Zi Ji is the guild master of the Black Moon Merchant Guild. He normally resides in the guild headquarters building in Divine Phoenix City.

Zi Ji always treated Yun Che very courteously and respectfully. It was his business style to show preferential treatment to those with high strength or innate talent.[1]

Appearance Edit

His appearance is that of a medium stature old man dressed entirely in purple.[2]

Background Edit

He is married to the leader of Supreme Ocean Palace, Qu Fengyi. Their parents arranged the marriage so that the merchant guild and the Sacred Ground can be united as one entity[3].

Plotline Edit

Zi Ji first meets Yun Che a few days prior to the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament where he helped Yun Che deal with an unruly Divine Phoenix Sect disciple.[4] After Yun Che lights up the purple crystal, Zi Ji invited him to the 7th floor to talk. He sold Yun Che a Heavenly Brahma Jade for seven thousand eight hundred purple profound coins. He agreed to assist Yun Che in trying to locate Chu Yuechan and also informed him about Xia Yuanba.[2]

On the Supreme Ocean Palace, Zi Ji helped Yun Che to enter the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest in exchange of some of his Overlord Pellets.