you take a guess… at who is going to be next?
— Yun Che to Yan Tianxiao about who's the pawn between Chi Wuyao and himself.[124]
You’re very self-aware. No matter how high-minded your aspirations are, they will be nothing more than a fatuous joke if you do not possess sufficient power. Then, I will give you an opportunity. I can give you power that exceeds your father’s, but I have one condition. I want you to become the spear that breaks out of the cage that is the Northern Divine Region, a spear that will pierce into the three other divine regions… A spear that can break at any instant. Do you dare to accept this condition?
— Yun Che to Tian Guhu.[125]
No, you are wrong. Your life belongs only to yourself. You don’t need to betray your home realm, nor do you need to force yourself to serve the Yama Realm. You are still Tian Guhu! You are not a Yama Devil! I have never wanted to own your life. What I want is your ‘will’!
— Yun Che to Tian Guhu after he gave him the yama devil power.[126]
He Ling, you must think that I’ve become very frightening now. I used to respect every life. Use to value the destiny of every living person. But right now, I only view them as one of two things. They are either useful tools or useless trash. I once viewed saving the God Realm and the universe as a duty that I had to fulfill. And I had hoped that it would become the glory of my household, something that would protect us forever. But now, I thirst to see the God Realm wailing in pain and despair. Yet I don’t even feel the least bit frightened by what I’ve become, and perhaps that’s the most frightening thing of all
— Yun Che to He Ling about himself.[127]
Actually, you don’t need to worry about me. Because you, Hong’er, and You’er still exist in my world, I will never abandon the last vestiges of my humanity.
— Yun Che gently saying to He Ling.[127]
You will never become a tool to me, you will always be a part of my life. This was set the moment our lives were connected, and it will never change, not until the day we die.
— Yun Che's feelings for He Ling[127]
No, first, I will make my He Ling into my Little Ling’er, someone who belongs to me and me alone.
— Yun Che to He Ling before making love for the first time.[127]
Chi Wuyao, you really are terrible at telling jokes! Furthermore…There are some things that I won’t allow anyone to profane, no matter who they are! Good job, you’ve succeeded marvelously in enraging me yet again.
— Yun Che enraged by Chi Wuyao trying to impersonate Mu Xuanyin[128]
What the hell… did you take her for… What the hell do all of you take her for…Why did each and every one of you… have to treat her this way!?
— Yun Che's pain, self-recrimination, and rage toward Mu Xuanyin's fate.[129]
Even you can accept it? Hah, it sounds as if you’re sacrificing even more than me. As a tool, it can’t be that you’ve mistaken your own position by accident, right?
— Yun Che mocking Yun Qianying. [130]
I am well aware of how frightful obsession can be. Not only would he not have any objections, it would even increase his obsession. After all, since he has already paid such a heavy price to obtain this power, it will only increase his desire to exert in the fulfillment of his ‘dreams and desires’!
— Yun Che to Yun Qianying about Tian Guhu[130]
As it turns out, I have always been mistaken about my raison d'etre, my own identity. I was never supposed to be some sort of saint who would save the world! I was always destined to be a devil lord who would bring calamity! But right now, what I really want to know is… Who in the three divine regions is going to be the ‘hero’ who finally slays me and saves the world in the end?
— Yun Che about himself. [131]

Volume 17

I hadn’t wanted to become the master of anything, but fate wouldn’t grant me even my simple wish. Now that I have become the master of darkness, why would I not engulf those filthy lands in darkness? From this day onward, all lives in the Northern Divine Region are my tools and blade. Blood, death, hate, fury, murder, terror, despair... I will take back the peace I granted you all with my own hands hundreds and thousands of times over. The God Realm I saved, the God Realm that took everything from me deserves nothing but a lightless hell!
— Devil Master Emperor Yun take the throne![132]
Unnecessary. They are unworthy.
— Yun Che denying the protection and the witnessing of the heavenly law.[132]
I’m sure you’re all thinking about something like this right now: this so-called ‘Devil Master’ is a denizen of the Eastern Divine Region, and it has only been several years since he came to the Northern Divine Region. He hasn’t done anything for our people, nor has he built up any notable power to speak of. On what basis should we allow someone like him to be the supreme ruler of the Northern Divine Region? Moreover, he’s only thirty years old or so, a ‘junior’ at best in the profound way. Even his cultivation level is only at level eight Divine Sovereign. Why should we make him the first ever Northern Region Devil Master and let him command us? Some of you might even have thought a step further: maybe this so-called ‘Devil Master’ is just a puppet. Maybe the three king realms have put him on the pedestal so that they could gain even greater control over the Northern Divine Region. In that case, I will show you all why I am the Devil Master!
— Yun Che's speech as the new ruler of the Northern Divine Region[133]
Your ambition does match your namesake, ‘Lonely Swan’. It is definitely true that the Northern Divine Region is a sorrowful cage that has entrapped the profound practitioners of the dark for millions of years. However, as you said earlier, a civil war like never before is tearing the Northern Divine Region apart, and we are less united than even a sheet of loose sand. Not only are we not united as one, our strength is nowhere near the level of the Eastern, Western and Southern Divine Regions. With that in mind, how can we possibly break through the cage that entraps us all? I am the Devil Master. To me, the stability of the Northern Divine Region comes first before anything. Therefore, all the fates and grudges of the past before today have nothing to do with me.
— Yun Che to Tian Guhu and the Heavenly Sovereigns's request.[134]
Starting today, I will write a new chapter in the history of the Northern Divine Region. I will use the power the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor granted me to restructure our order, amend our laws and bring happiness to all living in the Northern Region. We will not break the cage by force before all civil wars have been quelled, and all the realms have been restored to stability. A thoughtless rebellion driven by nothing but a surge of passion will only result in a waste of lives and new enemies we did not ask for. However… I can stomach a civil war, but not an invasion from a foreign power! For now, we will be assuming a non-aggressive stance toward all our enemies. But if someone dares to bring the fight to us… Heed my oath, people of the Northern Divine Region. Be it the Eastern, Western, or Southern Divine Region, I will make anyone who dares to attack us pay a hundred times over for their transgression!
— Yun Che's oath to the Northern Divine Region[134]
When this Devil Master was crowned, I made this devilish vow. I vowed that I, as the Devil Master of these lands, would no longer let the land I dwell in be bullied or oppressed by anybody! This calamity also arose because of this Devil Master. So… this Devil Master will personally go to the Eastern Region’s Eternal Heaven God Realm and extract our pound of flesh from them! I will make them pay back this debt a hundredfold! I will let them know that the Northern Divine Region ruled by this Devil Master is not a place that can be oppressed!
— Devil Master Yun to the Northern Divine Region.[135]
Since this Devil Master has already inherited both the power and will of a Devil Emperor, how could I possibly allow this dark land to be bullied and humiliated? If we concede today, it will be the shame of multiple generations. A million years is enough. We will make the Eastern Divine Region pay this time! We will let them pay for the humiliation every one of us has suffered for one million years!
— Yun Che’s proclamation to the Northern Divine Region.[136]
Children of darkness, dance wildly!
— Yun Che’s “Voice of Eternal Heaven” spreading through the Eastern Divine Region[137]
Kill them all. Every man… every beast… every plant… All. Must. Die!
— Yun Che ordering the master of the Eternal Heaven Realm[138]
Old dog Eternal Heaven. It’s been a long time. Are you satisfied with this greeting gift that I’ve sent you? The last time we met in the Northern Divine Region, I casually squished one of your sons like a bug. But since we’re meeting again under such splendid circumstances in the Eastern Divine Region, how can my greeting gift… be any lighter than that!?
— Yun Che through a screen projection to the whole Eastern Divine Region[139]

Feeling better? I am just withdrawing the life I granted them in the first place. They could die a million times, and it still won’t be enough to repay their debt. After all, the dead cannot come back to life, can they?
— Yun Che to Yun Qianying.[140]

Heavenly law, you say? What the hell is that? And who do you think you are!? Where were you and the heavenly law when the crimson disaster struck, and the devil emperor returned!? Where were you and the heavenly law when I saved the entire world!? You didn’t show up when the calamity struck. You didn’t say a word when Eternal Heaven took the lead to conceal my achievements and did everything in their power to stop me! Now you come out to speak to me of the heavenly law!? HAHAHAHA!! I ask you again: who the hell do you think you are!? What gives you the right to lecture me!?
If your conscience is that clear, why haven’t you revealed the truth to the world after all these years? Why have you done everything in your power to hide it? Oh I know, it must be for the sake of the world peace and morals again. It would be incredibly shameful if the people learned that it was a devil person, a heretic of your kind who saved the world, am I right? So, you believe you have the right to hoard all the glory and honor to yourself just because you put in some useless effort, while the people who actually saved you and the entire God Realm deserved to die, no, must die, all because they didn’t fit into your narrow view of ‘morality’!? Well, I’m here now, and it is my belief that the world will be better off if these ‘morals’ are scrubbed from the world. Kill them all!
— Yun Che give the order to continue the slaughter once more after he listened to the Eternal Heaven’s Great Ancestor.[141]
My request is very simple…I want half ownership of the Eternal Heaven Pearl!
— Yun Che's request to spare the remaining members of the Eternal Heaven Realm.[142]
Hahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHA! What about me!? I am the Devil Master of the North, the ruler of all the devils in the universe! In your eyes, I’m nothing more than a lowly and wicked devil who is devoid of all humanity! Yet you actually so easily believed the promise of a devil like me!? Here I was, thinking that the spirit of the Eternal Heaven Pearl should be quite intelligent. But it turns out, you were no different from that old dog Eternal Heaven. You’re both dumbasses with shit for brains, hahahahaha!
— Yun Che going back on his words and ordering the slaughter of the Eternal Heaven Realm once more. [143]
Kindness and compassion? Do you really have any right to say those two words to me? Is anyone in your Eternal Heaven fit to talk about those two words with me!? I had too much of the things known as kindness and compassion back then. So much that it was ridiculous. But it was you lot, who waved the banner of righteousness, who slowly yanked these things out of my body in the most despicable and cruel manner, who completely killed them in my heart! Now that all of you have forced me to become a devil, you actually dare to ask me where my kindness and compassion has gone? I also want to know the answer to that question! Where have they gone? WHERE HAVE THEY GONE!?
— Yun Che's kindness and compassion.[143]
However, you were right on the money this time. Back then, I was never willing to go against her desires. I doubted and put up defenses against everyone in the world but her. Yet she… made me the most naive and stupid person in the world. Heh, it truly was a farce.
— Yun Che about Xia Qingyue[144]
Oh no, it hasn’t been long at all. In fact, I see you every single day! In my nightmares!
— Yun Che meeting Xia Qingyue for the first time after the event of the destruction of Blue Pole Star[144]
We were born in the same year, the same Floating Cloud City, the same Blue Pole Star, yet I was so childish and foolish when compared to you, Moon God Emperor. I was just a pitiful and ignorant worm in front of you. A worm that you looked down at from above and toyed with in the palm of your hand. A worm that was even so naive as to view you as the person closest to him in the God Realm, the person he could trust the most, the one he could entrust everything to. Heh… Hahahaha, how absurd, how absurd!
— Yun Che to Xia Qingyue[144]
Xia Qingyue. Ever since this Devil Master has returned to the Eastern Divine Region, I could not even be bothered to cross swords with the Eternal Heaven Great Ancestor. However, you are the only person that I must personally bestow the gift of death upon! This Devil Master will grant you a gift before you die. Watch closely, and don’t miss even a single moment. It’d be a shame to miss something like this.
— Yun Che delivering the same words to Xia Qingyue that she give them before she destroyed Blue Pole Star.[144]
Is… it… beautiful?
— Yun Che after having obliterated the Moon God Realm. The same words that Xia Qingyue once used.. [145]
Fate? Hahahaha…Oh no, this is retribution! You personally destroyed everything that was important to me… So how could I… not return your gift in kind!
— Yun Che's hatred.[145]
No, you did well! You did very well! You very… very successfully forced me to become a monster! And now, it is time for you… to pay back your debts!
— Yun Che to Xia Qingyue after the shatter of the Purple Pylon Divine Domain.[146]
Qianye Fantian! I had originally wanted to leave you for last. But since you actually dared to touch the Snow Song Realm…YOU CAN… DIEEEE!!
— Yun Che's rage toward Qianye Fantian[147]
Since you’re only passing by, then you should just stick to being someone who doesn’t meddle in the affairs of the world… unless you want to die an early death!
— Yun Che to Jun Wuming[147]
You didn’t disappoint anyone. It is the world who disappointed your race. You have accomplished the most impressive feat the wood spirit race has ever accomplished since its inception. They would only be proud of you. Thanks to you, no harm will ever come to the wood spirit race again,” he declared with ironclad certainty
— Yun Che consoling He Ling[147]
A chance, you say? Did anyone give me a chance back then!? The Glazed Light Realm won’t be affected no matter what happens to the Eastern Divine Region in the future. I will also repay the favor I owe you several times over. But if a second chance for the Eastern Divine Region is what you want… Heh! I'm sorry to say that your favor to me isn’t enough to make me forget my dead family!
— Yun Che refuse to give the people of the Eastern Divine Region another chance.[148]
Children of darkness, please cool the heat in your blood for a moment, for I have an important announcement to share with the pitiful worms of the Eastern Divine Region. Pitiful worms, please listen carefully and do not miss a word. You will regret it otherwise. The Eternal Heaven God Realm and Moon God Realm are gone, and the Brahma Monarch God Realm and Star God Realm are shaking inside their turtle shells. Do not think for a second that you’ve been abandoned, because you don’t even have the qualification to be abandoned in the face of the true calamity. Oh no, you are just pitiful worms that can be twisted into any shape and form by them. But I owe the Snow Song Realm a great debt, and the representatives of the Glazed Light Realm and Shrouding Sky Realm have come personally to plead on your behalf. The Glazed Light Realm hid me, and the Shrouding Sky Realm defended me in my direst moment, so I will grant you one, and only one chance to save yourselves! In seven days, all upper star realms are required to send their realm kings before me. They will kneel and swear their undying loyalty to me, or… they can vanish forever in darkness! Remember, you only have seven days, seven days! This is the first and last chance I’ll grant the likes of you! If your realm king insists on dragging you all to darkness, you can follow them to your deaths, or you can kill them and appoint a new realm king. Will you join us in darkness, or will you turn into black dust? I very much look forward to your decision! Hehehehe!
— Yun Che's annoucement to the Eastern Divine Region[149]
You shouldn’t live only for the sake of revenge. He doesn’t deserve that, and… I don’t want you to bear the shackles of ‘patricide’ forever. That is not a burden anyone should bear.
— Yun Che to Yun Qianying after Qianye Fantian's death.[150]

You are a lucky man, you know that? You were at least granted a choice. No one gave my family or my homeworld that. If you want to blame someone, then blame yourself for having made a foolish mistake.
— Yun Che to Kui Hongyu[151]
It looks like some of you are mistaken about a couple of things, so allow me to clarify them to you: One, I have every right to take your lives where you stand. Two, you were going to die until I decided to spare you all and give you a chance to bend your knees before me. Of course, you always have the option to deny this favor; to die. But don’t say I didn’t warn you that your death would be honorless or meaningless… after all, why would a pack of ungrateful, backboneless dogs have any honor to begin with?
— Yun Che to the upper realm kings of the Eastern Divine Region[151]

We have many, many greater things to do besides revenge. For one, when I become the ruler of this world, I will elevate the wood spirit race into the most respectable race in the world. Anyone who dares to harm them will suffer the worst punishment imaginable! The world already owes the wood spirit race too much, so no amount of compensation can be considered excessive. Besides… Our children will be wood spirits, no, royal wood spirits, and it’s only natural that I destroy anyone who dares to lay a finger on them, right?
— Yun Che's second promise to He Ling.[152]

Volume 18

“By all means, please continue your act!” Yun Che said with a sneer. “It is so much better than that time you kneeled in front of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor like an obedient pet! I cannot help but feel disgusted by it!”
— Yun Che's statement to Long Bai.[153]

“My descendants will be the one true dragon god race of this world!”
— Yun Che's statement to Long Yi.[154]

“Do you understand now?” Yun Che calmly asked as he arched an eyebrow. “If I wanted to crush you to death, I could have done so from the very beginning, and it would have been no different from stepping on an ant.”
— Yun Che's statement to Long Bai.[155]

“So tell me, how exactly… should… I… KILL YOU!!?”
— Yun Che's statement to Long Bai.[155]

“I am the Northern Divine Region Devil Master, but I am also the Dragon God reborn! In front of me, who dares to call himself Dragon Monarch? Who dares to call themselves Dragon Gods!?”
— Yun Che's statement to all the Dragon Gods and Dragon Monarchs.[155]

“Shen Xi has never been any bullshit Dragon Queen! She only has two identities. The first is her original identity as Shen Xi. The second is my woman!”
— Yun Che's statement to all the Dragons.[156]

“How dare a bunch of pathetic dragons like you act so brashly in front of me!?” “Kneel… Before… Me!!”
— Yun Che's statement to all the Dragons.[156]

“Take up the wills of your deceased kinsmen who died in regret and unleash your dark fury upon your enemies… It does not matter how cruel or merciless you are… I want you to send them to a hell where they can never reincarnate… Leave none alive!”
— Yun Che's statement to the Northern Divine Regions Devils.[155]


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