Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia
Qingchen won’t have died in vain. The prophecy was right, Yun Che… is indeed a devil who will bring calamity to the world. I still have about ten thousand years left to live, and I will devote my life… to a single purpose. I will personally avenge Qingchen, I will personally… purge this world of all devils!
— Zhou Xuzi fiercest and most resolute vow he had ever sworn in his life. [1]

Zhou Xuzi was the Realm King of the Eternal Heaven Realm.[4]


No matter which way you look at him, he appears as a good-natured old man who can't be any more ordinary in terms of temperament and appearance. If you see him on the streets, you definitely won't take a second glance and easily forget about him.[6]


There is not even the slightest sign of overbearingness in his attitude or words. His righteousness goes far beyond normal dislike to the point where he forgets all morality and empathy. But at the same time he becomes a hypocrite when as seen in his stance towrads his son Zhou Qingchen. Just like Mo E his perception of righteousness was distorted which caused the prophecy to play out.


Zhou Xuzi appreciated Yun Che for his talent since he heard a prophecy that Yun Che will become a True God in the future. He was sad Yun Che couldn't enter the Eternal Heaven Realm for 3000 years cultivation.

After the fight against Evil Infant, Zhou Xuzi got inflicted with the Devil Qi and Yun Che helped him to get rid of it by showing Zhou Xuzi his Light Profound Strength. Zhou Xuzi believed Yun Che has a Sacred Heart because he is able to wield the Light Profound Strength.

Because Yun Che helped him, Zhou Xuzi allowed him to participate in the Eternal Heaven General Assembly where all Divine Masters in the Eastern Divine Region with several God Emperors from other two Divine Region discussed the Crimson Crack.

Zhou Xuzi was long time ago informed by the Eternal Heaven Pearl about the arrival of the Devil and when he saw Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor who just entered the Primal Chaos Dimension, he became petrified as everyone else.

When he saw that Yun Che played an enourmous role to calm down the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, he started to celebrate Yun Che as a World-saving Divine Child. He was witness when Yun Che was accepting Qianye Ying'er as a slave.

Zhou Xuzi promised Yun Che that the Realm of the Gods will stop pursuing Jasmine and will allow her to go with Yun Che to Blue Pole Star. When Zhou Xuzi met again with Jasmine, he acts hypocritically and sneak attacks Jasmine, throwing her out of the Primal Chaos Dimension, reneging on promise he gave Yun Che.[7]

After he finds out from the Three Old Ones of the Heavenly Mystery Realm that Yun Che will become a Devil God and will kill all his enemies, he does something he never intended to do, even when Yun Che showed his Dark Profound Strength he didn't want to do it. He targets Yun Che's home planet Blue Pole Star and Yun Che's family. The location of the Blue Pole Star was discovered by the Eternal Heaven Pearl when the Heavenly Profound Treasure was searching for the location of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, Jie Yuan.[8]



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